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This is what happens when you don’t own a Nintendo game console, smoke a lot of weed, and really want to “experience” Zelda in some manner. I think this video would have also gone well with the Ocarina of Rhyme.

Seriously, this video makes me want to do the exact same thing to the Final Fantasy victory fanfare theme!

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The Super Nintendo PC*
By: | June 14th, 2009


By combining a Super Nintendo shell with an Acer Laptop, case modders quangDX and DuPPs have produced quite possibly one of the coolest case mods ever. Check it out after the jump.



The lucky people who are subscribed to the UK gaming magazine Edge have been given possible the most awesome gaming PixelArt poster of all time, check it out after the jump.



For I and many other school children, the summer months are always filled with warm memories – perhaps it is of random events with friends, or simply one’s naïve childhood, but, in looking back on it, it’s sure to make most people happy. In reflection, I remember that my childhood was spent playing video games, oftentimes with friends or simply by myself, and only just recently have I remembered just how wonderful these memories really are. Read more… »


In their latest issue Famitsu the forever lovable Japanese gaming mag have presented their own spin on Bioshock 2, aka Bioshock 2 – Cuterised.



Is it me or has the Guinness World Book of Records been a lot more public in the video game industry, and beyond? It seems that this company of record holding is looking to gain more popularity. It’s too bad their books are far too expensive.

The keeper of the Book was on hand at E3 to hand out awards to people like Major Nelson, Infinity Ward, and Blizzard Entertainment. Hit the jump to see all of the interesting records broken in the past year involving the world of videogames! Read more… »


If E3 thought it was going to happen without a hitch this year, it’d better think again. The very idea of the impending release of EA’s Dante’s Inferno has driven a group of people to attend E3 in their own unique way.



Every so often a flash game will catch my eye, and I’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to tell people about it. I can assure you that these games will either be exceptionally weird, quality, or innovative. But there is one thing they all have in common: fun factor. Recently I was browsing and one of the front page games caught my eye; a little title called Seed of Destruction.

Created by the users BarfQuestion and Komix, SoD leads you through a magical physics based survival game, revolving around a little man jockeying a gigantic sperm cell. With plenty of content, including a few mini-games, SoD is sure to have you giggling with excitement for a long while after playing it. Read more… »


It is the middle of the week and perhaps you, like the rest of us, need a bit of a pick-me-up to continue trudging through towards a weekend of fun, frolic, and fancy-free. Or perhaps, like me, you needed a diversion from continually trying to upload the LimitCast for your patient listeners consumption even though it’s not working.

Maybe you’re sad that Duke Nukem isn’t forever and you can use this as a coping mechanism. Either way, this is one of the best reviews that Zero Punctuation has put out yet, and deserves a little bit of attention.


Once a mere April Fool’s Day prank, SNK has gone and injected a dose of reality into its formerly fake Neo-Geo game Star Radish, a salad-themed vertical shooter.

The title will be released as a minigame within the next title from its Doki Majo franchise. The Doki Majo games are known in the English-speaking world as “Those DS games that involve poking a bunch of witches. Uh-oh, did I just say that out loud?”

Continue reading for a shot of the box art. Because you can.


good“Hey guys, how’s it going?”….. silence. “Anyone there?”

Ladies and gentleman of the gaming world, please say hello to Mr. Cheerful Casual Gamer. If he’s lucky there will be another cheerful casual gamer in the lobby.

“Hi there friend, where you from?” Looking for more than just a fragfest and a high score Mr. Cheerful Casual Gamer has just ‘popped online’ for a ‘quick game’ and wants to have a chat while in the lobby waiting for the game to start.

“I’m from Pleasantville” replies Mr. Never Been Online Before.



This is probably one of the best and/or worst kills you will ever see in an online match. Taken from a game of Call Of Duty: World At War, the following video depicts one player realising what may have been a lifelong dream and another living through the kind of nightmare that nobody ever needs. Hit the jump to find out just what went down. But, whatever you, don’t “turn around”.