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The Bionic colon cleanse
By: | May 23rd, 2009


In the words of the great Steven Seagal, “you’re going to have to go to your favorite proctologist, and get a nice, soothing ointment” after watching this video: it’s that disturbing.

Of course, Capcom deemed it safe enough for an internet commercial, and anything on the internet is a-ok, right?! Read more… »


Have you noticed? As we draw closer towards E3 the news has slowly began to drop off. That means we have a little bit of time to game, and a little bit of time to prepare. Don’t want to leave you, the reader, completely without something to do! That’s why I present to you one of the latest remixes over at OCRemix, Zelda Heineken. This latest remix was made entirely with Heineken bottles.



If you are hoping to see more footage of the upcoming heavy metal action/adventure rockout that is Brutal Legend, you’re in the wrong place. However, if you wish to see the real-action star of this epic blockbuster of a movie video game, Jack Black, doing what he does best and acting insane, hit the jump, dude!



It’s a good thing Ms. Samus has that helmet, inter-galactic allergies are a killer!  The artist of the incredible picture featured above is Orioto, on deviantART. Hit the jump for some more breathtaking samples. Read more… »


This clip makes me want to run out and buy the game all over again.  Bethesda’s official blog posted a Fallout 3 trailer/montage by You Tube user agoministrator that further pushes this title to legendary status. A real must see for fans of Fallout. . . and Quentin Tarantino.



Do you think your TV is safe from gamers throwing their Wiimotes at it? Well think again, Pega have just released a Dart kit for your Wiimote, allowing you to shape it into a realistic dart… perfect for throwing at your TV.



I am almost always guaranteed to pre-order a game from a certain company if their is some sort of preorder bonus available. A highly anticipated title, like Modern Warfare 2 has to be an awesome bonus. As many people as will purchase this game, you would think that they’d actually give is something really awesome!



The future of video games shall be, in no uncertain terms, heavily influenced by to two things: console exclusivity and Lego. The guys over at Mega64 appear to realise this obvious fact a little more than most, as is evident in their latest two videos.



Have you ever walked down the street, caught a glimpse of your own reflection in a shop window and thought: “I’m a freakin’ bad ass. I got a blonde high top, a vest, half a pack o’ bubble gum, an’ enough attitude to take on an army of pigs”…? If the answer to this everyday question is a resounding “yes”, you may want to try out to become the real-life version of the ultimate blonde, vest wearing bad ass. Lose the bubble gum and you may be in with a shot, dude.



Last week we reported Rise from Persona 4 will be getting a figure release. At the time, the figure wasn’t available for per-order. While I was browsing on some PVC websites this morning, I saw some of them including ToysLogic and Hobby Search were already taking pre-orders.

Hit the jump for more details and screens.



You know that terrific eureka moment you get when you taste two great things that taste great together?  Peanut butter and jelly, pizza and ranch, french fries and ranch, sandwiches and ranch, celery and ranch.  Well go ahead and double dip some of your Super Smash Bros. into my big bowl of Team Fortress 2 and take a bite.  Morsels after the jump. Read more… »


Just last week the entire world was gripped by a short video showing a woman doing lots of running and jumping - from building to street, rooftop to helicopter. Millions of comments and messages flooded the internet, many of which claiming that the clip had to be taken from none other than Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Thankfully, following in the footsteps of other great British investigators such as Sherlock Holmes, Taggart and The Sun newspaper, journalist Jim Sterling took a closer look at the footage and has since urged everybody to stop what they are doing and just watch it again. Hit the jump to see for yourselves this amazing revelation.