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Kotaku spotted this awesome giveaway from Capcom at the coming Comic-con, it’s a Resident Evil shirt that has a ‘secret’.



Sick and tired of just resting your DS on your desk? Well, “Popo”, a company specialising in official Nintendo merchandise have developed a Mario DS holder. So you can gently (or forcefully) take your DS from the graceful hands of Mario each time you want to play…



Lately I’ve been suffering from an unhealthy obsession with Starcraft 2. The affliction came to a head a few weeks ago when I wrote an article listing the 20 things I’d do for a Starcraft 2 beta key. I held no punches – I offered to give up my firstborn child,  finish development of Duke Nuke’m Forever, and even divide by zero.  A few days later, Blizzard Entertainment attempted to call my bluff by e-mailing the following taunt:

“When we were checking out your site, we noticed one of your writers, Josh Quinnet, posted about the 20 things he would do for a beta key.

So, if you would like to give him a key, we would like photographic evidence of the following:

Josh eating a grapefruit covered with Jif peanut butter while watching Flavor of Love with his StarCraft II tattoo showing [drawn of course...]. Both seasons would be preferred, but I guess we could settle with season 1. And please let him know that pie is indeed better than cake.”

Well, Blizzard. Challenge accepted.


Join Olivia Munn and some pop-punky sounding fellows for a music video tribute to “the female retail employee”, in honor of G4′s 1,000th Attack of the Show. Read more… »


I’m sure most of you have seen the original “World of Warcraft cancellation freak out kid” by now. For those who have been actually playing WoW nonstop during the popularization of this video (if I still played, I know I would have!) the basic premise is: some kid’s mom cancels his WoW account, and starts throwing a temper tantrum. His brother “cleverly” hides a camera inside said freak out kid’s room, and hilarious ensues. Some people think it’s actually a real video, but if you watch the original, he’s clearly acting.

Regardless of the origin of the clip, the original is so loosely related to video games it would be hard to justify a post, but this particular Japanese created gem remixes the kid’s screams into a beautiful rendition of one of the best tunes from Kirby. Follow the jump and humor a medium suffering a slow news day. Read more… »


For those few who are somehow yet to play the original Resident Evil, you’re in luck. As an eccentric bunch of fans over on the Capcom Unity Blogs have taken it upon themselves to recap it, clay-animation style.



Rock Band was pretty revolutionary when it came out, because it expanded on Guitar Hero‘s concept and added a full ensemble. Imagine that – here you have a game that people find unfathomably fun, and Rock Band just added a whole new level of enjoyment! So much in fact, that Guitar Hero was quick to follow with its own full-band rythem title, Guitar Hero: World Tour. However, despite the mass of enjoyment they’ve provided to countless households, there’s something very strange about both of these games – for an open stance drummer, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are harder to play than real drumsets.



While the evolution of motion control is being met globally with a healthy balance of eager anticipation and exhausted groaning, there will always be something that will make everybody stand up and pay attention.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I present a short clip of some dude with a bad ass mullet showing off what could be a great idea. Hit the jump for the clip.



Some works of art are so amazing, they have to be passed around the internet into oblivion. “Paper Gaiden” is one such masterpiece.

Hit the break for a full size picture of the amazing paper-work. Read more… »

(Steal this Idea is a running feature which seeks to meld various successful mechanics from certain genres, and pack them into one game)

So Modern Warfare 2 is on the way, and the year has already seen the release of one massive FPS title in Killzone 2 (which as you can see from our review was a blast) but it’s not possible to simply copy what has come before and hope to come up with a winner.

With that in mind I have once again compiled a list that will help you, Mr Games Developer, to build a perfect FPS.



Following this year’s E3 event, many were left with mixed emotions about what was revealed at the show. One of the main disputes has been centering around the November release of Left 4 Dead 2, with fans of the first game lining up in their thousands to threaten a boycott of Valve’s sequel, believing the game to be too early in the cycle of the series.

Just as confusion is becoming the main driving force behind the debate, Mega64 have swooped in to unveil the logic AND “development tool” behind the sequel and what many dub to be “Sequelitis”, in general. Hit the jump for the 100% serious clip.



Don’t get me wrong, when I see an amazing gameplay video or hear about a sequel to one of my favourite games I tend to salivate, Pavlov’s dog style, at the mere thought of being able to experience a triple A title.

However I am also aware, that even with the most tried and tested formulas there is room for something to go wrong. So while it’s ok to get a little excited, be careful that you don’t find yourself on board the hype train.