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Pokemon Conquest (formerly Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition)

Last time we talked about Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition, we reported that it was selling well in Japan, but there was no news about it coming stateside. That changes today! Nintendo just announced that they are bringing the now renamed DS game, Pokémon Conquest, to the US on June 18.

In Pokémon Conquest you play as a young Warlord who uses Pokémon to battle Warriors and Warlords inspired by the Japanese feudal era. While the game doesn’t contain all 600+ creatures known to date, it does contain “nearly 200 Pokémon, including many from the recent Pokémon Black and White” iterations. As a Pokémon fan and a lover of SRPGs, I can’t wait for June.

[Source: Business Wire]

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition 1

Here’s a bit of news that doesn’t come as a shock: the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition topped the Japanese DS charts according to Media Create’s weekly retail chart with 172,027 units sold.

But there’s a twist to those numbers.


Radiant Historia

Did you miss out on playing DS SRPG Radiant Historia the first time around because there was a limited number of copies? Well, shame on you because it’s a great game. But you’re also in luck; Atlus U.S.A. announced that they’re re-releasing the game in late March, 2012.

While this reprinting won’t come with the original bundled soundtrack, this is still a great chance to own a great game. Radiant Historia features strategic, turn-based combat and a time-travelling storyline where actions in one timeline can have repercussions in another. You can pre-order a copy of Radiant Historia from Amazon today.

[Source: Atlus]

Last week’s update featured the comparatively awesome offering of Kirby’s Dream Land and Final Fantasy III. It left me wondering if Nintendo was finally going to start getting its act together. Would next week’s update bring Metroid II, Pokemon Red, or even Sonic Chaos? Nope. The disappointment continues.

Hit the jump for this week’s list of games with funny names.


It’s Thursday and you know what that means, yet another offering of downloadable titles from Nintendo. While they’re still no where near competing on the level of Microsoft and Sony in the online department, with Kirby and Final Fantasy titles in the mix, this week’s offering is an easier pill to swallow than the last.


Were you hoping that the arrival of the 3DS eShop would mean exciting things for Nintendo’s downloadble services? Well, that won’t be happening — at least not this week.  The most exciting title of the week features Chimaki from Guilty Gear 2 in a “quirky” platformer called Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent. It could be alright.

Hit the jump for the rest of this weeks titles, or not. Better luck next week, Nintendo.


If you update your 3DS you’ll notice that the Nintendo 3DS eShop just went live. The firmware update is accompanied by a 3D Pokédex application and a free download for NES classic Excitebike remastered in 3D. Forthcoming 3DS Virtual Console releases include Super Mario LandAlleyway and Radar Mission.  If you’re interested in those titles or downloadable titles on your 3DS in the future, the eShop will update weekly on Thursdays.

Nintendo DSiWare

  • GO Series Picdun, Gamebridge, 1 player, 500 DSi Points
  • Dreamwalker, Code Mystics Inc, 1 player, 500 DSi Points
  • Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party, Cypronia, 1-2 players, 200 DSi Points


  • Ubongo, Korner Entertainment, 1-4 players, 800 Wii Points Read more… »

Today it was discovered that the ESRB has rated the classic SNES JRPG Chrono Trigger for both the PlayStation 3 and the PSP.

Original released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo, Chrono Trigger is widely considered to be one of the best videogames, let alone RPGs, ever made. Telling the story of the young boy Chrono and his band of buddies who travel through time trying to save the world from the evil monster Lavos, Chrono Trigger features an amazing story line combined with the classic Square Enix combat system seen in game like Final Fantasy VII. Read more… »

What? That was my initial reaction when I read about Valet Parking 1989, the new DSiWare game from Zordix AB. Hit the jump for more details about this “neon lit” game where you “park cars for a living.” Read more… »

It’s kind of an awesome week to be a Wii owner. There may not be that many big releases to look forward to anymore, but at least there’s still the occasional downloadable gem.  Bit.Trip CORE just got a free demo via WiiWare. If you haven’t checked out the full game yet — download that demo!  Also, Mega Man X was re-released on the virtual console today. It’s about time, Capcom!

The full update awaits after the break.


This week’s Nintendo Update is a great babysitting tool. Afterall, the Gameboy experience is something young kids will enjoy on airplanes — when there’s nothing else to do. If you’re interested in keeping your kid busy, I recommend Play with Birds; I hear games about birds are popular these days.

Nintendo DSiWare

  • Art of Ink, Sabarasa, 1 player (800 DSi Points)
  • Slingo Quest, MumboJumbo, 1 player (800 DSi Points)
  • Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City Prison, INTENSE CO Ltd, 1 player (500 DSi Points)


  • Play with Birds, Games Farm, 1 player (500 Wii Points)
  • Fast Draw Showdown [demo version], Digital Leisure Inc, 1-2 players (0 Wii Points; full version available for 500 Wii Points)


Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton sat down for a discussion on the console wars with CNN where he took potshots at his company’s competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo.  Tretton noted that he does not necessarily view Nintendo’s DS as competition.

“Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great babysitting tool,” Tretton said during the interview, ‘Gameboy experience’ referencing the Nintendo DS, “something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting 20-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He’s too old for that.”