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One thing that got me interested in Atlus’ latest SRPG title, Knights in the Nightware, was the pre-order bonus. The art reminded me of Eternal Poison, but I was skeptical about the battle mechanics. Luckily, a demo for the game is now available on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel.



When you hear a name like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, you’ll instantly think of Japan, and when you think of a Japanese RPG your mind automatically drifts to corny dialogue, women in very revealing outfits, but a game with solid, fun gameplay. Endless Frontier hits the mark on two of these; which ones? Read on to find out! Read more… »


LucasArts continue to bridge the many gaps within the Star Wars universe, via various mediums. Arguably, these gaps don’t need filling, but filled they are nonetheless. Their latest adventure, Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, takes its style from the Clone Wars cartoon series, and promises two-player coop action.



With the announcement earlier this week the Pokémon games of old getting some fancy new remakes, ‘Pokémon Sunday’ has given all the Pokéfans out there a few seconds of gameplay footage and a glimpse of the games art style.



Just yesterday we gave you the news of Heart Gold & Soul Silver (Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes) and today we’ll present you with some magnificent screenshots of the game; straight from the latest episode of Pokémon Sunday in Japan. Hit the jump to check them out! Read more… »


Pokémon Gold & Silver first appeared on the gameboy colour, and are often regarded as the best Pokémon games, due to the fun world of Johto, the great legendary Pokémon and the fact it was the first game to appear in full colour. After the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes, fans of the series clamoured for more. Well Pokéfans, it looks like your prayers have been answered. Read more… »


The original Blue Dragon on the XBox 360 had its problems; mainly that the story and gameplay were geared towards two diametrically opposed demographics. However, I appreciated its style and charm.

Naturally, I was ready to jump on Blue Dragon Plus as it came out, hoping for more of the same. Strangely enough, while it is was somewhat similar, what little has changed transforms the game from a charming, nostalgic RPG experience into a disaster.


iwata2Saturu Iwata has been making quite a few comments recently, perhaps after his GDC keynote, the President of Nintendo Japan is feeling a bit more relaxed when it comes to speaking with the public. Either way, he made some quotes regarding catering to all of their customers that may just be a tiny bit of salvation for all of their “hardcore” customers. It’s not a short statement, so take just a few minutes to read.



We’re all looking for a simple “all-in-one” answer these days, especially since every classic gaming series can now be found in compilation form on various consoles. The over-saturation of collections most likely lead Nordcurrent to the decision to make an entirely new title that would be made up of various original games.

So how many of the 101 games are actually good? Read on to find out!



Haven’t you ever played a game that was bad on most accounts, but something about its charm kept you playing? Conversely, I’m sure you must have played a game that had no glaringly bad design decisions, but was so boring that you wanted to just turn it off. This is what I’m talking about – the exception, not the rule, where a bad game is enjoyable.

Usually, while it’s hard to say exactly why said bad games are so good, it’s easy to give you the answer with My World, My Way. This is a game that makes fun of all the really stupid, tired conventions of JRPGs that people take for granted. From the minute details like all townsfolk looking the same, to the random acts of do-goodery that traditional JRPG heroes partake in. You know what I mean, right? The way they stop at every town and fix the town’s monster problems, electrical problems, zombie problems, or what have you, even though it has little to no relevance to the point of their quest? Yeah, My World, My Way, makes fun of it all.



We recently posted the possibility of a new Ace Attorney game coming to the U.S, and it turns out it was true!  Ace Attorney Investigations follows Miles Edgeworth as he investigates crimes, badgers witnesses, and objects to anything and everything.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.


My wife just got Chinatown Wars this weekend, and she is absolutely loving it. I’ll have to let her know to join the Rockstar Social club and she’ll absolutely love me just a little bit more. Like free DLC? I know you do, so check it out!