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Review: Nidhogg
By: | January 16th, 2014

Arena games seem to be a popular genre among indie studios these days. With titles like Samurai Gunn and Towerfall popping up and getting tons of buzz, the trippy looking Nidhogg has probably flown past more than a few radars.

But Nidhogg doesn’t only sport a unique visual style — it also has an interesting mechanic that centers around a deadly game of tug of war. It’s also one of the best competitive games on Steam right now.

Arkane Studios really knows how to handle DLC. After the stellar Knife of Dunwall campaign, I was immediately sold on the follow-up Brigmore Witches, not only to find out how Daud’s tale ends, but to experience even more scenarios that were superior to the original game.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Once again I find myself enjoying the company of Daud more than Corvo, as Brigmore Witches pretty much gives me everything Knife of Dunwall provided, and a touch more. Read more… »

Sacred Citadel wants your love. The game opens wide with its warm color pallet and fast action promising a tight embrace. It’s poised; it’s ready. The urge is to come closer.

When you do, you get all that is expected from a beat-em-up. No frills. The embrace holds for some time, albeit the love is evaporating.


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Review: Saints Row IV
By: | August 14th, 2013

There’s always been something about the Saints Row games that prevented them from greatness, in my mind. Although the second and third games are fun enough open world romps, they were always missing that special something that made them “must plays,” or “instant recommendations.”

That is, until Saints Row IV came around — because as we all know, super powers make everything better. Read more… »

At first glance, it’s kind of hard to tell what Monaco even is. It’s been shown at various trade shows for the past few years and has garnered a solid amount of hype and buzz behind it, but without a full release, it was hard to really nail down what made Monaco so special.

Well, it’s out now, and after actually playing it, I’ve seen the magic right before my eyes. Monaco is essentially an Ocean’s 11 simulator — and it’s awesome.

If you experienced Dishonored, you no doubt caught the catalyst for the protagonist’s entire adventure at the start of the game: the death of the beloved Empress of the The Empire of Isles. But who actually killed her? Why, none other than Daud — assassin extraordinaire, and man of dubious moral standing.

Well, you get to play as him in Knife of Dunwall — and it’s a ton of fun. Read more… »

You won’t find Pauly Shore in this (bio)dome. Well, if you do, he won’t be as fun as he used to be. Deep Silver and Techland have released this screenshot and more to herald Dead Island Riptide, coming in less than 15 days.

Not all are focused on the scenery, as you will see.


With three sales in two weeks, one would think that there was something funny in the drinking water over at the Humble Bundle offices. They assure us this is not the case. Rather, there is just a lot of excitement as they have expanded their Humble Bundle offering beyond the traditional and indie sales. You can now add the weekly and mobile sales to their repertoire.

According to one of their Support Ninjas, Melanie, “[w]e are very excited about the new weekly offerings and so you will see them regularly. We will continue with our traditional model as well.” Yay for us!


With PAX East behind us and GDC in full swing, it is understandable that Capcom be on a tear of announcements and new content. With a little hop from Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2, over DuckTales Remastered, and back into the realm of Umbrella Corp, they deliver unto us a brand new gameplay video for the Resident Evil Revelations console and PC port.

Rachel, the blonde, squirrely-voiced Federal Agent with luscious locks ever covering her eyes, gets all the attention as she shows off her skills in Raid Mode. A climactic and quasi metaphysical video it is, as she winds up coming face to face with … well, you’d just have to see.


The PC version of Resident Evil 6 launched on Friday. To celebrate, Capcom released two minutes and 52 seconds of gameplay footage for The Mercenaries No Mercy mode focusing exclusively on the Left 4 Dead 2 cross content. Chock full of overwhelming zombie hordes and while-on-the-back firearm discharging, this video is meant to please fans of both series, as well as anyone who appreciates good zombie killing action.

In addition, Capcom has released screenshots of the PC exclusive mode perfect for anyone who just can’t get enough. Gamer Limit has it all for you. It goes without saying that after the jump, you will be seeing mature content. Discretion is advised.


Riding hot on the heals of Street Fighter x Mega Man, Capcom has announced its next crossover project with Valve on Friday. Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 will not be a new game, but rather an injection of new content into the PC versions of both titles — all for free.

Resident Evil 6 is getting the lion’s share of crossover content as you get four playable survivors from the Left 4 Dead series — Coach, Nick, Ellis, and Rochelle — in the PC exclusive mode The Mercenaries No Mercy. This mode will also hound players with the Witch and Mini Tank from L4D2.

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Got your blunderbusses ready? (That’s a gun in Borderlands 2, right?) Hope so because the third out of four planned DLC packs, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC today!

However, PS3 Borderlands 2 players in Europe and Oceania will have to wait until tomorrow to sally forth in search of big game.