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Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that the Limitcast is recording this Monday, May 8th, live at 7:30 PM EST on account of Mother’s Day.

Yeah, we love our Moms.  Wanna fight about it?

Good day, Gamers!  The Limitcast will be recording their live show at 7:30 PM EST this Sunday, May 2.

We have a great show planned for everyone; so, hit the jump and take a look at some of the topics up for discussion. Read more… »

Hey, hey everybody!  The Limitcast is prepping for another great, live show this week!  Make sure you join Josh, Paul, Shawn, and myself at 7:30 P.M EST as we tackle the latest news stories, new releases, and resident buffoonery we’ve made ourselves famous for.

Hit the jump for this week’s topics.

Hey everybody!  Just wanted to remind you that the Limitcast will be recording live today at 7:30 P.M. EST. Unfortunately, Josh has figured out how to make the show porn free. Trust me, I didn’t support this; but, we will find a way to fill today’s show with awesome discussion about the video games universe.

Do you need a little taste to whet your pallet? We will be touching on Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fact that Paul didn’t like the book I recommended, James Pinnell’s article on 3-D gaming, and whatever else we feel tickles our fancy. Speaking of tickled fancies, I have a video that will do just that – after the break. When you are done with that, make sure you leave comments on topics you want to hear about, or thoughts on today’s topics.


Hello Listeners!  I just wanted to drop a quick, friendly reminder that the sexy crew of Shawn, Paul, Josh, and Chase will be recording the Limitcast live tonight, April 11th, at 7:30pm EST.  You can join the show here.

If you can’t make the show tonight – or just want to satisfy your opinionated needs – drop some comments below, and tell us what you want to hear on the show.

Hello Listeners!  Easter Sunday is over, and while you were out visiting your crazy family, some stuff happened in the video game world. I hope all of you had a safe Easter Sunday (or regular Sunday, if that’s your thing) filled with mountains of chocolate and gobstoppers. I know mine was!

Guzzle down that Pepto-Bismol my sugar overloaded listeners; the Limitcast is back in action today at 7:30 EST – and you can join Josh, Chase, Paul, and Shawn right here!

Oh, quick question: Is it bad if your pee changes to a chocolaty color?  Hit the jump to offer me some free medical advice, and check out what topics we have in store for you today. Read more… »

Good day listeners!  The limitcast is back in action this week, and boy do we have  a show lined up for you!

That is, if we can tear ourselves away from Pokemon.

Our live show will be here, starting at 7pm EST Sunday, March 28th.  Save the date!

Click the jump to see the potential topics.


It’s that time of week again listeners!  Shawn, Josh, Paul, and myself are prepping for another live show Monday, March 22, at 7pm EST, and we want you there to participate!  A lot of interesting things have been happening around the site, and the industry, so we have a great show planned for you this week!

Basketball isn’t the only venue with March Madness.  This year’s March release schedule was INSANE and the dust is settling – and our wallets are whimpering. Hit the more button for our fantastic topics this week!

For those of you that missed out last week (or more) you can catch up here!


Well folks, the video game landscape has changed significantly since our last chat. Final Fantasy XIII’s release has shaken us here at Gamer Limit, and we have been debating its place in Final Fantasy history with a little bloodshed as possible (mind the puddles).

Josh, Chase, Shawn, and Paul can’t wait for you to join us live at 7pm EST tonight as we debate this hot topic, and more on the Limitcast! Read more… »

Good evening my delicious listeners. The Limitcast has been experiencing technical difficulties these past few weeks, but we will be recording another fantastic live show this Sunday at 6pm CST.

The Limitcast show is about to begin – join us at the following URL:

After an extremely successful live session last week, the Limitcast is returning for another round!  Join Josh, Chase, Shawn and the rest of the Limitcast crew Sunday at 7pm EST as they debate interesting news stories, ponder the newest games, and destroy each other’s self-esteem. convienent

Read more for an overview of potential topics. Read more… »


Downloadable content is becoming customary in the industry.  Developers continuously back increased content, and it has proven to be an effective business decision.  But, what about the consumer?

The Limitcast will tackle this question, and more, relating to DLC’s STD-like spread.  It’s no sur…*please insert 800 Microsoft points, 600 Nintendo points, or $5.99 to continue reading* Read more… »