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The Hunter is a realistic experience that brings the pastoral straight to your screen.  Combined efforts from Avalanche Studios and Emote Games have successfully captured a stunning paradise.  Fused with an assortment of sounds and a sand box style of play, you’ll feel as though you’re living in a poem from John Milton.

Players depend on a wide variety of tools, including the renowned Hunter Mate, to stalk and harvest their prey.  Aside from the weapons, gamers will have to use their own intuition, deception and natural abilities if they want to mantle a 12 point buck over the fireplace.  Move over Duck Hunt because hunting is not restricted to eight bit graphics any longer.



After a full decade after StarCraft‘s release, the second incarnation of the game is nearly at your fingertips.  Blizzard beckons all comers with gaming quality PC’s to opt-in for the beta testing of StarCraft II. If you’ve been thirsting for fresh intergalactic RTS action for ten long years, then hit the jump to find out what you have to do.


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Hyrule meets Halo
By: | May 5th, 2009


A Halo PC modder by the name of ARKaMAN has been hard at work with Rambo, a Celist, and others to faithfully recreate one of the most beloved versions of Hyrule ever.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s greed fields are being painstakingly rendered using the map modification tools of the PC version of Halo, and the results are simply amazing.  If you don’t mind the idea of hookshots meeting hand grenades, then hold your breath and hit the jump for the video.



Plants vs. Zombies took the world by storm not too long ago with this magical little music video. It didn’t tell you anything about the content of the game, but it showed you its quirky, stylized characters.

Despite its charming viral campaign, does the world need another tower defense? Read on to find out. Read more… »


Still looking for that little bit of Fallout 3 goodness? Feeling separation anxiety from Dogmeat? Just need to fire a Fatboy one more time?

It seems that you’re finally in luck, as the 3rd and final DLC, Broken Steel, hits the Microsoft marketplaces tomorrow at a scrumptious 800 points. If you’re wondering what that that amount will get you for your dollar, well, you’re going to have to hit the jump for that information… plus a trailer.


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Blow chunks for fun
By: | May 4th, 2009


Spewer is now available for download free of charge. Pioneered by Edmund McMillen of Meat Boy fame, Spewer has you globbing and bouncing via sucking up and blowing chunks. Queasy gamers, you’ve been warned!

It actually plays a lot like Meat Boy, which is definately a good thing. What did you guys think of it? Does it deserve a Wii-Ware remake like Meat Boy eventually?


A recent report from ThatVideoGameBlog has sparked the rumor that the inevitable 7th Call Of Duty game will be traveling past World War 2 (about time!) and to a much more… relaxed time in a not-so-relaxed place.



If you love Team Fortress 2 and MMO’s, then you probably got your hopes up with Valve’s latest update. Hidden amongst the new update were a few lines of code which may lead some to the conclusion that Valve has new aspirations. Intrigued? Hit the jump for the nitty gritty.



In 2005, a filmmaker named Danny Ledonne was inspired to make an RPG using the program RPG Maker 2000, wherein the player assumes the roles of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – the shooters in 1999′s Columbine High School Massacre. The incident revolved around two boys who planned to go on a massive killing spree at their high school. They managed to injure twenty-four people and take thirteen lives, before taking their own. In Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, you will see a re-enactment of that day from the shooters’ perspectives.

The idea, according to Ledonne, is to explore the elusive question of “why” Harris and Klebold perpetuated such a violent act. SCMRPG was made to show us a different perspective on the question of “why” and introduce the situation into moral shades of gray, while not trivializing the entire event or glorifying the shooters. Here’s the most important question, though: Did Danny Ledonne succeed?



I’m going to assume that if you haven’t heard about Left 4 Dead, you’re either in the middle of the wilderness accessing the internet through your aluminum foil helmet or you’re actually a zombie with enough of a moral compass to not shotgun your own kind.  Whether you have or haven’t, it’s time to turn the Valve and let multiplayer happiness flow forth. Read more… »


We just announced the release dates for the PC versions of Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando, and Resident Evil 5.  Each of these versions is going to have exclusive features and instead of making you guys search around for them yourself…we have them listed right here!

Hit the jump to check out the new features. Read more… »


Good news for all the PC Gamers! It’s been a bit of a rumour mill regarding the promised releases but…

Capcom have just announced that Resident Evil 5, Street IV and Bionic Commando will all be released in July. Hoorah!