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If you haven’t heard of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, it’s an upcoming JRPG for the 360.  A few combat videos have surfaced on the net. They look incredibly fun, and most importantly, incredibly insane. Hit the jump for plenty of BEAMA BUSTA Japanese madness. Read more… »


Ever heard of Atlus? Well, they’ve made quality titles like Odin Sphere, championed the Shin Megami Tensei series, and if you’ve never played Rockin’ Kats, you missed out! Atlus is launching an online service that looks to bring gamers together, and create a place to play online games. Check out the pre-registration here. Read more… »

On February 5th European gamers will be able to begin sampling the Helghast homicide of Killzone 2 via the PSN. The only way to play the demo of this hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive in the United States, however, is to preorder the game via GameStop.



On the official Team Fortress 2 Blog some of the original concept art of the Scout was recently released, check it out below.


The crew over at ScrewAttack recently unveiled a handful of confirmed guests for their upcoming convention that takes place over July 4th weekend in Dallas, Texas. Among the announced are Destructoid, the gaming site which has collaborated with ScrewAttack’s own daily “Hard News” program, Rey Jimenez the Associate Producer of “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix”, and ScrewAttack’s own “Angry Video Game Nerd.”


Adam R wowed us with the news that Resident Evil 5 was released on Xbox Live. Well, Capcom has just released the NA demo for Resident Evil 5 on the Playstation 3.


FEAR 2 image

Empire Magazine has released an early review of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, the latest installment in the F.E.A.R. series by Monolith/WB Games. Read more… »


Just a small bit of news, but the Official Playstation Magazine has just reviewed Resident Evil 5. All of the review can be found in this Link Here. It’s kind of hard to read, but it’s nice to see early impressions of this up and coming hit. Also read on for recent scores of Killzone 2. Read more… »


Xbox 360′s purchased on Launch Day will no longer be under the warranty starting Feb 2nd. This means anyone that purchased their Xbox within the first month should start counting down and pray that if they do get a RROD, they should get it now.



Two images depicting a winged archer were recently posted on the forums at NeoGAF, a gaming community site.  The poster claims the character renders of Pit are from an ex-Factor 5 employee, the company currently developing the latest installment in the Kid Icarus series for the Nintendo Wii.  The user sharing the images also claims that they are about a year old, so that they may have been pulled from a “pitch only” version of the game.



IGN yesterday caught up with studio vice president of Epic Games Mark Rein, to find out what caused the break in the PC version Gears of War, apparently it wasn’t DRM but instead Cheat detection.



Just thought you readers would like to know, Best Buy is selling a 13 month Xbox Live Card for $29.99 this week. You can order it online or have it picked up in-store by ordering it on the site. Enjoy!