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With the combined powers of three gaming juggernauts, Wolfenstein RPG has finally made its way to the Apple AppStore. For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on the development, Wolfenstein RPG is based on the J2ME game developed by ID Software, remade by FireMint, and then was just published to the AppStore by Electronic Arts.



The Resident Evil series holds a special place in my heart. In fact, there aren’t too many series available that make me want every game in the anthology. And now, a third Resident Evil 4 is in my collection. The game that reinvented the Resident Evil series has made its way to the iPhone.

Although, after playing Doom Resurrection, I was less than excited about another shooter. With that being known, is this another failed iPhone shooter? Or does it provide a glimmer of hope for future shooters on the platform? Read more… »


Puzzle games have historically operated on the rule of three. Groups of three, three hits, three colors and three lives.

Stone Loops! of Jurassica doesn’t defer from this rule of thumb, but it implements enough new features and tweaks, which give it a slight edge against similar Zuma-esque games on the app store. Read more… »

Time for a bigger iPhone

By now we should have all come to accept that the iPhone and iPod Touch are fast becoming the “in thing” for kids. There are plenty of cheap, quick games available, not to mention the abundance of handy (and not-so-handy) applications.

According to Barron’s, Apple are preparing a new platform built entirely with gaming in mind. Hit the jump to find out more.



Until recently, I thought the idea of the iPhone as a portable gaming platform was a laughable matter at best.  Without any type of real control scheme, a weak processor, and a poor selection of games, how would it ever be able to compete with the likes of the DS or the PSP?  As far as I was concerned, it would never be popular enough for it to make any type of significant impact on the gaming industry.

Then something completely unexpected happened that changed everything and caused me to question all of the previous reservations I had about the iPhone as a portable gaming device.  Read on to find out more about this major break-through I had, and why I’m starting to change my mind. Read more… »


If you know someone who actively plays The Sims 2, then you know someone who owns a significant number of the many expansions available. Due to the overwhelming success of the numerous additions, it’s no surprise that EA has picked up the tab early and started to fill the slim pickings of vanilla Sims 3 with juicy goodness.

Don’t forget your toothbrush, as its time to pack your bags and head out on World Adventures.



Achievements have become a part of gaming culture.  Milestones such as Gears of War‘s “Seriously…” or Left 4 Dead‘s “Zombie Genocidist” have become badges of honor for many gamers.  Yes, I killed 53,595 zombies.  Here’s my proof!

And iPhones, like them or not, have actually become a viable platform for both game and software developers.  Apps such as facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have kept millions of people connected to each other 24/7.

Booyah said, “Here’s a crazy idea: let’s combine these two things!” Read more… »

Dexter: The Game

If you are one of the few individuals still stuck in the antiquated world of standard mobile phones, then here’s some news that might just pique your iPhone interest.

Icarus Studios are in the final stages of development for their gaming adaptation of Dexter, and have released a new trailer to celebrate. The preview looks positively saucy, but is sure to garner at least a few angry letters to the editor. Hit the jump to check it out.



[Read on for a bonus contest!]

Games which offer endless possibilities as to how far you can go have always interested me.  This is probably the reason I was so obsessed with the popular flash games Icy Tower and Dolphin Olympics 2.

Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump takes the same concept of climbing to endless heights and spins it in a way which is suited perfectly to the iPhone platform.



After some teasing last week from LucasArts regarding an iPhone version of the point and click classic, it seems they’ve made good on hinted suggestions of the iPhone/iPod touch version of The Secret of Monkey Island.



Earlier this week, Capcom accidentally released Resident Evil 4 on the Japanese App Store. Capcom today confirmed on their twitter account that Mobile: RE4 will, indeed, be getting a world-wide release, with the Japanese getting the first release at the end of july.



The iPhone is usually seen as the wild, crazy new device to play games on. Its accelerometer and touch screen control options make it a very exciting platform to cover and to develop for. Games that don’t usually take advantage of these options such as puzzle games are usually quite the achievers; quick, addictive and easy gameplay makes them perfect for the platform.

Drop7 from Area/Code takes the generic ‘dropping balls’ mechanic of similar games and changes it in a way which makes clearing a line of 7 balls one of the most satisfying experiences on the iPhone platform.