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Japanese developer Cave has been making some pretty rad shooters since 1994, but sadly, most of them are exclusive to Japan. Hopefully all of that is about to change, with the US release of Espgaluda II, now available on the iTunes store for iPhones (errors are being encountered for Touch users at the moment). Due to the astronomical amount of bullets that are flying on the screen (this isn’t bullet heaven after all), thankfully there is a small section on the bottom that allows you to move your ship without covering up the battlefield with your thumbs.

Sadly, this isn’t a very good start for Cave considering the game only works on iPhones and iPads at the moment. Bummed out that it still doesn’t work for your Touch? If you are a fan of shooters, while they’re working on a fix, I strongly suggest downloading Siberian Strike Lite.

You may have heard about the whole “get rid of the explicit apps in the iTunes Store” debacle a few weeks back.  Shortly after the apps were pulled, it was rumored that they might be coming back after it was revealed that developers had the option of selecting an “explicit” descriptor during the app submission process.  Then, Apple said no, not going to happen.

Now the rumors that Apple is bringing back the iPorn are flaring up again, with some screenshots of iTunes revealing an Explicit Apps section… and one for the iPad as well.


A while back, Tommy Refenes (creator of indie gem Super Meat Boy) put a largely pointless app on the iTunes App Store: Zits & Giggles.  You pop zits, and that’s about all; it’s actually kind of gross.  It hit the store at the boring old app price of 99 cents, sold a few copies, and then the sales inevitably dried up.

Instead of dropping the price to free to re-spark interest (as many app devs are wont to do), Refenes tried something different: he raised the price to $15.  Three people bought it anyway.  So he raised the price to $50, and four more bought it.  And so our tale begins…


Nothing will give you a bleaker outlook on the future than watching two parents put all their Easter eggs out in the open because their child isn’t bright enough to look behind a shrubbery. The vacant look in the child’s eyes and the defeated slump of the parents’ shoulders say it all.


Don’t despair, now you too can feel just as condescended to as that kid! Just pick up a copy of The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes for the iPhone, and you’ll have a field day. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of field day where every little boy and girl goes home with a medal, no matter what.
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Indie Spotlight Review: Soul
By: | March 13th, 2010

The more you have to suffer for something, the more you are able to find pleasure in the consummation. At least, that’s what my old dominatrix used to say. Difficulty is a double-edged sword, and doubly so in the case of the recent iPhone port of XBLIG title Soul, from Kydos Studio.

On the one hand, completing a stage will compel you to sound your barbaric yawp across the rooftops of the world in triumph. On the other hand, getting to that point may compel you to buy a much thicker case to protect your iPhone from your impulse to launch it out the window. Read on to learn more about this cruel portable mistress.


We all knew the iPhone adaptation of Plants Vs. Zombies was going to be a huge hit with consumers.  For one thing, almost anything PopCap touches turns to gold (Bejeweled, Peggle).  For another, it’s tough for people not to fall in love with PvZ‘s addictive strategic gameplay.

However, results that arrived yesterday add solid statistical fact to our assumptions.  Plants Vs. Zombies for iPhone is an absolute mobile phenomena.  As of yesterday, February 24th, over 300,000 iPhones have downloaded PopCaps latest release for the Apple device, with the number growing everyday.  Added to the fact that the game is now the fastest selling iPhone release in the first 24 hours of availability, and you have yourself a bonafide success. Read more… »

If there’s one genre that is over-represented on the iPhone, it has got to be tower defense. With a minimal investment of money and people power, you can push a serviceable game out to the market in a short period of time. With a few exceptions (the excellent GeoDefense comes to mind), the platform is saturated with mediocre clones of clones of clones of TD standards.

It’s no secret that the Gamer Limit crew went a bit ga-ga over the PC release of Plants Vs. Zombies; it came in runner up to Torchlight for best PC game in our 2009 Game of the Year Awards. With the transition to the iPhone, PopCap faced the twin challenges of recreating the original PvZ magic with a new control scheme/hardware and standing out amidst the shambling horde of tower defense offerings already available. Read on for the official Gamer Limit verdict!


sf4 iphone Street Fighter IV hadoukens to the iPhone

It looks like Ryu and his friends will fight their way onto the App Store, according to always-get-the-exclusives-first gaming site IGN. That’s right folks, fans of the fighting franchise who happen to own iPhones as well will surprisingly get a taste of Ryu’s fist (or Ken’s, more likely) later this month. Capcom broke the news that their bonafide, prized baby Street Fighter IV has been in development for quite some time now, and will be heading to the iDevices sooner than later.

We’re pretty happy about this. Considering fighting games on the platform come few and far between, we’re not complaining about the sudden release. Screenshots after the jump. Read more… »

The current formula used by Rockstar in their Grand Theft Auto franchise has been a staple of the industry for nearly a decade.  Ever since Grand Theft Auto III exploded onto the PS2 in October of 2001, the sandbox genre has never been the same.

Offering an incredible amount of freedom (and controversial content) for the time, Grand Theft Auto III represented a huge departure from the first two titles in the series.  The games that followed built on this foundation, culminating in the critically and commercially acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV, and its downloadable episodes.

With IV, Rockstar placed a heavier focus on characters and story than ever before, resulting in Niko Bellic, the first character to really elicit emotional reactions and connections from players.  The franchise had really evolved from its early top-down days. Read more… »

Videogame-movie tie-ins usually suck, but you knew that. Well trusted sources and statistics have shown that approximately 10/473.95 tie-in products show promise, while the rest fail to be nothing more than Regis Philbin’s babies, or as Nick insists, cousins of the infamous cottage cheese. Of the ten that show promise, maybe only half realize its nipple-nipping potential.

Avatar’s currently killing silver screen numbers, which means that there’s probably a product that ties in with it somewhere in this desolate, desperate planet. Alas, they have indeed inevitably made an iPhone game if you didn’t know by now. It is, after all, the trendy thing to do these days. What you may or may not know is that this Avatar game for the iDevice actually doesn’t suck like, well … basically every videogame-movie game out there. Read more… »

In a nutshell, Hand of Greed is a puzzle game that I have dubbed part of the “hand in the cookie jar sub-genre”. The object is to steal a multitude of gems and coins from various trap boxes without getting your fingers sliced off. It features tons of different levels (boxes), and from what I’ve played of it, they’re quite varied.

The end result is incredibly fun, to the point where I actually feel the figurative pain of my avatar when his hand is sliced to bits. It’s an incredibly unique puzzle concept that I would have easily paid $5 for. Try it out!

The facts of the case are clear. The characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were recently re-imagined in a film directed by Guy Ritchie. When a major picture hits the theatres, merchandising is sure to follow. Ergo, it is no surprise to this investigator to see the release of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for the iPhone.

The salient question to be posed, dear readers, is in regards to the quality of said movie tie-in game. Trusting solely to historical data would push us overwhelmingly towards assuming poor quality; movie games are almost always a steaming pile of offal.

However, logic dictates that just because something is likely does not mean that it is certain. Therefore, we must examine the evidence closely to find out if the truth matches our theory. There’s no time to waste. Read on, the game is afoot! (athumb?)