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The Madden franchise, over 21 years and running, has been the most successful football sim to date. With the recent release of Madden NFL 10, gamers have been sucked in, once again, to the most addicting Madden yet.

Gamer Limit was given the opportunity to interview one of the many reasons behind Madden’s continued success. EA Tiburon’s Creative Director, Ian Cummings, recently took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

Read on for some enlightening information behind Ian and the past, present, and future installments of Madden.



Following our interview from yesterday we are back with the second part of our hefty look into an Australian development icon. Hit the jump to find out Krome Studios’ take on the Australian game development scene and even some information for budding developers looking to get into the industry.




Right on the virtual heels of my feature on Regional Game Developers, I went out and into the trenches (or cubicles) to find out what went on behind the scenes of game development in my own backyard. I’m lucky, as my city of Brisbane is host to over 40% of the developers in Oz.

Krome Studios, developers of Viva Pinata: Party Animals and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, are the largest and most successful studio in Australia. Consisting of three separate studios stretched over three cities, over 400 staff and over 19 commercially released games, they are the control standard for games development down under.

They are also a standup bunch of guys who sat down with me to dig deep inside their flagship Brisbane studio to find out a little bit more about their success, as well as what really happens behind the glamour of making games.


Earlier last week, we had the opportunity to speak with the Senior Games Designer at A2M, Avi Winkler. Other than the bits of answers we gave away, Avi also discussed why WET will wall run, load its guns, do a Ninja backflip and shoot you right on the head once it’s released on September 15.

Want to know why multiplayer was scrapped? Dive inside. Want to know what you get for chaining combos? Shoot inside. Want to know just how sexy Eliza Dushku is? Google is your friend. Good thing the rest of our answers aren’t on Google.

Head inside and learn the latest on Bethesda’s upcoming WET.



Gamer Limit was recently able to procure a phone interview with the legendary developer Tim Schafer. Tim has definitely had his share of ups, with only one recent down (Psychonauts), and it looks like he has a real winner on his hands with Brütal Legend ; one of the most anticipated games of the year.

So join us as we jump right into our conversation with Tim and learn some interesting information on his latest work! Read more… »


It’s common knowledge that videogames are predominantly a male pastime, backed up by many studies. Hell, even videogame characters are mostly male. Females are marginalised, yet their voice is growing stronger every day.

I recently sat down with self confessed casual gamer Amy Balloch, aspiring developer Kimberly Dawson,’s Carol Zara and Gamer Limit’s very own Jessica Famularo. I asked our eclectic mix of ladies about how they started gaming, their position on Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls, how they feel they’re treated online and more.

Read on for some answers you may find surprising.



Sometimes writers rebel against the norm, throw caution to the wind, break the mold, and make their own unique gaming blogs. Over the next year we will be interviewing, and featuring, people who have done just that.

First up: Ever felt like bitching about a game? Ever wanted to read, listen or watch other gamers call out the industry’s shit? Then meet the target of the first ‘Alternative Opinions’ series, the head honcho of Negative Gamer, John “wardrox” Kershaw.



Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for an interview with Mr. Jim Sterling, Reviews Editor for Jim is widely known as one of the internet’s greatest feather rufflers with articles such as How Microsoft ruined fun for everybody, but is also famous for his hilarious video series The Video Game Show What I’ve Done.

Come with us as we muse on the gaming industry at large, PR firms, the review process, and how he got started in the blogging arena! Read more… »


Have you ever been battling demons in the workplace and found yourself running out of energy?  Well…worry no more because has partnered up with Harcos, inc. to bring everyone that plays Lunia, and any other interested parties, a little boost to their mana bars.’s Daniel Chang, business development manager was awesome enough to sit down with us here at Gamer Limit, and let us ask them a few questions about their partnership, it’s future, and their upcoming releases. Read more… »


As video gaming becomes increasingly accessible and ventures further into mainstream culture, it would seem only natural that eSports follow suit. One organisation keen to help this happen is The United Kindgom eSports Association (UKeSA), who organise and deliver gaming tournaments across many platforms and even more gaming genres – from sports sims like FIFA 09 to FPS shooters like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. On top of this, they are currently laying the foundations for GameOn!, an event that promises to set a new benchmark for UK video game expos.

Mike Benbenek is one of the figures at the forefront of this operation and was kind enough to enlighten us on what the future holds for eSports, why the entrance age needs to be higher and how gaming is comparable to sex in the UK… hit the jump to read the full interview.



When Gas Powered Games’ recently released RTS/RPG hybrid Demigod was launched, connection and matching problems crippled its ability to operate from Day 1. Frustrated and angry gamers flooded the developers forums, baring for blood, as the multiplayer-only title was unable to deliver on its main event.

In this frantic rush to save their game from market dissolution, GPG turned to GameRanger Technologies, developer of online gaming matchmaking service GameRanger, to solve its pressing connectivity issues and get their customers… well.. gaming again. It worked. So well in fact that even after GPG had repaired its software, many still preferred to use the alternative.

A modern day Kali? Intrigued, I dug deeper to find out more.


We had a great opportunity in the show floor meeting rooms to meet with Andy Hong, Project Manager for the new FPS MMO Huxley: The Dystopia.  We were able to snag an interview from him, and afterwords, get our paws on a short hands-on demo of the PvP aspects of this interesting game.

Hit the jump for the juicy tidbits and hands-on impression! Read more… »