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It’s no secret that rock n’ roll games are being produced like hotcakes.  Recently, the two franchises just surpassed the three billion dollar mark successfully revitalizing interest in the genre from classic rock to contemporary punk.  Sheet Music Plus, the nation’s leading online provider for sheet music, is urging consumers to rock the stage as well as the television. Read more… »


In one of the erm, “classiest” moves yet for a publisher, Codemasters have launched a new flash game to promote their soon to be released racing title Dirt 2.

The “game” involves inking a set of giant silicone breasts (they look fake, I can spot these things), using a surprisingly deep collection of stencils. Well surprisingly deep for a promotional flash game. Want to see my effort? Be aware it’s not really safe for work. Read on to see a big pair of GamerLimit branded globes.


World record ... Phil Day plays <i>Galaga</i> at home in Braidwood. His 3.44million score came after six months of training.

Phil Day of New South Wales Australia has sat down (or stood up for that matter)  for just over two days and destroyed the past world record score for the arcade classic Galaga with a massive 3.44 million score.

Hit the jump for a very interesting quote from the record beaker.


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And why not?

The game’s guts have been replaced with a 250GB external hard drive.  Just imagine all the NES roms you could stick on here!

It’s from Etsy, the Internet marketplace for all things homemade.  Hit the jump to buy your own and make all your friends jealous.


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Thief wants Madden, not cash
By: | August 28th, 2009

Madden 10 crook

Jacksonville, Florida was the venue for one of the more game-driven felonies the state has ever seen.

An armed robber, posing as a Gamestop customer wishing to purchase an Xbox 360, pulled out a firearm and demanded that several copies of Madden NFL 10 be handed over into his possession.

Hit the jump to find out what the crook actually managed to steal.


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You want your own NES arcade cabinet in your living room?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Make your own!

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Its the calm before the storm for the Playstation 3: a price cut, a slim model and a slew of quality exclusives all coming relativity soon, and Gran Turismo 5 being one of them.

Blogger hatimaki has posted some real life  comparison shots of some locations we’ll be able to tear up in Gran Turismo 5.


Legend of Neil

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan and you haven’t seen the webseries spoof Legend of Neil, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  Crafted by some of the same crazy people who created The Guild, the series follows the reluctant adventures of a gas station attendant from Jersey, named Neil, who gets sucked into Legend of Zelda and has to fight his way out.

Currently in season 2, the show has garnered quite a following thanks to its crude and hilarious writing.  The latest episode features the entire cast breaking out in song, as the series breaks from its normal format and turns into a musical.  Even if you have never seen or heard of it before, this is the episode every Zelda fan must see. 

Oh yeah, did I mention it stars Felicia Day?  Hit the jump to watch it now. Read more… »


Craving Diablo III? Want to try and fill the void until its release? Well for those of us who want some classic hacking & slashing action, but aren’t willing to play Diablo II in the old cruddy 800 x 600… The High Resolution (Multi-res) patch comes to the rescue.

The Multi-res patch allows you to play Diablo II in any resolution supported by your monitor, there are a few caveats but nothing that stops the awesomeness of high res Diablo.



Console war can do awful things to a man. In the spring of 2005, I returned from the frontlines of the Playstation 2 Massacre as a decorated Nintendo hero, but the badges I’d drawn onto the jacket I designed in MS Paint were nothing on the badges on my Gamecube memory card.

I saw some awful things on the internet battlefield.



James Larsson may be as close as the world comes to a mad scientist.  This British inventor has created automatic cat food dispensers (not devious), light bulb-testing devices (still not bad), and a machine that whips you when you lose a point in Pong.

Wait, what?  See for yourself.



Remember Super Mario Bros. 3?  Widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time?

Recently (as in this week, recently), someone discovered a new secret for this 20-year-old game.  No way, you say?  Way.

See for yourself.