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No longer content with Walker, Texas Ranger royalties from Hallmark Channel re-runs, Chuck “Can Kick-Start a Car” Norris now has an official mobile game.  It’s not just on iPhone, either.  Chuck Norris cannot be contained by Apple alone.

It’s called Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain.  It brings it.  Hard.


Gamefly GameCenter

Today the Netflix of videogames, GameFly released its own iPhone app, dubbed “GameCenter,” which allows users to access “information on more than 5,000 video games across all major platforms including up-to-the minute news, videos, screenshots, release dates, user reviews, gameplay controls, cheats, codes and more.”

Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of business development and content stated: “We designed GameCenter to provide iPhone and iPod touch users with a complete one stop destination for video game information. Additionally, the app will allow iPhone and iPod touch users to discover and share games they love anywhere they go.” Read more… »

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The most successful apps on the iTunes store are the ones which revolve around simple, easy to manage mechanics without any intrusive on screen joysticks or broken tilt controls. Appy Entertainment’s Zombie Pizza doesn’t possess any of these problems, but it is let down by its lack of genuine gameplay.

In years prior, I’ve become way too familiar with the rush and stress of working in a pizza shop on a busy Friday night or first Monday of the school holidays.  Zombie Pizza’s clever little back story is the world has been taken over by zombies, and it’s your job to stay alive and work at ‘Zombonies Pizza’ to feed an army of the living dead their favorite food… pizzas? Read more… »

For those Madden NFL 10 online franchise addicts out there, you will be happy to hear that Apple approval of the companion app is finally complete. Madden NFL 10 Online Franchise Companion, now available on the App Store, allows you to manage your online franchise anytime, anywhere.

All of the functionality available to you on Madden NFL 10 online franchise website is now available to you at your fingertips.

Hit the jump for some pictures and a link to the free download. Read more… »


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Every now and then, the App Store graces us with a sleeper hit. These hidden gems are something that should be praised verdantly; allowing for them to get the attention they so rightly deserve. Alley Labs’ Meteor Blitz is undoubtedly one of these hits.

Following the same game mechanics as that of Super Stardust HD for the PS3, Meteor Blitz is a high quality, dual stick space shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And at a reasonable price of $1.99 you can’t overlook this as your next App Store purchase. Read more… »

A recent report on Game watch gives us an insight into the production of an iPhone version of the always confusing PSN “game” Noby Noby Boy .

The community aspects of Noby Noby Boy may also be implemented into this version, with iPhone/iPod Touch users getting a chance to contribute to Girl’s intergalactic quest.


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Indie Spotlight Review: Geared
By: | September 9th, 2009

[Every Wednesday Gamer Limit will highlight an indie title: from the iPhone to the Xbox Live Arcade!]

Getting frustrated at games is usually an easy thing to do. Bryan Mitchell’s Geared gives us all a lot of opportunity to get frustrated at the games staggeringly hefty level number.

Thankfully, Geared’s simple ‘trial and error’ game-play formula doesn’t get too frustrating, despite the sometimes glitchy game-play faults.


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Commodore 64 on your iPhone
By: | September 8th, 2009


After several months of uncertainty, Apple has finally announced that the Commodore 64 emulator app has been accepted for release.

Manomio’s program was originally rejected by Apple because it “launched other executable code”, but now Apple Insider has reported that the app is official, and you can pick it up at the App Store now for US$5.99.


iPhone apps

Several game developers have already been guilty of indulging in some of life’s more reprehensible endeavors. However, there may very well be a new leader to contend with thanks to the release of iPeePee on the iPhone.

Someone over at Apple obviously approved this app for release, and it has been receiving plenty of attention – both good and bad – ever since.


Rejoice, owners of the iDevice, for the biggest and baddest franchise of all time will soon slalom its way to an App Store near you. Upon earlier news this week that Rockstar was going to release a port of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA: CW) for the dusty PlayStation Portable, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the game will also make its way to the iPhone. Expect grand thieving, mischief, and tongue-in-cheek humour.

Find the official statement from Rockstar inside.



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Good games entertain us for a while, keep us intrigued until we are done and we place them back on the shelf, rarely or never to be played again. The downloadable game marketplace on all systems is rapidly growing, and the sentimental value of a cheap plastic case on the book shelf may be nearing extinction. Good games go back to the shelf, but great games stick with us for a long time.

Last Cannon is one of those great games.


Thanks to the good folks over at Chillingo and h.grenade, we now have three copies of Circuit_Strike.One (CS.One) to give away to our readers. Known as a standout among the countless Geometry Wars clones, CS.One offers plenty of old school gameplay fused with a good dose of visual and audial heroin.

The game contains one of the most visceral, blood-pumping soundtrack one could hope for in an App Store title; if  you’ve ever wanted an iPhone version of Geometry Wars, head inside to win one of three promotional codes we’re giving away!