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Today Riot Games announced that the Mac version of their extremely popular free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game League of Legends has been put on the back burner indefinitely.

According to Riot, the reason the project was put on hiatus was due to inconsistencies in the frequent updates and patches. These issues all stem for the fact that, while Riot handles all development on the PC, the Mac version of LoL is being developed externally by TransGaming. While Riot is able to keep up with all the patches and new content, TransGaming seems to be a bit slower, often leaving LoL outdated and unavailable to Mac gamers. Read more… »

Back when the Gundemonium Collection landed on the PlayStation Network last year, we gave it high marks for providing three great games at a value price. Now, the Rockin’ Android is bringing this collection of Japanese indie shooters to Steam. GundeadliGne (my personal favorite of the bunch) will be receiving support for online co-operative play. Hopefully that will make that game’s “Demonic” difficulty setting more manageable.

In addition to that, all three titles will be receiving Steam achievements and remixed soundtracks. The Gundemonium Collection will be landing on steam on September 27th for $9.99. Alternatively, you can pick up each title individually for $3.99.


Riot Games went all out at PAX Prime this past week, providing a ton of coverage on their increasingly popular MOBA style game, League of Legends, and specifically showing some footage of the upcoming gametype, Dominion. Hundreds of players flocked to Riot’s booth to play in tons of all out battles, and pick up some PAX exclusive skins. As Riot has promised, Dominion looks like it’s incredibly fast paced, which is good news for hardcore PVP fans who are bored of hour long stalemates in Summoner’s Rift.

There’s even a bit of cosplaying to be found, so even if you’re not interested in the genre, you’re bound to at least get some enjoyment out of it.

So I decided that it would make more sense if I notified readers of Gamer Limit Live in one monthly post since I don’t want to overrun the front page with my live streams. I’m sure that will be appreciated by all.

I will be moving each excerpt into its own section within this post and provide updates after each night so people that missed it know what the video encompasses. So be sure to hit the break to watch any of the live streams during the month of August. Enjoy and be sure to follow my channel!

There was no Gamer Limit Live on Wednesday and Thursday since I spent my time playing Madden NFL 12 for review. But, embargo is up on Madden today so after a Rift 10-man or two I’ll be live streaming Madden NFL 12! I expect the Rift 10-mans to run from 7:30 to 10:30PM EST and Madden around 11PM EST. Enjoy!


Hero’s Adventure is a bite-sized RPG from the mind of Terry Cavanaugh, creator of acclaimed indie platformer VVVVVV. While the game is only a few minutes long, it is a wonderful deconstruction of the RPG genre. While similar in premise to Half Minute Hero, Cavanaugh’s latest title is far more disturbing than it is tongue-in-cheek.

I’d love to discuss Hero’s Adventure further, but I’m afraid I’ve already said too much — I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. So why not just play it already?

GameStop has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Square Enix thought it might be nice to give fans a cloud-based copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolutionpacking redeemable codes for OnLive with the PC version of the game. The retail giant had other plans in store, instructing their employees to open and remove the bonus from sealed copies of the game.

Unsurprisingly, pilfering from their “valued” customers didn’t sit too well with — well, anyone. Now in hot water for their actions, the pre-order pundit is pulling the product from stores and honoring returns of the game. As suspected, the move came in defense of GameSpot’s upcoming cloud gaming and digital distribution service, Impulse.

Hit the jump if you’d like to see the latest email from the retailer on the subject.


Gala Networks Europe and Noria unveiled their latest MMORPG to the world Wednesday, SEVENCORE. Among other claims, the unveiling focused on the fact that it will uniquely blend typical fantasy tropes with sci-fi action. So, as Gala Networks Europe pre-production manager Matt Poujade explains, “you get to carry a really big sword the size of a tree and ride flying motorbikes with plasma guns on the side.”

Who’s up for some duel gun wielding, troll slashing, futuristic-yet-not action?


Are you excited for Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Well then, you might be excited to hear that Square Enix has packed retail copies of the PC version with redeemable codes of the title for cloud gaming service OnLive. That is, unless you shop at GameStop.

Like a thief in the night, snatching your babies from their cradles, GameStop has surgically removed the codes from the cases of the highly anticipated title. Read on for the full story.


League of Legends has just released a new patch that basically redesigns the entire UI – from the store, to the in-game UI, to the after-action screen. All in all, it’s an incredibly welcome addition, given how scattered some of the launcher’s options were.

Upon logging in, you’ll immediately notice the storefront is fixed up to look more presentable (with bigger champion icons, and a cleaner interface), and the sorting options are a bit cleaner. A new hero, Talon, has also entered the fray – if you want an idea of how he works, think Assassin’s Creed meets Shaco – how can you go wrong?! Read more… »

MOBA fans, rejoice! No longer will you have to occasionally sit in lanes, constantly wondering whether or not you’re going to face your next opponent in the near future – with the upcoming “Dominion” gametype in League of Legends, you’re going to see a whole lot of direct PVP confrontation.

Dominion works just like the common FPS gametype “Domination”: various checkpoints are set up and as each team captures objectives, points are awarded over time – in essence, all hell is breaking loose, all the time. DotA II and Blizzard DotA are still quite a ways away, so at the very least, definitely check out the free League of Legends client when you get the chance.


Chris Hecker (Spore, Quake) announced Thursday the price for early beta access to his latest espionage game, SpyParty, will be $15. This gets you access to the early beta, access to the forums and discussions, as well as the complete game once its released. Players who sign up through the game’s site will also have a chance to lay down $50 or more for their name to be included in the credits once the full title is released.

$15 dollars is a justified price, Hecker says, as it “has become the de facto price point for AAA Indie Games.” Is SpyParty a AAA indie game and is it worth $15 dollars? A good number of people certainly think so. Last time Hecker checked in on the numbers, there were more than 700 gamers already signed up and ready to go. That’s only a few months after he opened the sign up. Not convinced?


Deploying Surprise in 3….2….1…

If you’ve yet to purchase a copy of Portal 2, Valve has sweetened the deal to make pulling the trigger that much easier. The company has dropped the price of the PC and Mac versions of the game to the attractive price of $30. For an additional fiver you can pick up a bundled copy with the original Portal, if you’re the only person on earth that hasn’t played it yet.

Not good enough for you? Well then, here are your test results: You are a horrible person.  Read more… »