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chinatown1Through intuitive use of the touch screen, GTA: Chinatown Wars offers the fast paced action, open-world exploration, and a merciless anti-hero that Grand Theft Auto is so well known for, all right in the palms of your hands. Yet, can it compete with its predecessors’ compelling story and ruthless criminal gameplay that has made the series so popular? Read more… »


We all know that Reggie is still all about kicking ass and taking names, but what we did not know is whether or not Nintendo staples would be at E3 or not. However Nintendo is still confirming that Reggie Fils-Aime, Cammie Dunaway, President Iwata, and Mr. Miyamoto will all be attending, and appearing at their press conference for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The event, which takes place at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on Tuesday, June 2, will focus on “information about upcoming products.” The doors open at 7:30 in the morning, I’m glad I’m not going to be there for that one.



An ESRB listing popped up for a new game called Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and instead of denying it, LucasArts goes ahead and backs up the ESRB and confirms that the game is in development.



The very successful Drawn to Life doodled its way into our hearts and onto the Nintendo DS over a year ago. The sketchtastic adventures of the hero of your own creation are coming again, and this time bringing life to the DS and the Nintendo Wii.


Once a mere April Fool’s Day prank, SNK has gone and injected a dose of reality into its formerly fake Neo-Geo game Star Radish, a salad-themed vertical shooter.

The title will be released as a minigame within the next title from its Doki Majo franchise. The Doki Majo games are known in the English-speaking world as “Those DS games that involve poking a bunch of witches. Uh-oh, did I just say that out loud?”

Continue reading for a shot of the box art. Because you can.



Ahh, the last week of May. It’s the unofficial start of summer here in the US of A and that start begins with Memorial Day. Perhaps due to the holiday there aren’t many new releases this week. Well, that’s not quite true. I bet it is because we’re all eagerly anticipating a megaton-filled E3! Either way, here is what is coming out. What are you getting?



Square-Enix has published a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days on Japan’s Nintendo Channel. It shows some cutscenes and gameplay footage including the cooperative multiplayer. To my surprise, I saw some familiar faces that were playable in the cooperative mode.

Hit the jump watch the latest trailer. The trailer is about six minutes long, so you may want to grab a snack.



The folks over at Electronic Arts have just released screen shots for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. This new Joe game is set to released around the same time as the movie. Do you think we’re ready to be thrust back into the world of G.I Joe? I suppose we’re about to find out! Hit the jump for the boxart!



Castlevania is a classic series known to almost all gamers young and old, and no-one cracks a whip like those brave and bold Belmonts. But how does Castlevania: Order of Eccles Cakes Ecclesia fare when it drops both the Belmonts and the whips? Read more… »


Atlus has developed a wonderful rapport with the gaming community. The spoils system (packaging extras into games), and the large amount of community interaction have created quite the bond between the publisher and the general public. I’d even make the contention that Atlus is the modern-day Working Designs.

Their latest effort, Knights in the Nightmare, is shaping up to look as unique as advertised, and luckily, this series of videos will help you understand how to play the game if you’re completely new to the genre. Hit the jump for the video, and what exactly Atlus thinks should be added to the defintion of “tutorial”. Read more… »


The history of the AFL‘s ( Australian Rules Football) video games hasn’t exactly been the best thing since sliced bread, well it hasn’t been the best thing since anything. Ever. Wicked-Witch software have just released some screens of the new hand held versions of AFL Mascot Manor and it doesnt look like us Aussies will be getting any Madden like support for our beloved sport for quite some time. Read more… »


Have you ever walked down the street, caught a glimpse of your own reflection in a shop window and thought: “I’m a freakin’ bad ass. I got a blonde high top, a vest, half a pack o’ bubble gum, an’ enough attitude to take on an army of pigs”…? If the answer to this everyday question is a resounding “yes”, you may want to try out to become the real-life version of the ultimate blonde, vest wearing bad ass. Lose the bubble gum and you may be in with a shot, dude.