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This week, instead of a new game tommorow, Xbox Live gamers are greeted with a refreshingly cheap download content package. For only 160 Microsoft Points ($2.00 US), you can buy this new add-on, with enough content to keep you playing this gem for quite some time. Will this content make up for the fact that it took developer The Behemoth 6 months to come out with a patch that fixed game breaking, data deleting glitches? Only time will tell, but at the moment Castle Crashers is sitting up top of Microsoft’s throne as the #1 played Live Arcade game.



With the holidays recently over the Xbox Live activity is always an interesting read, because it gives you a good idea of how well the video game industry did on the software side of things. Call of Duty: World at War has managed to stay at the number one spot for the third week in a row.



The Writers guild of America just announced its five nominees for the best video game script writing of 2008, it’s all very mainstream except one somewhat… surprising inclusion.



A recent article on Gizmodo suggests that the IPTV function for the Xbox 360, which was announced a while back in 2007, is still a possibility according to some recent leaks from the CES. David Zatz from was able to get some information on the current state of the Xbox 360 IPTV. Read more… »

Long way away

In a recent interview with Mercury News the president of Microsoft’s Entertainment division ‘Robbie Bach’ confirmed that the Xbox 360 is here to stay and that this console generation will last a lot longer then the previous ones.


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Midnight Club: LA, New DLC Free!
By: | January 12th, 2009


Last month we reported that there was new DLC on the way for Midnight club, well just moments ago Rockstar finally released all the new downloable content for Midnight Club, and it’s for free. (*Update, not just yet*)



Well, up until now, I had not even heard of Merchants of Brooklyn, so I checked out the latest gameplay video from CES, and as I said, it looks interesting to say the least. Over on their official website, you can read more about this FPS from Paleo Entertainment, and did I mention it is powered by the Crytek Engine? That is the very same engine that powered the PC hit, Crysis, which I must say, has broken barriers when it came to graphics in videogames.



It’s almost mind blowing that the DS version of GTA could hold 2 hours of cut scenes but apparently so, according to the BBFC.



Final Fantasy enthusiasts should be pleased to know the official site has finally gone live, currently there is limited content and it’s only in Japanese, but it’s a good start.



Two new inFamous gameplay videos have been released on the internet courtesy of the CES, it looks pretty damn awesome although it’s hard not to draw parallels in the combat system between inFamous and The Force Unleashed.



So those of you PS3 owners who bought Socom Confrontation on release and never played it again, get ready! The 1.30 patch is out and ready for install. Coming in at 526 mb it will take a few minutes, but if it delivers on its many promises this patch could bring Socom Confrontation back to the for front of gaming.



An interesting patent has just been unearthed by some gaming enthusiasts, the patent was filled on March 10, 2006 and it shows pretty clearly what we now know as the ‘Wii Remote’, and it being used an accessory for the GameCube with a Wavebird-esque type adapter to use it with. There’s a lot of jargon in the patent but the images seem to be the more interesting part, check them out below.