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And why not?

The game’s guts have been replaced with a 250GB external hard drive.  Just imagine all the NES roms you could stick on here!

It’s from Etsy, the Internet marketplace for all things homemade.  Hit the jump to buy your own and make all your friends jealous.


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You want your own NES arcade cabinet in your living room?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Make your own!

Hit the jump to see how.



It seems that as soon as The Conduit appeared on radar after being hyped up by IGN, that almost everyone knew about it. Initially bloggers and gamers alike touted it as the Wii’s Halo killer, but nothing could be confirmed. Rumor after rumor passed by, pairing up High Voltage with this or that publisher. Even Nintendo of America was one of the rumored contenders.

The Conduit finally landed in SEGA’s court, and they handled the publishing of the game. It was a somewhat surprising pairing, but no body really blinked an eye after it was confirmed. You might be wondering how SEGA’s interest in The Conduit began, and why they decided to publish the game.



It comes as no surprise that Wii Sports Resort is selling like hotcakes to the international gaming community. In Japan the original title sold almost one to one with the Wii, so strong numbers coming from the sequel should not be a surprise.

Japan has seen the game on store shelves the longest, followed by America and Europe. The combined numbers are somewhat staggering when you consider that Wii Sports Resort has been in North America and Europe less than a month. Read more… »


Remember Super Mario Bros. 3?  Widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time?

Recently (as in this week, recently), someone discovered a new secret for this 20-year-old game.  No way, you say?  Way.

See for yourself.


The incredible phenomenon known as Scribblenauts is continuing to gain deserved hype, and interest is mounting. The positive E3 feedback was more than enough to secure this game as the next great DS title that everyone wants to play.

Well, get ready, because on September 15th, 2009 you’ll be calling forth lightning, dinosaurs, and cake as you work your way through an incredibly wacky world!



Possibly one of the most recognizable gaming landmarks has been built as a case mod for the N64.

Could it be the most epic N64 case mod yet?


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Mario Game Family Tree
By: | July 19th, 2009


A dedicated Nintendo fan over on Limit Break has created a family tree of all the Mario Games.

From Mario’s earliest incarnations in Donkey Kong through to his latest outings on the Wii, it’s quite interesting to look through, and you can easily tell which Mario spin-off they have been milking.



Arcade games and early console titles once relied heavily on abstracted graphics  and gameplay that prioritized “twitch” skills and hand-eye coordination. As technology advanced and gaming became a more singular experience, complex systems and narrative depth took the fore.

The rise of downloadable gaming, however, has allowed that design philosophy to once again take prominence, as smaller games offer bite-sized chunks of satisfying old-school gameplay in a “retro revival” of sorts. Bit.Trip Core is one of those games, and does its job very well, all the while incorporating modern design sensibilities to deliver a wholly unique experience.


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Podcast: Limit Down #1
By: | April 23rd, 2009


Gamer Limit is half-run by Australians, so why shouldn’t they get their own podcast? Jimmy and Colin are your hosts for the Oz version of LimitCast, creatively known as LimitDown.

The first of our three brand new GL casts, LD focuses specifically on the Australian gaming scene, occasionally featuring special guests from the local community including developers, publishers and more. We’ll talk about games at large of course, with a few other topics we think need to be aired.