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Hudson was founded in 1973 by Yuji and Hiroshi Kudo. The company went on to produce hit series such as Mario Party, Adventure Island and, of course, Bomberman. While Konami acquired a  majority share of Hudson Soft in 2005, it wasn’t until last week that the merger was complete and Hudson became a fully absorbed entity. The developer left with these parting words via Twitter.

“Dear Hudson fans. Thanks for your support for all these years! We’ll be closing our account tomorrow. Please follow our titles @Konami”

To bid them a fond farewell, Hudson’s SNES title Super Bonk landed on Nintendo’s Virtual Console this morning.


With only two WiiWare demos and a couple of two buck DSiWare titles, this week’s update is a bit on the scant side. While that might not be the most exciting thing in the world, perhaps that is Nintendo’s intention. With the North American 3DS launch underway, Nintendo would probably rather you spent your money on a new portable than convert it into moon bucks for downloadable titles.

If you’re fortunate enough to already have got your hands on Nintendo’s newest portable, let us know what you think in the comments below. If not, this week’s update awaits you after the break.


Good morning internets! It’s Monday, Monday, gotta download on Monday. Everybody lookin’ forward to the Wii games. Party, and party, and yeah! Party, and party, and yeah! Fun, fun, fun, fun, lookin’ forward to the Wii games.

Virtual Console

  • Natsume Championship Wrestling [SNES] (Natsume Inc, 1-4 players, 800 Wii Points)


  • Arcade Essentials (Nordcurrent, 1 player, 500 Wii Points)
  • Dive: The Medes Islands Secret [demo version] (Cosmonaut Games, 1 player, 0 Wii Points; full version available for 1,000 Wii Points)

Nintendo DSiWare

  • G.G Series D-TANK (Genterprise Inc, 1 player, 200 DSi Points)
  • Shapo (Tik Games, LLC, 1 player, 500 DSi Points)


It’s Monday and that means another offering on Nintendo’s downloadable services. Usually we see more interesting titles hitting WiiWare while things like clocks and card games wind up on the DSi, but this week’s update bucks that trend. PopCap’s well-known tower defense title Plants vs. Zombies is now available on DSiWare. I suppose they need to do something to keep people interested in the DSi with the 3DS looming on the horizon.

Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s games.


Can somebody please announce Kingdom Hearts 3?  Between the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, there’s enough evidence of a third official game to fill several books.  I can’t decide if the developers are being coy or if we’re in for another Half-Life 2: Episode Three.  In the meantime Square-Enix found a way to keep fans busy in the form of a DS release of Kingdom Hearts re: Coded, which originally came out for mobile phones.  The game’s phone origins cause it to translate weakly onto the DS and re: Coded seems more like filler than the previous handheld Kingdom Hearts games.

Phones don’t necessarily lend themselves to the most involving stories, just as God of War: Betrayal was scaled down from God of War: Chains of Olympus, and trying to bring re: Coded back up to DS caliber is where the game immediately stumbles.  The story chronicles Jiminy Cricket, whose journal has been digitized and found to be corrupted by “bugs”, the primary antagonists.  Mickey creates a virtual representation of Sora, who must travel through the journal, essentially living through a slightly modified version of the original Kingdom Hearts.


It’s Monday and that means another smattering of downloadable games on your respective current-generation Nintendo console of choice. My top pick for this week is Bomberman Hero for the N64…despite the fact that it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode. That may be a deal breaker for some, but I really remember having fun with this one back in the day.

The rest of this week’s games await you after the break.


I have good news and I have bad news.

Two years ago  Gaijin Games gave us Bit. Trip Beat. That little retro-rhythm title gave birth to one of my favourite series’ of all time. Sadly, the saga of Commander Video ends today. The sixth and final title in the series, Bit.Trip FLUX, landed on WiiWare earlier today. While, I am happy that Gaijin Games will be moving on to what will hopefully be bigger and brighter things, it will certainly sadden me to download the final title in this series.

A demo for Pong Toss Pro – Frat Party Games has also landed on the White Box O’Waggle’s online service. Let me just say that while I’m certain it is going to be terrible, I am unbelievably stoked there is a Beer Pong videogame available -for free- that I can share with all my “frat bros” for a good laugh. Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s downloadables.


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Nintendo DLC Update: 2/21/11
By: | February 21st, 2011

“Not everyone is cut out to be a president, but every Wii™ and Nintendo DSi™ user must act as commander-in-chief of his or her own gaming republic. On this Presidents Day holiday, Nintendo recommends reaching across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisanship, creating harmony between new and classic titles, puzzle games and platformers, sprawling console adventures and crisp hand-held challenges.”

Hit the jump for this week’s releases.


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Nintendo DLC Update 2/14/10
By: | February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. Why not celebrate with your loved ones by purchasing them some downloadable content for your Wii and DSi? There’s even Valentine’s Day themed WiiWare, à la Pucca’s kisses game, to get your manufactured-excuse-for-yet-another-consumer-holiday off on the right foot.

Hit the jump for today’s other offerings, including two new WiiWare demos.


I realize this review is a little late, but I don’t think fans of Camelot’s Golden Sun series will mind.

After all, they’ve been waiting since 2003 for a sequel to the GBA titles Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. After such a long time coming, is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the series’ first DS iteration, worth the wait? Can Camelot capture that same sense of wonder that permeated the first two games? Read on to find out.


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Nintendo DLC Update: 2/7/11
By: | February 7th, 2011

Welcome to another exciting week of downloables for a Nintendo console near you. In my opinion, the real winner this week is the LIT demo. In case you missed it when it was first released, LIT is a horror puzzler. Now that there is a free version I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Shawn Johnson Gymnastics and a host of other titles also await you after the jump.


[Over the next few weeks the staff here at Gamer Limit will be sharing their personal favorite game of the past year with the community in build up to Gamer Limit’s Game of the Year Awards for 2010.]

About a month prior to the release of Dragon Quest IX, I had never played a DS game aside from a minute here and there on other people’s systems. I didn’t own a DS and didn’t really have any intention to buy one, especially since the 3DS had been announced already.

Then, through a fortunate series of events, I ended up with both a DS Lite and a copy of Dragon Quest IX. Just a few months later, I experienced something I never thought I’d experience again: I watched as the playtime counter passed the 200-hour mark.

All because of a little Japanese RPG on a portable system. Yeah, it surprised me too.