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Over the weekend, I spent approximately three hours farming the materials and the 150,000 gold required to enter the secret level in Diablo III. It was kind of a pain, but it was completely worth it to be able to send three of my friends in utterly free of charge, and enjoy it with them before most of it was sufficiently spoiled.

Because most of the guides I’ve found aren’t particularly concise in their directions, and provide spoilers to boot, I’m going to make a completely spoiler-free guide on how to access the secret level itself. Read more… »

Remember Hawken? That indie mech game that went free to play? While we’re still quite a bit away from it’s December 12th release, the PC cloud streaming service Gaikai has locked up a deal to demo the game in the near future. If you’re not familiar with Gaiaki, it’s basically a demo service similar to OnLive, in that it streams the game to your browser/PC with hardly any hardware requirements.

Of course, it’s not a good way to test and see if the full game can viably run on your machine, but at least it’s something. Keep your eyes peeled for

Diablo III is finally here, and if you can get past the initial shock of playing a game with single player always-on DRM, you can experience it yourself. With five classes ranging from the Wizard, Monk, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor, there’s pretty much something for everyone here to experience — personally, I couldn’t resist the demonic gaze of the Demon Hunter.

For the purposes of this impressions piece, I have a level 30 Demon Hunter that just finished Act 4 (the final episode), but I have dabbled in every other class, and found them all fairly exciting in their own way. Join me as I muse on various aspects of Diablo III from levels 1-30, which encompasses all of the game’s Normal level difficulty.


[Update - I experienced this part of the game myself, and can safely say that as long as the Templar is your follower officially, you should be ok on this one. I personally waited until my companion was level 13 before testing this just to be sure, in case there was a certain low level range this could trigger in]

Without resorting to any spoilers, this PSA is fairly simple. Whenever you obtain a Templar follower in Diablo III, do not equip him with a new shield. In fact, don’t equip him with anything just to be sure.

Eurogamer is reporting that this issue apparently is restricted to the Demon Hunter class (wouldn’t you know it, my favorite class), but just in case, I wouldn’t recommend trying it with any class if you value your playtime.

If you engage the glitch, you’ll not only be booted out of D3′s servers, but you’ll be unable to re-enter them until Blizzard pushes a fix. An absurd workaround is noted by some users, consisting of creating a new Power User Windows account, and attempting to log in that way. Read more… »

While there were rumblings of GameStop having an exclusive deal with Steam to distribute Steam Wallet giftcards, it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag. As of today, there are $20 and $50 gifcards available to apply towards your wallet, which will certainly help all the younger gamers out there, or anyone not comfortable sharing their financial account information over the internet.

While it is a bit weird given that GameStop and Steam are both technically PC game distribution outlets, it’s nice to see an option in regards to funding your Steam account.

Amazon is reporting today that Diablo III is their most successful PC game ever in terms of pre-order sales — which is quite a big deal for both Blizzard and Amazon. Even though various parties across the internet are claiming to boycott the game due to contentions with Blizzards “always on”  single player DRM, and issues with “dumbed down gameplay” compared to Diablo II, it looks like Blizzard is going to be fine.

Even though the above reasons are certainly a valid excuse to abstain from a purchase, there are also a number of people who don’t plan on playing the game just because it’s “Activision”. Here’s a message for everyone who’s going to ignore Diablo III, even if it turns out to be a good game, in favor of Torchlight II because it’s “indie”: why not try both?


The latest Korean MMO has just dropped in the US — TERA Online. Combat is done in an action oriented manner, forcing players to dodge enemy attacks while launching attacks of their own. To supplement this action approach, the game has support for traditional controllers in addition the typical keyboard and mouse setup. Standard MMO tropes like the healer, tank, and DPS trinity exist,  as well as the inclusion of a traditional quest system, world encounters (BAMs), and instances.

In addition to the aforementioned gameplay elements, the developers have also adapted a version of Eve’s PLEX system, which allows for a currency called Chronoscrolls to be purchased by players for real cash. Chronoscrolls can be subsequently sold or bought on the action house, as dictated by the player economy — using them will net you extra game-time. In case you’re interested,  expect more TERA coverage from Gamer Limit in the coming weeks.

While I know everyone is grimacing at the thought of simulating the dysfunctional Grimes family, fear not, Walking Dead fans, as the upcoming game has nothing to do with the comic/TV show’s cast. Instead, Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead game will focus in on various other survivors in the universe, while keeping the same themes and overall ideas — additionally, it is said the game will be canon.

Each episode is priced at $4.99, but you can nab the entire project for $19.99, which will essentially buys you one bonus episode/game.  Telltale’s latest will be released on the 360, PC, and PS3 platforms — hopefully it won’t be as slow as the first half of Season 2!

Blades of Time

Color me surprised for two reasons. One: there’s going to be a limited edition of Blades of Time coming to PC and Mac at the end of May 2012. Two: Because publisher Iceberg Interactive is handling distribution rather than Konami, the game was actually announced before the release date!

Retail copies will be available  in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and South Africa, while digital copies will be available worldwide. Blades of Time: Limited Edition will come with the Dismal Swamp DLC, exclusive Outbreak mode maps, a digital version of the game’s soundtrack, and more.

[Source: Iceberg Interactive]

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is allegedly on the way! According to a German magazine called “PC Action”, news has broke of a Dark Souls PC port. While this is pretty awesome news for fans of the Souls series, unfortunately the only new content that the magazine has confirmed is a few extra bosses — outside of that, it seems like the game is pretty much a straight port.

Dark Souls was my Game of the Year for 2011, and for good reason. If the bosses are interesting enough, hopefully the PC version will sell enough to warrant additional projects. I know for a fact that fans are already clamoring for a Steam release! Just keep in mind this is not 100% confirmed, as there has been no official announcement yet.

Mistborn: Birthright

The Mistborn fantasy series by author Brandon Sanderson will be “lurching” its way onto PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,  PC, and Mac in fall 2013 courtesy of developer Little Orbit. Sanderson himself is writing the story for the game, titled Mistorn: Birthright, and it will be set several hundred years before the events of the books.

The game is set to be an action-RPG, and Mistborn‘s unique magic system based off metals lends itself well to an interactive medium. This won’t be Sanderson’s first time working with videogames as he did story development for iOS game Infinity Blade II and wrote the Infinity Blade: Awakening tie-in novella. According to the press release, players will “suit up as Fendin “Fiddle” Fathvell, an arrogant young nobleman who must quickly master his newfound Allomantic abilities before forces at work can destroy his entire family.”

[Source: Mistborn: Birthright]

Guild Wars 2 is going to feature a hybrid system that isn’t seen in MMOs often. Once you buy the game for $60, you won’t pay any subscription fees, and you’ll have access to a “F2P store” of sorts, that allows you to conduct micro-transactions for aesthetic gear.

The major upfront perk is that once you buy the game, you can come back at anytime, even years later to continue your adventure. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of current MMOs (The Old Republic immediately comes to mind) — you have to pay the entire monthly fee to even get a taste once your subscription runs out. If you just want to go back into your world and see your character again, you can do that.

The President of ArenaNet stating the following regarding the micro-transaction issue: “We think players should have the opportunity to spend money on items that … offer more ways to express themselves … on account services and on time-saving convenience items … But it’s never OK for players who spend money to have an unfair advantage over players who spend time.”

Well, that settles that. Hopefully ArenaNet will succeed in this ambitious endeavor, and influence the increasingly conventional MMO genre going forward.

[Source: VentureBeat]