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This summer Nintendo is running a series of competitive events across the United States. Wii Games: Summer 2010 gives the American public an opportunity to play a variety of Wii titles in select cities across the United States. Doing well at the local events could mean going to the National Championships in Los Angeles, where the winning teams will win some pretty sweet prizes.

After making a road trip across the American Southwest (this is starting to sound like the plot of The Wizard) to visit my parents in Texas, I found myself mere miles from one of these events. With the prospect of Nintendo paying my way back home to Califooooornia, I coerced my poor mother into coming along with me to play some videogames at the Woodlands Mall.

Hit the jump to find out about our adventure and one of the coolest free videogame events you might have the opportunity to attend this summer.


This week’s Nintendo Download has a mix of games for your Wii and DSi, some more interesting than others. However, I can definitively say that the most arousing downloadable title of the week is Enjoy your massage.  Six clients are waiting for you to rub them down. The game is rated E10+ for “mild suggestive themes.” At a mere 500 Wii Points and suggestive material to be had, it would be downright criminal to miss out on this one.

The rest of this week’s update can be found after the break.


Believe it or not, Sega has been listening to fans. Sonic 4 alone is proof of that. However, Sega is not just leaving it at that. Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic blue hedgehog is also making an appearance in an all new three dimensional adventure as well – Sonic Colors.

While that may sound like bad news, producer Takashi Iizuka is here to assure us that fans will not be disappointed with Sonic Colors and that this title will break the dreaded Sonic Cycle. Iizuka’s words, a brand-new gameplay trailer and the final box art await you after the jump.



Good news, everyone! The chiptune-inspired electronic music of the Bit.Trip games is easily one of the biggest draws to Gaijin Games’ outstanding Wii-Ware series. The soundtrack for Bit.Trip RUNNER is available now over at and it is excellent. Whether you are already in love with the games or are just a fan of the chiptune scene, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking this out.

More good news after the jump.


Following in the footsteps of the previous Call of Duty titles, today Activision revealed that a “companion” title for Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released on the Nintendo DS. The newly revealed shooter will be hitting stores along side the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 releases on November 9, 2010.

Developed by n-Space (the guys behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized), Call of Duty: Black Ops promises to put gamers in various combat situation ranging from “taking the controls of an attack helicopter to flying an experimental stealth fighter jet.” Read more… »

Man, what is it with July? Yesterday we get word that Kane & Lynch: Dog Days will be hitting stores one week early. Now, the next Professor Layton game is following suit.

According to the press release sent out by Nintendo, “Previously scheduled for release on Sept. 20, [Professor Layton and the Unwound Future] will now be available a week earlier, treating newcomers and experienced players alike to a mesmerizing mix of mystery, time travel and puzzle-solving fun.” Gamers should now plan on heading to the store on September 12 to get their copy. Read more… »

There was once a time when mascots ruled the world. After the notorious video game crash of 1983 (otherwise known as the Atari Debacle), Nintendo managed to single handedly change people’s perceptions of gaming by introducing a large roster of instantly recognisable characters that offered far more than two lines and a dot. What could be regarded as the Nintendo Renaissance period, the company were able to transform the industry standard by upping quality control and ensuring that players will have the best possible gaming experience thanks to the Nintendo Seal of Approval. Apart from about 70% of the games still being truly awful.

But I digress. If you think about Nintendo’s achievements, it’s baffling to see how far they have come. However, while it may seem that they have a limitless amount of franchises to work with, Miyamoto is still on the look out for fresh blood in an attempt to revitalise of what could be considered a dying breed of gaming.


Reggie Fils-Aime (aka the Regginator) has just announced that the eagerly anticipated successor to the Nintendo DS will be released in all territories by the end of the financial year.

The so-called ‘prototype’ model received an overwhelmingly positive response at E3 last week, with critics lauding its technical prowess and convincing 3D effects. However, many gamers demanded to know to real reason as to why Nintendo refused to confirm an official release date at the conference.


How insane is it that I still do not own a DS? I have no excuse really, as I have a huge list of games for the platform that I would love to play, but fate simply hasn’t had it in the cards for me yet. It’s my very last holdout among the major home and handheld consoles.

After getting my hands on a variety of playable demos and gameplay videos today at E3, I can say this for certain: I will be ending my involuntary DS boycott as soon as Nintendo allows it, even if not everything I saw today impressed me.


Nintendo have just announced that the official follow up to Pokemon Pearl/Diamond will be released in North America and Europe in Spring 2011. The game is set to apparently re-invent the franchise in every way possible, featuring a vast open world to explore in 3D graphics.

The game was showcased earlier in the year on a Japanese television show, surprising both the players and gaming community, albeit from a technological aspect the game still looks relatively similar to previous incarnations. Will they still include the cheap Game Boy sound effects for the next generation of Pokemon? Will the main character sport more than four directions of movement? Only time will tell.


If you have yet to enjoy the fruits of what Level 5′s Dragon Quest series has to offer, now would be the time to do so. Nintendo have just announced that Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies will be released for Nintendo DS stateside on July 11th, and July 23th in Europe. Gamers rejoice! This one is going to be huge.

While the series has yet to make much of an impact outside of Japan, it seems that Nintendo are intent on making this game a blockbuster hit. Dragon Quest IX has already sold a record-breaking 4.26 million units in Japan alone, and was given the highest possible score by regional magazine Famitsu.


Gaming icon Shigeru Miyamoto has recently confirmed that the latest installment in the prestigious Legend of Zelda franchise will be “easier to play,” perhaps suggesting a more streamlined approach for Nintendo’s flagship series.

In an interview with Gaming Media, Miyamoto states that Nintendo is “creating a new way to play the game” – this harks back to what Eiji Aonuma said last year concerning that the series seems to follow “the same structure again and again.” Supposedly, the gameplay mechanics will undergo a more “hands on” approach due to the title utilising the Wii Motion Plus peripheral.