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Read on for the very lengthy list of fixes, including exploits like melee-ing or grenade tagging through walls, and general fixes like improving the hit detection for the shotgun. This is probably the biggest list of glitches/fixes we’ve ever seen. Read more… »

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Free World of Goo soundtrack
By: | January 21st, 2009


Just a short bit of news, but you can follow the link in the story and download the soundtrack to the World of Goo free! Kyle Gabler created the tunes, and drew his influences from Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer just to name a few. Read more… »

I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble-gum... And I'm all out of bubble-gum, son.

We all know about Bethesda’s move to offer DLC for the Xbox 360 users when it comes to Fallout 3, but just yesterday we learned about the achievements you will be able to obtain with the new DLC named “Project Anchorage”. Read more… »


The newest firmware update for the Playstation 3 looks to add a few great options for digital media viewing. Read on for more details Read more… »


Hideo Kojima has posted his top 15 movies that influenced Metal Gear Solid. Movies like Goldfinger are obvious, with Metal Gear Solid 3 having strong Bond overtones, but a lot of them are just overall classic action movies. Hit the jump for a quick look at a few of his choices, and a bigger view of his selection. Read more… »


One week after Xbox Live Gold members get a crack at it, Playstation 3 owners will get a chance to try their free online Resident Evil 5 demo. This should come as a sigh of relief to PS3 owners, who previously thought they would never get a crack at trying the game before it’s release. Read more… »


Most of the time when there’s a big update or an add-on for a 360 game, the developer adds more achievements at a later date. The sad news is, they are solely for the flashback and combustible map packs. Read more… »


With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on Blu-ray Sony has decided to release a special edition PlayStation 3 to go along with it, it’s a simple design but it looks pretty damn awesome in my opinion.



Last week Game Informer created a rumor that Rockstar Games will be releasing a new Grand Theft Auto this year, well over on Kotaku Rockstar have just squashed this rumor.



Later this month in Japan, the Wii will be getting it’s own streaming video channel compliments of Fujisoft. Right now, it just looks like cartoons like Transformers and anime such as Astroboy will be available for Wii points. Called “Minna no Theater”, or “Everybody’s Theater” in english, this service looks to push the Wii as more than just a video gaming device.



Valve revealed in an interview yesterday that they have a much ‘respectable’ approach when it comes to video game piracy.



Play video games in China? Well now the Chinese government is calling for all gamers to register their names with a centralized system, to limit continuous play. Read on for more details.