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I can finally unplug my ears and stop screaming at the top of my lungs, because Bit.Trip Runner has ended it’s EU/AUS exclusivity. That’s right, it’s already May 17th, and the latest masterpiece from Gaijin Games is waiting on the WiiWare service for you to spend a measly 800 WiiPoints on.

Is it worth it? Of course! I don’t care what system you prefer or how much you’ll miss your trophies or achievements, this is pure fun in the form of retro, musical, platforming. If that doesn’t sound amazing, I think we need to call a doctor, because there’s something wrong in your brain cavity. For the rest of you, there’s video and more beyond the jump.


Today Nintendo revealed a new title following in the foot steps of Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit. Dubbed Wii Party, the new casual game promises to be “a marquee party game.”

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, “We are developing it with the intent that every Wii player will be able to find a game that can be enjoyed.” Iwata went on to add, “the developers are spending significant time for this title so that they can include elements that are must-haves in a party game as well as making sure that adequate volume of game play are available.” Read more… »

Gaijin Games next entry in their Bit.Trip sieries, Runner, is quickly coming upon it’s release date. How soon you ask? Expect Runner to sprint across your WiiWare channel on May 14th if you live in Europe/Australia and May 17th if you’re in America. It’s so close I can almost taste it!

And, although I’m not happy about waiting three whole days to get it, because their previous games have had much longer delays when making it to Europe/Australia (a month for the first two games and three for Void), I’m letting it slide… this time.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be sitting at my front door awaiting the return of my broken Wii and watching this video repeatedly.


New reports from CVG have revealed that the 3DS, Nintendo’s new portable 3D gaming platform, will hit stores as early as October. The news comes as a surprise as Nintendo had originally slated March, 2011 as the release window. An October release would give the 3DS a three month run up to Christmas, which could be a huge asset in selling the new platform. The timing would also pit the device up against Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Move in a three-way hardware battle. Read more… »

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By: | April 1st, 2010

If you were lucky enough to snatch up a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold, then you’re all set to get your free “Yellow Forest” DLC, which gives your Pokewalker an extra destination to walk through, and enables you to catch all sorts of regular and rare Pikachu specimen for fun and sport.

All you have to do is select “mystery gift” from your game’s main menu (before play), then select “get via Nintendo WFC”. Boom! Free DLC downloaded to your DS’s cart (compliments of Nintendo Voodoo Magic). All you have to do to enable it is go to any Pokemart, talk to the guy in green, and save your game. Extra unnecessarily long instructions are available on the official website if you’re so inclined. The Yellow Forest will be available to download through May 5th, so get those excuses ready for when your boss asks “is that a tiny Pokeball, and why are you running in circles around the office?”

Match 3 games will eat your soul. RPGs will eat your soul. And for a good while now, we’ve known what happens when match 3 games and RPGs collide, and in terms of your free time, the result is not pretty.

Now we’re faced with a startling reality: the insanity of Puzzle Quest is back to make its mark upon our personal lives once again, giving us yet another reason to do insane things like purchase three copies of the same game on different platforms.

D3Publisher gave me the opportunity to check out the upcoming sequel, Puzzle Quest 2, which promises more of what we loved about the original and, with any luck, plenty of reason to return to a formula that many of us are now intimately familiar with.


OK, so the picture IS a joke.  There aren’t any images of the new system (yet), but it can supposedly create a 3D effect without requiring the use of those goofy 3D glasses that you had to wear at Avatar.

You know, like the Virtual Boy.  Except that Nintendo might know what they’re doing this time.


It’s hard to tell, but this has to be from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the only SNES Super Famicom Zelda release.  Japanese commercials are… weird.  No gameplay, no information, just lots of costumes, pumpin’ music, and choreographed dancing.  Oh, and a giant Ganon puppet that bears a passing resemblance to Jabba the Hutt.

But that’s what makes it just so incredibly awesome.  It reminds me a bit of the Men In Black theme song, but taken to the next level.  The level of… Zelda.  Check it out after the jump!


Scribblenauts was easily one of the most innovative titles of last year, so it’s really no surprise that 5th Cell is working on a sequel. According to GoNintendo, an article in Nintendo Power details the latest iteration of the game, stating it will contain more than 10,000 new words and 120 new levels, with the bulk of the words being focused on adjectives.

Perhaps the best news to come from the article is the fact that 5th Cell specifically addresses the games  controls, which were more than frustrating for some, especially when trying to pick up or manipulate small objects.


In San Francisco, Nintendo blew the world away with its US media summit.  A slew of releases have confirmed dates and will be making their US debuts within the coming months.

Among the titles, the most anticipated releases are Metroid: Other M and Mario Galaxy 2.  Not to mention, the DSi XL will be appearing in US stores very soon.  And who said the Wii is on its way out the door? Read more… »

After a roughly fifteen year hiatus from new releases, website RetroZone has just released a new NES cartridge.  That’s right – not Virtual Console, and not a port – a brand new game on a decades-old system.  I think this one-ups the new Dreamcast game that came out late last year…

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is a brand new game that you can buy now, including the game, instructions, and one of those sweet black dust sleeves, for only $30.  It’s region-free and will work on most any NES or clone (like the RetroDuo), but…  it sold out immediately.


A press release from The Pokemon Company has finally been translated by Bulbagarden, and points to another new Pokemon RPG title being planned for 2010.  This would be in addition to Pokemon: SoulSilver and Pokemon: HeartGold, the two remakes of the classic Gold and Silver entries in the series.

According to the press release, the Pokemon team is hard at work on what they are calling an “inventive rebirth” for the series. Accompanying the press release was a blog entry from Junichi Masuda, long time composer and recently appointed director of the Pokemon video games.  That blog entry is shown below, followed by the press release, both in their (now translated) entirety. Read more… »