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You’ve read the hype, you’ve seen the proposed full list of functional words, and you’re primed to buy Scribblenauts this Tuesday. Before you do, make sure you take note of Toys R’ Us’ exclusive one day sale: a free $15 gift card at the time of purchase.

Effectively, that cuts the price of the game in half (provided you want to buy something else at Toys R’ Us), so go out there and get creative!


Before the game even hits the shelves, DS Hackers have managed to extract the entire dictionary from Scribblenauts.

Interesting? Yeah. Spoilerish?  Definately.



Puzzles, puzzles, everywhere! If you’ve taken a trip to your local big box retailer’s Nintendo DS section, you’d be hard pressed to find less than twenty puzzle games calling your name.

So what’s a puzzle junkie to do when yet another title like Sudoku Ball Detective hits the shelves?! Well, hopefully read this review, in addition to many others, and educate yourselves! Read more… »

Puzzle solving games are usually plagued with a stale and lifeless story that has little to no relation with what you’re playing on screen.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box combines solid puzzle solving elements with a charming storyline to make it appealing to fans of the original as well as new comers to the series.


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Okamiden, the new Okami game from Capcom, just got even cuter.  Capcom released its first trailer for the world to see at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Hit the jump to see it for yourself!


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Gamer Limit Review: C.O.R.E.
By: | August 27th, 2009


If there was one genre I could pick to win the “over-saturation award”, it would be first person shooters. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to a myriad of different iterations of the genre: RPGs, squad based shooters, MMO shooters, and narrative action FPS titles. A small handful of these break the mold, and earn their place into the golden circle of quality: others fail silently into the night.

When I first heard about C.O.R.E., I expected great things. Maybe it was going to be one of the few successful DS shooters with wi-fi support; perhaps it had a gripping narrative, and would take the crown as this year’s portable Bioshock . The sad fact is, it’s just a sub-par shooter. Read more… »

Modern Warfare DS

With n-Space finishing development on their third Call of Duty title for the Nintendo DS, Activision has released a gameplay trailer to show the world what they can expect.

Modern Warfare: Mobilized will be set in the same world as Modern Warfare 2, and will include multiplayer and horde modes. The fact that n-Space has already made two previous CoD games proves that there is a market for these sort of games on the DS.

How does it look? Well, hit the jump to find out, and then we’ll let you be the judge.



Whoops, looks like Sony was a bit slow getting their UK PSPGO website up. has now been snagged by what looks to be a Nintendo fanboy, and it is being used to show the PSPGOs arch-rival… The DSi.


treasure world 1

It seems like with every generation, we’re introduced to a new, mind-blowing aspect of functionality in the gaming medium. For the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was the Power Glove, and R.O.B. The SNES introduced the Super Gameboy, and thus, inter-console connectivity. The Sony Playstation, along with the Sega CD, ushered in compact disc playback, and the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Dreamcast introduced us to the world of online console gaming. The lovable portable touch screen device, Nintendo DS, has ushered in a new era of portable wi-fi compatibility, and so far, it’s done an excellent job.

Treasure World seeks to bring this concept one step further. In the illustrious realm of Treasure World, every single wi-fi hotspot in the world is a potential trinket for you to acquire. You can literally stroll through the local park with a DS in your pocket and return home to find “Starbucks” treasures waiting for you. Read on to find out if the gameplay is fun enough to back up this enticing mechanic. Read more… »


The summer is about to end and it’s almost time to usher in that very cold period of the year known as fall and winter.  With it will come a great many wonderful things, such as football, turkey, snowmen, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Accompanying all those chestnuts is typically a huge deluge of video game releases to help you empty your wallet.

Lately, a large number of big name titles have started to get pushed back to 2010, such as Bioshock 2, Dark Void and Starcraft 2.  This is stirring the internet into a panic, as people are starting to complain that there aren’t enough games coming out in 2009 anymore.  Well everyone needs to stop worrying, because there are still plenty of releases left this Christmas to dig your teeth into. Read more… »

Modern Warfare 2

It seems that Activision have hit the big time in terms of expected sales for 2009. Their highly-anticipated sequels, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 have apparently broken pre-sale records, with both titles sitting in the company’s top five pre-ordered games of all time.

And after realizing that Activision has been around for almost thirty years, it becomes even more of an incredible achievement.



Until recently, I thought the idea of the iPhone as a portable gaming platform was a laughable matter at best.  Without any type of real control scheme, a weak processor, and a poor selection of games, how would it ever be able to compete with the likes of the DS or the PSP?  As far as I was concerned, it would never be popular enough for it to make any type of significant impact on the gaming industry.

Then something completely unexpected happened that changed everything and caused me to question all of the previous reservations I had about the iPhone as a portable gaming device.  Read on to find out more about this major break-through I had, and why I’m starting to change my mind. Read more… »