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It has been known for some time that a non-profit, fan created 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is in the works.  While this is a long and difficult process, “MithosKuu” (the person behind the remake) has been keeping a running blog of the games progress, and things are starting to come together.

As of this past Monday, the finishing touches were going in to what Mithos believed to be the final house interior. Read more… »

The Last Story? Final Fantasy? Wow, Gooch. You really know how to name ‘em, don’t cha?

Joking aside, Mistwalker’s latest big-scale RPG has been announced. The surprise here is that instead of the 360 the game is heading to the Wii with Nintendo handling publishing duties. All we have right now is this barren homepage that marks a 2010 release date for this bad boy. Further details should arrive in March.

In the meantime, hit up the site and enjoy what sounds like another Uematsu tear-jerker.

Colored Game Boy

Well, here it is: your very own anti-drug commercial. It’s been a while since the last Retro Ad, but Game Boy has brought us back with a bang.

There’s nothing I like more than buying a brand new Game Boy, downing an entire bottle of Swiss absinthe, and then tripping balls as “I SEE RED” sears itself into my brain.



Despite lower review scores, a shaky economy, and some stiff holiday competition, New Super Mario Bros Wii has already sold over ten million copies, thus outselling Super Mario Galaxy a mere eight weeks since its launch.

It isn’t surprising that NSMB Wii has sold well; after all, the original DS version of New Super Mario Bros has sold over twenty-one million copies. What is surprising, is how fast it’s sold, and that Galaxy has only managed to move eight million copies, despite the Wii’s fifty-six million install base.


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Japanese Wii software goes black
By: | January 22nd, 2010

CERO C, D, and Z games now in black boxes

The Wii shelves at Japanese retailers may start to look like piano keyboards in the near future. According to Siliconera, all Wii games from here on out that earn a CERO C, D, or Z rating (equivalent to the ESRB’s T, M, and AO respectively) will ship in lovely black cases as the one above. Naturally, Nintendo’s own Zengeki no REGINLEIV will kick off the festivities.

This serves a dual purpose. One, it should be a screaming age identifier for parents casually browsing for suitable children’s games. Second, it should help the more mature titles stand out and be more appealing. Seems that Nintendo wants to stress that Wii software is not a family-only affair.

No word yet on whether Nintendo will do the same outside of Japan. It should, though. That box is sexy.

This will be the third and final trailer for Zangeki no REGINLEIV that I post. For some reason, this game resonates with me and I find myself getting really pumped up for it. If you guys need a reason to get excited, maybe I should mention that it’s being developed by Sandlot, makers of the cult favorite Earth Defense Force 2017.

This video is the full trailer. In its four-minute length, it should tell you everything you need to know about the game. Zangeki no REGINLEIV is tailored for the MotionPlus but regular nunchuk style and classic control options are also available. There is a wide variety of weapons including rapid-fire magic staffs and bows that can launch homing arrows on multiple locked targets. Most importantly, there is re-confirmation of four-player online co-op.

So please! Tell me someone other than myself is looking forward to this!

A short while back, I posted a short trailer for Nintendo’s oddly titled Zangeki no REGINLEIV. Compared to the first one, this new one goes in a more humorous direction.

A few of the ginormous monsters you battle are compared in height to real-world creatures and objects. One is the size of a giraffe, another is the size of a yacht, and another is the size of Japan’s famous Himeji Castle. Then they go up from there. Dear God.

Zangeki no REGINLEIV lands on Japanese shelves on February 11. There is no word yet on a Western release.


Although it was not yet official when news of EA acquiring the rights to NBA Jam broke out, it is now. Press release is out. Official website is up. And we will be seeing it this year! So dust off your Wiis (as if you haven’t heard that before), and get ready for some old-school NBA arcade action.

One can only hope for blast from the past elements of the game to be found in this newest release. And that may just be the case according to the press release. So dive right in eh? (Sorry EA Canada, I couldn’t resist) Read more… »

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Rage of the Gladiator Contest
By: | January 5th, 2010

Rage of the Gladiator

WiiWare fans rejoice, for you are not forgotten! Ghostfire Games has announced a new contest for their latest title, Rage of the Gladiator, that offers a unique – and pretty damn cool – prize.

The developer has challenged its gamers to a race. That’s right, a global race where the first players from Europe and North America to screenshot their accomplishments will have their name emblazoned across children’s foreheads made part of Ghostfire Games’ next title.

Hit the jump to find out what you need to know.


Zelda Reorchestrated

About six years ago, a massive project was undertaken by single ultra fan — to arrange the entire Ocarina of Time soundtrack into a giant orchestrated production. This Christmas, Santa dropped a big gift on our laps when it was announced that Zelda Reorchestrated was ready for Jesus’s birthday!

I would have posted this news up yesterday but it wouldn’t have made a difference. It seems that the poor guy’s site has been hammered into oblivion. I’ve provided the link above for whenever the page returns, but there are probably a few torrents of the 82-track behemoth floating about already.

From others’ impressions, it’s marvelous. I can’t wait to download it myself!

Nintendo’s bloody, Wii MotionPlus-enhanced slasher Zangeki no REGINLEIV has a new minute-plus trailer on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. In it, Japanese jibberish is spoken over scenes of ogre-slaying and Kill Bill blood fountains. Other than that, we still know little about this title.

I’m thinking this is gonna be another Sin & Punishment or Excitebots case, where Nintendo drops the game in the middle of the road, grabs a cup of coffee, and then forgets where it left the damn thing. Doesn’t bother me. It looks like a rip-roaring good time and I’ll check it out regardless.

Game Boy micro needs your affection.

In 2004, Nintendo released the DS handheld, purportedly the “third pillar” of Nintendo’s hardware family. At the time, the verdict was still out on the touch-enabled device; consumers and the media were anticipating the next entry in the venerable Game Boy line. No one could have guessed what would come next.

At E3 2005, the Game Boy micro (lowercase ‘M’ for extra branding wholesomeness) was unveiled. Tailored for the techno-savvy, yuppie gamer, the micro was the fashion-conscious midget of the Game Boy world. You could customize the look of the micro with interchangeable faceplates and squeeze it in any pocket with enough room left for your wallet, a pack of gum, and some loose change. Read more… »