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Like books? Like games? Then you might enjoy this. Today THQ and Random House announced that they’re teaming up to “create and develop original intellectual properties (“IP”) for publication across multiple mediums.”

According to the press release, “the team expects the new IP to first appear as a collection of games and books, while they further develop a rich IP universe that will allow for ongoing shelf life through other media.” So what does that actually mean? THQ is going to make some sort of game and Random House will have an author create a novel tie-in and maybe an ebook version too if they’re feeling whimsical.

It looks like we can expect more things like Homefront: The Voice of Freedom prequel novel. According to some reviews this could be a great thing or a sign of Ragnarök. Personally, I haven’t really gotten into tie-in novels, but for gamers looking to read more about their favorite games, I guess I can’t really fault them for that. Let’s hope that THQ and Random House try to create quality products, rather than rushing to get things to market to coincide with video game launches.


If you’re a gamer and you haven’t heard of OC ReMix, then shame on you. It’s the best website for video game music remixes, and best of all, they’re all free.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Pokemon Black and White, on March 2, OC ReMix released  The Missingno Tracks, a fan-made tribute to the music of Pokemon. Read more… »

They’re everywhere in video games right now, it seems. A recent email alert from the iTunes store linked me to a page that must have had 20 zombie iPhone games ready for purchase. Call of Duty: World at War’s Nazi Zombies practically drove map pack sales for months, and I’ve thought about picking up a used copy of the game explicitly to have access to it again. The speculation that the zombies are returning in Black Ops consistently pops up in gaming news.

Age of Zombies is the top selling PSN Mini. Borderlands had a zombie-themed DLC add-on. Crackdown 2 tossed some zombie-like creatures in for good measure. Red Dead Redemption is going to have zombie DLC. Fat Princess is rumored to have a zombies mode coming, for chrissakes. Is enough enough?

Not for me. Zombies and video games are the perfect mix. Among other reasons, zombies work in video games generally for the same reason that Nazis will always make the best opponents for first person shooter titles: you don’t have to feel bad for killing them because, hey, they’re  zombies. You don’t have to take anyone’s crap because you enjoy slaughtering thousands of them. You’re not engaging in violent behavior. You’re training to ensure the survival of your species, ladies and gentlemen.


Not quite as disgusting as the headline suggests (almost, but not quite) this little indie title is looking rather interesting.  Coming from the makers of the rather agreeable “Ben there, Dan that!“, UK based  Zombie Cow, this title looks to all intents and purposes like a very tasty HD update of the Earthworm Jim formula, mixed with some Worms and add a hint of “indie” flavour.

The edutainment game is being produced in a joint venture between Zombie Cow and the UK TV channel, Channel 4 (snappy title huh!) and was the subject of MUCH controversy a few weeks back due to it’s content.  You see the game takes place inside of people…   I think it best I let Zombie Cow explain this one:

Privates is a platform twin-stick shooter in which you lead a teeny-tiny gang of condom-hatted marines as they delve into peoples’ vaginas and bottoms and blast away at all manner of oozy, shouty monsters. It’s rude, funny, bitingly satirical and technically pretty accurate if you don’t count the tiny people or the germs with teeth.


I have terrible news everybody. After a long month, I have decided to give up on finishing Final Fantasy XIII. Our relationship hasn’t been going well, and it’s time that we both admit it isn’t going to work, and move on.

However, I wasn’t able to tell FFXIII to her face. Instead, I took the high road many of us have traveled before; I left a note. Now that she knows, and we both have started the healing process, I decided it was time to share the news with everyone here on the site; by posting the letter I slipped into her case only two nights ago.

Enjoy.

You heard about GameCrush.  Pay a girl to play video games with you?  Scandalous… and lucrative, it seems.

Hit the GameCrush site today and see this.  Over 10,000 lonely nerds lookin’ for love in the span of five minutes means that the GC servers bombed, hard.  The solution?  Add more servers!  Players gotta play!

Oh, and that “$6.60 for ten minutes” rate?  Yeah.  That’s for a Flash game, or Checkers.  Halo 3 is going to cost you a little more.  At least there’s a “dirty” section of the site for the truly deviant (that’s you, you know it is!).  Get on the email list to be notified as soon as you can come back for more.


Yeah… you read that right. The numerical value of Pi, when read backwards, is PIE!!! It’s like math is trying to give us a gift.

Open your arms wide and take freely of its deliciousness.


There can’t be a guy alive that hasn’t thought about paying a girl to play with him (if there was, there isn’t now), but I think most of that number would have been thinking of something a bit more intimate than sharing a game of Halo 3.

As part of the weird subculture within video games, GameCrush aims to capitalise on the apparently crushing loneliness of certain gamers in a bid for their wallets.


According to Sankaku complex, a gamer who was wallhacking in Counter-Strike got a harsh lesson when he was stabbed through the head with a knife – for his crimes against gamer kind.

The assault happened in the Nothern Provence of Jilin, China, when a mob of quite serious gamers noticed the boy wallhacking at a local internet cafe. What followed was an argument, and a knife to the brain.


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A midnight memoir: FFXIII
By: | March 19th, 2010

A disgruntled hello, wrapped in the smell of new and used plastic, welcomes me into my local Gamestop. It’s 10:45 p.m, and people are already milling about.  They shift through faceless lithos like homeowners searching someone’s garage for hidden treats.

Others snicker together in neatly packed groups. I start towards the counter when I overhear two of them arguing which Final Fantasy character would be better in the sack. My curiosity can’t be helped; so, I stop and examine a giant cardboard Bioshock 2 that commands, “Buy me now!”


I’ve been sitting on this news a while, wondering if any of the other major outlets would jump on it. It’s about a new game. The name?

Dudebro, My Sh*t Is F*cked Up So I Got To Shoot/Slice You II: It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time.

Let that name sink in a moment. Ready? Let’s continue.

Dubebro II is the freshman project by Grimoire Assembly Forge, a collection of a hundred or so NeoGAF volunteers who have come together to turn an in-joke into an actual game. The story behind its inception is the stuff of Internet legends; if you want all the details, I suggest sifting through the game’s wiki at your leisure.


In 1989, a movie was released that promised to be the ultimate film about the gamer. A movie where Fred Savage and his mentally impaired brother would fight against the powers that be (their parents) to become the video game champions of the world.

Where Nintendo would shamelessly flaunt every product they had, and at the end launch the most anticipated game of the late eighties. Where 10-year-old kids were able to travel across the country alone without ringing any bells. Where the Power Glove was king.

This movie was The Wizard, and I’m here to tell you how much it rocked. Please note, there are spoilers. Awesome spoilers.