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Brought to you by Mind Trick Software, Sentry Alpha delivers the classic ‘Shoot’em up’ experience on the iPhone. Although the twitch based mechanics of many ‘Shmup’s’ is lost in the lack of buttons, Sentry Alpha delivers a hell of a top down shooting experience.



Amidst the over-40 million iPhones and iPod Touch devices sold globally is the sudden realization that the iPhone platform might just make for a viable and lucrative gaming engine.

Developers and publishers are taking notice. Ngmoco, publisher of iPhone titles like Rolando, Star Defense, and Drop Ship, recently scooped up Sega President Simon Jeffrey. Jeffery, a longtime member of the video game industry, is to be heading Ngmoco’s new publishing arm. Read more… »

Mecho Wars

Every so often there’s a game which takes elements from genres that you don’t usually find interest in.

Turn based strategy games aren’t my cup of tea, but when I played the newly released Mecho Wars,the entire genre begun to finally make sense.


CozyQuestIn a previous edition of Read, Download, Play, we reviewed the now widely popular iPhone MMO Epic Pet Wars. Since it’s release, another MMO has taken up arms and tried to compete with this now mammoth sized app’s install base.

The question is, does CozyQuest stand a chance?



What’s that?  You thought that cellular devices only caused brain tumors?  No, there’s also a T-virus outbreak risk.  At least there’s a risk if you’re using the iPhone, or its little cousin the iPod touch.  The virus comes in the form of a video game adaptation of Capcom’s Resident Evil: Degeneration CG movie.  Click continue for details about the game. Read more… »

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Rolando 2 Trailer
By: | May 7th, 2009


A previous edition of ”Read, Download, Play” reviewed the now popular iPhone game Rolando. With developer ngmoco releasing a new trailer today Rolando 2 looks like its more Rolando and in 3D, and well.. that’s just awesome.



If you thought that the iPhone would always be about pouring virtual beer and shaking virtual babies, you’re about to get a wake up call.  Apple has recently acquired Richard Teversham, former Xbox Senior Director of Strategy.  This new member of the Apple crew becomes even more interesting when you consider the company previously took on ATI’s former Graphics CTO, who created the GameCube graphics card.  Click continue for more. Read more… »

Terminator Salvation

In light of Terminator Salvation releasing on the iTunes store in a few short weeks, Gameloft have put out a surprisingly good looking trailer. Pick up those microchips after the jump.



Prior editions of ”Read, Download, Play” have covered short and sweet iPhone game reviews. With the app store producing more and more quality apps, with big names behind them, we are now going to take a look at and  up coming iPhone game being developed by a major studio.


Control These Flights!

Becoming an air traffic controller at a major international airport sounds like one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Well, imagine that you are now the traffic controller, all pilots have thrown their landing instructions out the window and it’s up to you to land helicopters, bi-planes and jumbo jets all at the same time. Think you’re up to the challenge?  Welcome to Flight Control.




Get those stop watches ready for a new Gamer Limit feature ‘’ Read, Download, Play’’, in which we will review iPhone/iPod touch games in short 30 second bursts!

This week’s game: Rolando(Developer Blog)