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Dead Space is a pretty interesting franchise. It started off as a decidedly survival horror series, then morphed into a survival-action hybrid, and now, Visceral Games seems to be taking the series into a more action oriented direction; not to mention the controversial addition of coop.

Having sufficiently tackled the single player and cooperative portions of the Dead Space 3 demo, I had a chance to speak with Dead Space executive producer Steve Papoutsis in a round-table interview and get some more information on the highly anticipated sequel. Read more… »

I have never understood the acronym “MMORPG”, because it lies.

Role-playing games are what I played as a kid in high school. Combat tables, equipment, and loot only served as structure for the interactions between our player characters and the non-player characters (NPCs) portrayed by the Dungeon Master. The role-playing was the heart of the experience.


Robert Hewson shares some details on the upcoming XBLA title Hydrophobia.

Stay tuned to Gamer Limit for further information on Hydrophobia.

Check out this interview between Chase Cook and the developers behind the highly anticipated XBLA title LIMBO.

Be sure to check out Chase’s impressions of the game over yonder.

Today our good friends over at the KritzKast, a Team Fortress 2 centric podcast, let us know that they recently got a hold of TF2‘s co-creator and software developer Robin Walker. Robin was kind enough to answer some questions about the history, current and future development of TF2.

It is important to note that this interview was conducted before the release of Steam on OSX. Despite this, Robin’s answers are still insightful and entertaining. Even if you don’t play TF2 this interview grants gamers a glimpse into the life of a game developer and the choices they face. Read more… »

I loved my local arcade. The cacophony of electronic sounds, the flashing lights that made ceiling lights redundant, the smoky haze upon entry and that real feeling of a like-minded community as everyone gathered around the Street Fighter machine. It all combined into something special. Sadly, my local arcade, just like the arcade industry, died long ago.

While the arcade in most countries is a thing of the past, its spirit does live on in a way. HMV’s Gamerbase stations in stores around the UK have proven to be extremely popular with gamers who gather together to play solo, competitively, and cooperatively.


Those of you that have played ‘Splosion Man, or The Maw, know that Twisted Pixel is a name that is synonymous with quality.

Keeping with that tradition, Mike Henry was awesome enough to sit down with us and talk about their superb puzzle/platformer, and their future endeavors. Read more… »

After playing one of 2010′s more solid titles, Bayonetta, from SEGA earlier this year, I was extremely impressed (as were a lot of people) with the slick presentation and incredibly fluid and fun combat system.  As we reported last month,  gamers in Japan agreed, with the game selling 1.1 million copies within a very small exclusive window in the Land of the Rising Sun.  This was followed by surprising critical and commercial success in the States.

Well, it appears that SEGA took notice.  In a recent interview with CVG, SEGA’s Mike Hayes, after speaking about things like Sony’s ‘Move’ and Microsofts ‘Natal’ motion technologies and the markets SEGA has never conquered (in the MMO department), spoke on the possible franchising of their recent exciting IP’s and successes. Read more… »


In a recent interview with Game Informer, Sony Senior Vice President of Product Development Shuhei Yoshida talked about a number of things.  One of these topics pertained to the fact that God of War II, a best-selling and critically acclaimed title considered by many to be one of the last great PS2 games, almost ended up on the PS3.

According to Yoshida, certain departments within the team believed it to be a good idea to put Kratos’ second adventure on their new platform, while others wanted to make one final splash on the PS2. Read more… »


With Mass Effect 2 in its final stages of production, BioWare is hard at work applying the finishing touches that we’ve come to love and expect. Gamer Limit was fortunate enough to sit in on a roundtable interview with Project Director Casey Hudson, where many details pertaining to the combat system, dialogue options, and many other important aspects were revealed.

In addition to serving as Project Director to both installments of Mass Effect and the original Knights of the Old Republic, Casey has also worked on BioWare hits such as MDK2, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn, and Neverwinter Nights. Come join us as we sit down with Casey Hudson and delve deeper into the inner workings of Mass Effect 2. Read more… »


Released a few days ago, Edmund, an entry in the Adult/Educational Compo at TIGSource. While at first glance, Edmund appears to be a game created just for ‘shock value’, but with a little digging I’ve found it does go a lot deeper then expected.

Paul Greasley, the creator of Edmund, recently let us pick his brain on the ‘demon’ he has unleashed.



Blur may have been pushed back into 2010, but that is no reason to dismay, Gamer Limit are here with an interview with the developers, Bizarre Creations, to brighten up your day as September draws to a dreary close.

We spoke to Ami Langton, Studio Communications for Bizarre, so hit the jump to find out what those lovely people from Liverpool are up to.