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The Limitcast crew is taking a much needed break, but that doesn’t mean you folks are off the hook.

Since we wont be able to hear Josh, Chase, Chris and Paul discuss the games they’ve been playing, we’re calling on you, the listeners, to fill in the gap by telling us about what you’ve been playing in the comments section below.


Episode 18

Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter and Paul Clark as they sail across the turbulent waters of gaming culture upon the winds of self deprecating humor and innuendo.

This week the crew weighs the pros and cons of digital distribution, and attempts to predict its long term effects on the gaming world. Stay tuned later in the show, as Chris’ degree in pessimism results in an inspirational rallying call against the forces corporate greed by Chase and Josh. Read more… »

Episode 17

It’s that time again. Join Josh, Chase, Chris and Paul as they continue their weekly adventures through the world of gaming. On the docket this episode: An in depth discussion regarding massively multiplayer online gaming and their subscription models – free to play, pay to play, or pay as you go?

Later on in the show, the crew turns skeptical as they discuss the swarm of titles set to hit us this fall. Will Scribblenauts be all it’s cracked up to be? Can games like Brutal Legend, and Borderlands compete in a season with titles like Halo: ODST and Modern Warfare 2? All this and more – right after the jump.


Episode 16

[Join us for this week's podcast, at it's regularly scheduled Tuesday time]

Chris and Paul rejoin Josh and Chase for this week’s Limitcast, in which the crew attempts to decipher the overarching, overwhelming, and perhaps even overrated storyline in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

In addition to discussions regarding Arkham Asylum and Demon’s Souls, we touch briefly on the topic of Heroes of Newerth – a highly anticipated Defense of the Ancients clone that’s caught the attention of much of the Gamer Limit staff.


Episode 15

Tune in to this week’s LimitCast as special guest Nelson from Pixelated Geek joins Josh, Chase, and Shawn for an innuendo fueled ride through all things gaming. This week’s topics include Arkham Asylum, Shadow Complex, and even a bit of shameless self promotion.

Later in the show, Nelson walks the rest of the crew through his experiences attending this year’s Blizzcon, subsequently spawning hefty discussions regarding Cataclysm, Diablo 3, and of course Starcraft 2.


Episode 14

Listen in as our new host Josh Quinnett leads Paul Clark, Chase Cook, and special guest Chris Carter through a myriad of topics – including JRPGs, print vs digital media, game trading, relationship advice, World of Warcraft and more.

Later in the show we discuss this week’s Gamescom announcements, and share our hopes, dreams and outlandish predictions for the fast approaching Blizzcon ’09.



Yes, it’s spelled wrong on purpose. Welcome to another episode of the LimitCast! Paul, Steve, and Josh are joined by the thoughtful insights of Shawn Evans, our guest writer for the show this week. We go into detail, discussing Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood, Resistance 2, and more Starcraft II.

Paul Clark goes into detail, telling us all sorts of juicy details about his trip to a Codemasters’ preview event. Curious about DiRT 2, or Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising? Listen in for new insights. Paul also talks about Shellshock, and his loving disdain for the title, which you – the listeners – made him play.



Have you ever wanted to discover what happens when you start the podcast thinking that everyone is present and ready? Well listen to the Limitcast Episode 12! Join Paul, Josh, and Steve as we discuss the latest and greatest in the gaming industry, whine about the lull in games coming out, and listen to Steve go turn down girl scout cookies.

We discuss Fallout 3‘s Mothership Zeta, Bookworm Adventures 2, Tales of Vesperia, Fat Princess, ‘Splosion Man, and so much more this week!



There comes a time in the life of every gamer where they must stand up for themselves, and what they believe in! We are not slobs! We are not too lazy! We are functional citizens of our resident country!

Join Steve, Paul, Josh, and Chase as we take a stand for all that is right! Besides standing up for ourselves, we discuss the latest games we’ve been playing, and debate at length over gameplay, intellectual properties, and have a heated debate on just about everything this week.


limitcast10Join us as Kelso takes an evening out of his vacation to discuss the latest on-goings in the gaming industry via Limitcast: Episode 10. This week, Paul and Josh discuss their impressions of Telltale’s first Tales of Monkey Island episode, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal while simultaneously congratulating Kelso for finally experiencing Gears of War II.



Breaking out into song is one of the strangest things to yet happen on our podcast. Oh, and the lack of pants is equally disturbing. Join Josh, Steve, and Paul as they discuss the happenings around the gaming community.

Be sure and listen closely for a code for R-Type that I give away at one point in the show.



Who you going to call? Steve, Paul, and Josh visit the land of the paranormal and discuss Ghostbusters, while Paul admits he’s abnormal and hasn’t played anything this week. Josh? Yeah, he’s the weird one. All this obsession over Starcraft 2 is going to his head.

This show derails often, and we have a failed attempt at talking about the ESRB. Oh well, it’s the LimitCast.