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East India Company is a new upcoming naval warfare RTS from Nitro Games and Paradox Interactive.  Set upon the high seas, you command a fleet of ships and battle with rival companies for supremacy of trade routes.  Managing and maintaining a maritime monopoly is the name of the game.  Will East India Company have you shivering timbers or leave you with a soggy case of scurvy?  Read on for more about my sneak peek of the game.



The games industry is constantly shifting and evolving, lessons being learned in every corner. From developers to publishers to press to gamers, we’re all figuring ways to push this fledgling medium to greater heights. Sometimes it can be difficult to own up to your mistakes, to hold your hands up and admit that things could be or could have been done better.

DICE, the company responsible for the Battlefield series, however, seem to have no shame in talking about past errors, particularly when it comes to Battlefield: Bad Company. Probably their biggest release from the franchise was met with mixed feelings across the board. Creative director Lars Gustavsson has a few ideas why.



I’m so excited to let everyone know some exciting tidbits involving Modern Warfare 2 and its story. However, due to the fact that there are people who do not want anything spoiled for them I’ll throw in this information after the break.



To celebrate our second week of Twittering, we are giving away another great game: Zeno Clash! One of the most unique FPS games ever released.



For years I have been heavily involved in the world surrounding City of Heroes and I know for a fact that there are a lot of players who have intently wished for the ability to change their allegiance. Like the trailer below says, it’s not just about Good vs. Evil anymore.



LucasArts continue to bridge the many gaps within the Star Wars universe, via various mediums. Arguably, these gaps don’t need filling, but filled they are nonetheless. Their latest adventure, Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, takes its style from the Clone Wars cartoon series, and promises two-player coop action.


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Sims 3 is Golden
By: | May 11th, 2009


I’ve never really been bothered by the green diamond-like cursor over my head. It just floats there and spins about aimlessly. What’s frustrating is whenever it makes me dance silly, and refuses to let me go to the bathroom. I suppose it’s only going to get worse, because The Sims 3 has gone gold!



What will they think of next? A researcher and World of Warcraft fan at the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) has designed and created a pod that allows players to literally play their favourite game for extended periods of time without so much as leaving their seat. Hit the jump for more details and images.



Stalin vs. Martians is a zany in your face real time strategy (RTS) that leaves players wondering what the intentions of this game are about.  Developers BWF, Dreamlore and N-Game have combined their efforts in an attempt to bring the fast-paced and over the top antics of the arcade to the sophistication and in depth play of the RTS genre.  Although this game is wacky and very over-the-top, many players will be left with a sense of confusion and loss.

Stalin vs. Martians mirrors the communist regime; it sounds good on paper, but does it fall just as short in reality?



For those of you who have been tirelessly warding off countless waves of the undead with your gorgeous garden, you’re about to receive some formal acknowledgment.  PopCap recently added a dozen achievements to the Steam version of Plants vs. Zombies.  Warning: this list is not for the faint of heart.  Click continue for the full list.



Now that 3D realms have shut their doors the former artists are now looking for new jobs, and as part of their artwork showcases they are showing previously unreleased Duke Nukem concept art and renders, some look pretty amazing. Check them out below.


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Power Trip #6: Braid
By: | May 7th, 2009


This week’s power-up comes from a very unlikely protagonist.  He’s as subtly gifted as he is short.  The abilities he possesses aid him in warping the very fabric of reality to his beckon call.  No pesky keys or trick ladders will stop him from piecing together the puzzle of his life and finding his princess.  Caught in a world of obscurity and loneliness, the only constant he has is the power to defy consistence. Read more… »