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Zelda Reorchestrated

About six years ago, a massive project was undertaken by single ultra fan — to arrange the entire Ocarina of Time soundtrack into a giant orchestrated production. This Christmas, Santa dropped a big gift on our laps when it was announced that Zelda Reorchestrated was ready for Jesus’s birthday!

I would have posted this news up yesterday but it wouldn’t have made a difference. It seems that the poor guy’s site has been hammered into oblivion. I’ve provided the link above for whenever the page returns, but there are probably a few torrents of the 82-track behemoth floating about already.

From others’ impressions, it’s marvelous. I can’t wait to download it myself!


“Well met, gaming travellers! I’ve been expecting you. When you’ve worn the red robes of a Game Master, you learn to sense the needs of players. You yearn to learn more of a simpler time, when MMOs were defined by two dimensions. A time when playing online meant playing Ultima Online.

I can transport us back into that realm borne of the imagination of Garriott, if your will is strong enough. Hold the number 1997 in your minds. A year when Hanson sang “MMMbop” while astronomers watched Hale Bopp. A year when Clinton tripped and injured his knee while the first all-woman team walked proudly to the North Pole.

It’s working! Quick, follow me over the jump into the time portal!”



An artist known as ‘Laser Bread’ has taken it upon himself to do some very fine, abstract art takes on classic video games.

Check out after the jump for the full paintings.


Ode to Minions

Many of us have spent countless hours slaughtering the hordes of enemies in video games who get in our way.  We snuff them out of existence in a heart beat, yet all they were doing was performing a task someone else ordered them to do.  Those goombas and piranha plants are someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or maybe even sister, but we never stop to consider that.

Matthew Taranto, who writes the online comic Brawl in the Family, cares about all those dead enemies and their families.  To celebrate his 200th comic he’s actually written a song dedicated to them entitled “Ode to Minions.” It’s a heartfelt tune about all those hard working bad guys who are simply trying to work a 9-to-5 day job to put food on the table.

Come on inside to watch the “Ode to Minions” music video.  You’ll never look at bad guys the same way again. Read more… »

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Man marries his DS in Guam
By: | November 21st, 2009

Love Plus header

In case you haven’t heard of Love Plus, it’s a DS dating sim game from Japan utilizing a real-time calendar for your digital girlfriend.

Apparently, it’s incredibly realistic, as an otaku just married one of Love Plus‘s main characters, Nene, in a Guam church.


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The spookiest time of the year has once again been and gone. At sunset on the eve of All Hallows, doorstep-bothering infants thronged into the streets in search of treats in all manner of ghoulish guises. But why stop just yet!? As Gamer Limit’s Alex Yue and Shawn Evans reported this week, our favorite characters and mascots from the eclectic world of gaming are a popular target for some inventive, and often somewhat eccentric, ensembles.

And all of this clever costumery got me thinking that we are in need of a tribute to those of you with the sheer love of, and dedication towards, your favorite games that you feel it’s appropriate to dress up like them.



Halloween is only a week away, and as expected, a lot of gamers will be dressing up as their favorite video game characters.  Long time gamer Kevin Craine would love to do this himself, but he’s more interested in passing this timeless tradition onto his two sons, Jatin and Navin.

This father/son trio became famous last Halloween when their homemade Mega Man, Pit, and Captain N costumes were featured in EGM magazine and on the front page of Destructoid and Kotaku.  Well, a year has passed and Kevin is once again sharing his passion for video games with his sons by creating them an incredible Yoshi and Baby Mario Costume.

Read on to see some pictures of these amazing costumes and to find out more about how they were made. Read more… »


Wii-accidents are pretty well known to gamers, in fact I suspect most of us cringe when we have friends & family playing our Wiis… We have learnt the tough way to keep a close eye on those waving around our Wiimotes, sadly for a HSN (shopping network) presenter he didn’t have anyone to teach him restraint.

Watch the footage after the jump to see the wonders of live television.



Do you want to play your video games like a true Samurai?

If so, you’re in luck as USBGeeks are vending the ultimate in uncomfortable gaming, a Samurai-ish controller… complete with glowing eyes and a removable mask.

Check out more pics after the jump.


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The Japanese have always had different standards when it comes to nudity and sexuality in their interactive media, as exemplified by the recent announcement of Love Death 4, a game in which “that certain part of the male body” plays a starring role by way of a USB camera.

In the U.S., video game nudity (especially full frontal) is, to put it lightly, discouraged.  The ESRB’s double standard of “violence is OK, but sex is a no-no” has been a cornerstone of the ratings system since its conception.

Recently, however, the nation’s media has become more violent, more vulgar, and more sexually explicit.  This shift to a moral-less society did not happen overnight.  It all started with a little system called the Atari 2600…


EVE Online Rap

You might not have ever heard of the developer Crowd Control Productions, typically referred to as CCP, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of their cult hit Eve Online.  The company started out small in 1997, as the brain child of three men from Iceland, and has since grown to include offices in the UK, US, and China.

Apparently those crazy guys from CCP don’t have enough work on their hands trying to keep the citizens of EVE Online happy, so they decided to create a rap video for the game’s community.  Create by and starring most of the people from the company, this is easily one of the most incredible developer videos ever created.

Because the video includes swearing I’m including it after the jump, but whether you are a fan of the game or not, you need to check this out. Read more… »

viral 22

Today the Gamer Limit office was hit by a particularly disturbing postcard.

So what could this ominous message be regarding? Read on for some extra clickable hi-res pictures, and take a guess! Read more… »