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Released today via Associated Content is the complete list of Street Fighter IV achievements, some look easy, some look down right thumb breakingly hard.



Neversoft recently announced that a stand alone drum kit will be available mid-February.  This means that anyone who has plastic guitars from earlier Guitar Hero games laying around and are looking to experience the full band via “World Tour” is in luck.  The drum kit features 3 drum pads and 2 cymbals, offering a more “realistic” drumming feel than the Rock Band drums.



Just in case you never played Oblivion, here’s a little backstory. Bethesda announced that they were releasing content that could be used in the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion, and gamers were immediately excited over the prospect of their favorite game getting new areas. However, while Bethesda did release a few new areas, they also sold another add-on: Horse Armor. What does horse armor do? Nothing. It makes your horse look cool. Many gamers bought the armor thinking that it would actually do something, then were thwarted by Xbox Live’s “no refund policy”. Read more to see Bethesda’s top 10 download list and an analysis. Read more… »


Penny Arcade recently surveyed 38,350 gamers, asking various questions from “what type of internet do you use” to “how much do you game a week.” 38,350 people is a very large sample size for a private party to gather,  and the data yields some very interesting results. Read more to see the data and some thoughts. Read more… »


Nintendo has finally seen it fit to put out their schedule of release dates for this year. Nintendo has also stated that the DSi will be released worldwide by Summer 2009.



Anyone who’s been itching for more Kingdom Hearts since number two was released nearly three years ago has had little to hope for since the announcement of the sequels/prequels for the DS, the PSP and mobile platforms. Tidbits of information have slowly leaked from Japan, none though that have revealed much other than whats been seen in official trailers.



Nintendo recently announced that they reduced their sales’ estimates for 2009, attributing this mostly to the strength of Yen and the overall economic troubles.  This bit of news has some industry analysts concerned.


CoD: WaW

Treyarch has announced that this weekend will be another Double XP weekend for Call of Duty: World at War for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. Also announced is the addition of new playlists, Team Tactical and Mercenary TDM. Both playlists will be permanently added to the playlist rotations. Read more… »

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U.S. Democracy Patch Notes
By: | January 30th, 2009


The massively multiplayer game “The United States of America’s Democracy” (also called U.S. Democracy, USA, or simply US) has recently released a patch that updates the game to version 44.0, addressing a number of complaints and issues found with the game’s previous version released just under eight years ago.



Highlights this week include a Burnout Paradise price drop (!), and a brand new 3D Tower defense game called Savage Moon. Sprinkle in some Little Big Planet costumes and an extra LOTR Conquest mode, and you got yourself an update. Read more… »


Acquiring vast sums of virtual gold in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft is a long and arduous task.  Acquiring 10 million dollars in real life to purchase a website which sells virtual gold is a questionable and confusing transaction to the common person, especially amidst a troubled economy.  But yet, there is money to be had in the MMO gold business.



Gamerlimit brings you an exclusive look at the new, free map for PS3 Mirrors Edge owners. If you haven’t download it yet, go do it! If you don’t own Mirrors Edge, give it a rent, and treat yourself to a free look at what the new DLC will be like. Read on for impressions of “Synesthesia”.