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In the current Famitsu gaming magazine it has been confirmed by Capcom that their goal is to make 2009 a year with less console-exclusive games.  Included in this plan is the hotly anticipated Dead Rising 2.  With traditionally console specific games like Resident Evil becoming multiplatform, it’s nice  to see Capcom spreading the love around.


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Sony extinguishes PSP2 rumors
By: | January 27th, 2009


Recently IGN has been posting specs for the rumored upcoming of the PSP2.  One such article at the site  suggests the next PSP would have touch-screen technology, a sleeker design, a built in hard drive, and dual analog sticks.


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Real Life “Portal Gun”
By: | January 27th, 2009


If you haven’t played the epic game Portal by Valve, you are a shell of your former self for not doing so. In fact if you haven’t even heard of it, why are you still reading this?



If you like JRPGS, you might want to check out this free soundtrack to a non-existent game called Ebben Flow. The composer has been playing games since he was 4, and wanted to give a just tribute to his favorite JRPGS. Despite what some may think, this isn’t parody against “generic RPGS”, it’s a acknowledgement of how JRPGS have influenced the industry. Download it if you love brooding flamboyant heroes, rediculous fusion-weapons, and cryptic villains (note that description was pure FFVIII).

Source: Kotaku


Just in case you missed all the hubbub about it, a Halo themed wedding was just celebrated. MTV has been avidly covering the couple’s story since the planning of the event. While quite a few sites were mocking the ceremony, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. The two obviously love each other. Hit the jump for the video. Read more… »


And what better thing to do with a horde of zombies than to set them on fire and hit them with a baseball bat?  With Pinnacle Entertainments new “Burn Zombie Burn,” the goal is immolation and extermination.  The Playstation Network original features frenzied combat and deft maneuvering of wave upon wave of undead.



Well, we have quite a nice little week coming up, whether you’re a Microsoft supporter or a Sony supporter. Or if you’re a lucky bastard like me, you own both. But either way, big releases are getting extra content and being offered for a relatively small amount of money, or in other cases, completely free.

If you like you’re first person post-nuclear epics, you’re tactical espionage action, or simply like to decimate zombies brains against the wall with you’re trusty ol’ twelve-gauge, then get ready for one superior week for both the PS3’s and Xbox 360’s DLC.



These days it is rare to find coverage of the gaming industry that does not highlight its alleged pitfalls.  That is why this recent article from the Chicago Tribune stands out as a booster of video games as relevant media.


ACES crash

In a continuing reversal of the former policy of consolidating game development, Microsoft has announced the closure of ACES Studio, the folks behind community favorite Flight Simulator. The most recent version, Flight Simulator X was released in 2006, with an expansion hitting the market in 2007. A Microsoft spokesmen confirmed the closure, saying that the decision was made “to align our people against our highest priorities.” Read more… »


Capcom has just released the NA demo for Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360. It is now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace for free.


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In case you couldn’t tell, this is a shameless advertisement by Gamer Limit, for Toys R’ Us. Head out on the above dates to your local store and get your free Pokemon DLC. Or should I say Wi-fi content? Ho-ho! Read more… »


Fresh off of their claims for PS3′s version of Oblivion that “memory constraints” limited the amount of content it recieved, Bethesda Softworks give more bad news for Fallout 3 owners. When asked if the PS3 version of Fallout 3 would be given DLC at any time, a simple “Not at this time, no” answer was given by producer Todd Howard. Read more… »