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2In a recent interview with Starship Troopers 3: Marauder and Surrogates actor, Boris Kodjoe, he gave the public some insight about the cast and storyline in the next franchise film, Resident Evil: Afterlife.

I don’t know how these films are still being made, but I guess the T-Virus is stronger than what we ever imagined. Read more… »

During tonight’s BBC broadcast of Watchdog (a British TV show which names and shames retail scams,) a segment cropped up which captured my interest regarding PS3 hardware failures. The feature brought attention to the infamous “yellow light of death,” which results in the console failing to startup in the same vein as the Xbox 360′s red rings of death.

If you are unlucky enough to have exceeded your warranty, then you unfortunately have to cough up the cash, but Watchdog came up with a solution after recruiting a repair team that possessed supernatural powers that can fix a broken PS3. During the show, a total of five consoles were repaired on air in the space of an hour.

Sony however were not best pleased with the report, and responded before the show had even broadcasted – read an excerpt from an open letter they wrote after the break.



In a recent interview with Krome Studios, our very own James Pinnell unearthed an interesting comment regarding how to get a guaranteed job in the industry.

In a recent interview with Krome Studios, our very own James Pinnell unearthed an interesting comment regarding a guaranteed way to score a juicy job in the games industry.

Sadly, you probably won’t be impressed with the reality. But if you’ve gotten sick of trying, it might be worth exploring. Hit the jump for more.



Guitar Hero 5 has so far been met with critical acclaim, but the members of Nirvana do not share their blessings due to the appearance of a resurrected Kurt Cobain avatar.

Band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl took issue with the fact that the avatar can be used in conjunction with any chosen song, and not just tracks written by Nirvana which they were originally led to believe, expressing that they are “dismayed and very disappointed”.

Meanwhile Courtney Love, Cobain’s widow, is also not very happy with Activision, it would seem. Following Cobain’s apparently blasphemous appearance in the game, she has taken it upon herself to sue the company, describing the stunt as “vile”. Activision were quick to have the last laugh however, after reiterating her signed contract of approval.


In a rather odd announcement by Activision, it seems like Prototype will be featured in some way shape or form in tomorrow’s episode of HBO’s Entourage.

Will it be showcased on the crew’s 360, already shown in previous episodes’ highlights of Gears of War 2? Or will Ari Gold breakdown and buy them a PS3 Slim? Feel free to fuel the console wars, or show your love/hate for Entourage’s Sixth Season below.


In a recent interview conducted by our very own James Pinnell, with development studio ‘Krome Studios‘, an interesting tidbit came out…

Apparently their engine has gotten to a stage where it’s no longer harder to develop a PS3 game than a 360 game.



Today retailer Toys R Us starts it’s new videogame trade-in program. Now gamers can sell their old games to the retailer for in-store credit.

Accepting games from the Atari 2600 to current generation consoles, the new trade-in program is unique by accepting games from all generations. All you need to have is the original game in its original packaging.

For the rest of the details, hit the jump. Read more… »

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ZeniMax aquires the rights to Prey
By: | September 8th, 2009


Some of you may remember when ZeniMax Media, owner of Bethesda, bought up id Software a few months ago. Today ZeniMax announced that it has obtained the rights to the gravity distorting first-person shooter Prey.

In case some of you missed out on Prey, which originally came out on the PC and Xbox 360 in 2006, the game follows Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic who lives in Oklahoma. When Tommy, his girlfriend, and his grandfather are all abducted by aliens, Tommy must rise to the occasion and fight his way off the mother ship while trying to save his family. Prey was famous for its use, or rather misuse, of physics. As gamers work their way though the alien ship, various gravitation fields and portals make for a vomit inducing experience, at least for gamers who are prone to motion sickness. Read more… »


Eidos appears to have laid a sneaky bat-trap, for those pesky pirates to trying to enjoy Arkham Asylum without paying.

Apparently the all-important Glide ability gets disabled if you aren’t running a legit version… As a  pirate recently found out on the forums.



Today brings some sad news to the gaming world. Independent developer BottleRocket (Xiaolin Showdown, Rise of the Kasai) has closed shop for good. According to studio founder Jay Beard, “After fighting to keep the doors open for the past six months we have decided to close and move on.”

This past year was particularly rough on BottleRocket. The developer was working on a title based on the DC Comics character The Flash, but when publisher Brash went under, BottleRocket was left with an incomplete and unfunded game. Also, this past year BottleRocket was working on the upcoming horror brawler Splatterhouse, but when Namco decided to finish up development internally BottleRocket was left behind. Read more… »

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OnLive Public Beta Opens
By: | September 3rd, 2009

Coverage regarding OnLive has definately quietened down since its initial announcement, but we all knew that something was being cooked up behind the scenes. Over at the OnLive blog is a post which lets US residents sign up for a public OnLive beta starting this Summer 09.


Tango & Cash

Yesterday Stardock announced that a new “Nvidia Edition” of their PC digital distribution service, Impulse, will arrive later this summer.

The new version will have all the same features as the current edition of Impulse, however it will also automatically detect and install driver updates for Nvidia graphics cards.