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Today developer Tripwire Interactive announced that it is planning a retail release of its co-op survival horror shooter, Killing Floor. Originally released on May 14 on Valve’s Steam service, the PC exclusive shooter will soon hit retailers with a $19.99 price tag.

For those of you who missed out, Killing Floor basically plays like Call of Duty: World At War‘s Nazi Zombie mode, only with more features. The game sends wave after wave of various zombie-like monsters, all with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Each round you survive, the more money you get to buy new weapons, armor and power-ups. Killing Floor also features a bullet time mode that automatically activates when you score a particularly gory kill, giving you a chance to sit back and appreciate your handy work. Read more… »

Namco Ninja Republic

Today at GamesCom, publisher Namco announced that it has partnered with developers Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword) and Game Republic (Genji) to produce several future titles.

According to the press release, Namco will publish two games from Game Republic: Clash of the Titans, based on the up-coming movie, and a completely new intellectual property titled Majin: The Fallen Realm. Both titles will be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and are expected to arrive spring 2010. Read more… »


As I’m sure you’ve all heard, long time publisher Midway has gone the way of the dodo, selling off select intellectual properties and development teams to Warner Bros. Interactive. Many gamers are wondering what will happen to Midway’s poster child Mortal Kombat.

According to Warner Bros. they have some big plans for the controversial fighting game. Apparently the company wants to make the next MK “the ‘gold standard’ for network play.” Read more… »


Some of you have probably noticed the reports from the XBox Live Preview currently underway regarding the Games on Demand pricing. Different regions have been offered different titles at strangely varied price points, some close and some ridiculously distant from any retail comparison.

Unfortunately, if you happen to live in Australia or New Zealand, it looks like we’re on the way to being disappointed once again. Unfortunately, the removal of MS points as the benchmark and moving to local currency has removed any chance of consistent prices. Considering we are generally always limited when it comes to On Demand purchases from any console maker,  this isn’t a surprise.

See why after the jump.



One of the most anticipated features of the fast-approaching Xbox 360 dashboard update is undoubtedly the “Games on Demand” service.

On “new dashboard launch day” (a catchy name I just made up for August 11, 2009), there will be 24 full Xbox 360 games available for download straight to your hard drive.  Hit the jump to see if your favorites made the cut!



In his latest post for Industry Gamers, Hal Halpin, the president of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), has called upon the gaming community to stop allowing stereotypes and common perceptions of gamers go unchallenged.


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Game Dev: Ballroom Blitz
By: | July 1st, 2009


Last week I was in the presence of gaming Icons. Giving a talk as part of the Video Game Nation exhibition in Manchester’s (England) Urbis, were the famed, fantastic and frantic Oliver Twins of Blitz Games Studios. Some of you may know them from knowledge of Blitz, others may have seen those cheesy documentaries about bedroom development, and then there’s the obsessed few clutching the nostalgia of Dizzy games to their chest (or maybe just clutching a stack of Dizzy cassettes.)


Publisher THQ, much like the entire games industry, has been forced into making some tough decisions over the past year or so. Top of the list must be their job cutbacks, reaching a total of 550 people from across the many facets of the company.

While seeming like a large number and a cruel step to take, it is one that THQ feels is proving to be justified, pointing out that titles such as Red Faction: Guerrilla may never have happened had they continued the way they were going.



I have a serious beef with Wii Fit. You see ladies and gents, in days gone by, when people wanted to get back in shape after a few years of excess, they went to the gym.  There I was, pumping the guns, benching twice my own body weight, and ready to impress the hordes of insecure women who came piling through those automatic doors looking to tone up.

When the Wii Fit was unleashed, it meant the Wii Fit girl and all her Wii Fit friends exercised at home.  Meanwhile, the only people who still go to the gym are the Arnie wannabes.  So now, while I am at the gym, I have a lot of time to think, and I was wondering, do game consoles have the potential to make people healthier? Read more… »


Today Electronic Arts announced that it is restructuring its RPG and MMO development divisions. BioWare and Mythic Entertainment will combine into a new “studio group” headed by BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka.

According to the post on Mythic’s official website, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk will serve as Group Creative Officer and Mythic co-founder Rob Denton will act as General Manager of Mythic.  The post explicitly states that “BioWare’s studios remain unchanged and continue to report to Ray.” Read more… »


Today ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks, announced that it has acquired id Software (Doom, Quake, ect.).

ZeniMax stated, “id Software will continue to operate as a studio under the direction of its founder, John Carmack. No changes will be made in the operations of id Software in the development of its games. All the principals at id Software have signed long-term employment contracts, assuring they will continue in their roles…at the studio.” Read more… »

Making a rather bold statement to the Times UK, Activision leader-man Bobby Kotick hinted that the biggest publisher in the world may have to leave this hardware generation’s third-placer without a price cut. Said Kotick:

“I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation…They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates [the number of games each console owner buys] are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony.” Read more… »