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Today EA announced that it has purchased social networking game developer Playfish, whose games include Restaurant City, Quiztastic! and Bowling Buddies and can be seen on sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

EA must see some real potential in this developer considering that the deal was worth $300 million, plus an addition $100 million after certain milestones have been met.

To see what each company had to say on this matter, read on. Read more… »

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A recent interview with Dhani Harrison (son of George, and largely responsible for The Beatles: Rock Band seeing the light of day) in the Chicago Tribune revealed something interesting: Rock Band 3 is being developed with all-new peripherals that may actually teach gamers to play real instruments.

Will it still be fun?  Is it too good to be true?  Will it finally mute the people that often complain, “Why don’t you just learn to play a real instrument?”  Because now you actually can.



It seems that Modern Warfare 2 can’t keep away from controversy. At first it was the lack of dedicated servers. This was followed by the controversial “Fight Against Grenade Spam” video. Then there was the leaked scene where you can kill civilians. Now digital distributors Direct2Drive, GamersGate, and Impulse are refusing to carry the game.

Why? Apparently these distributors aren’t fans of Steam. According to a statement from Direct2Drive, “We believe strongly that when you buy a game from us, you shouldn’t be forced to install and run a 3rd party software client to be able to play the game you purchased.” The company went on to say “We don’t believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.” Read more… »

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So you got Wii Sports Resort.  You’ve had your fun with the 1:1 motion controls and the mini-games.  But now what?

Miyamoto to the rescue!  In a recent interview with Wired, he declared the extent to which the next Legend of Zelda game will use the device.

It’s a lot.  So much so, that MotionPlus will probably be required to play it at all.


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One of the few advantages Xbox Live currently has over the PlayStation Network is cross-game chat.  You form a party of friends and you can blab to your heart’s content, no matter what game each of you happens to be playing.  That may soon change.

Inside: a reason not to get Modern Warfare 2?


N-Gage banner

Ahh, poor N-Gage.  Nokia’s cell phone/game platform/commercial flop was finally put out of its misery today, after six long, brutal, unspectacular years.

In a reorganization of their mobile game strategy, Nokia is consolidating its N-Gage store into their new Ovi Store in an attempt to consolidate all their games/mail/music/apps under one all-encompassing service.

The N-Gage service for downloading and playing games online will be shut down at the end of September 2010.


DSi LL announcement

Yesterday, Nintendo announced their latest money-grubbing innovative handheld system reboot.  Entitled the DSi LL in Japan and DSi XL in the U.S. and Europe, it’s the same basic system but with 93% larger screens.

The screens are bigger.  The stylus is bigger.  The price is bigger.



Today Sony announced that a demo for the highly anticipated mythological melee God of War 3 will be included on the Blu-ray disc of District 9, which hits stores December 29. Also included on the disc is an unlockable “exclusive making of featurette.”

If two months is too long of a wait, you can always buy the God of War Collection, which hits November 17, and also packs a God of War 3 demo.

Do you think that this type of cross media promotion is an effective way to get people to buy a game, or movie for that matter?  Read on to find out my opinion. Read more… »

Gamefly GameCenter

Today the Netflix of videogames, GameFly released its own iPhone app, dubbed “GameCenter,” which allows users to access “information on more than 5,000 video games across all major platforms including up-to-the minute news, videos, screenshots, release dates, user reviews, gameplay controls, cheats, codes and more.”

Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of business development and content stated: “We designed GameCenter to provide iPhone and iPod touch users with a complete one stop destination for video game information. Additionally, the app will allow iPhone and iPod touch users to discover and share games they love anywhere they go.” Read more… »


ABC has reported that “too much time playing video games may leave children with wrist and finger pain,” at least according to a survey conducted by a rheumatologist and his fifth grade son.

I have experienced this pain myself on at least one occasion.  When Snake was crawling down a microwave tunnel in MGS4, I had to mash a button for 3 minutes straight.  Hit the jump for more information on this half-assed report.


Transmission Games

In a recent development, it has been revealed that Transmission Games, a popular Australian studio based in Melbourne, has shut its doors.

Kotaku Australia has reported that, after losing several lucrative publishing contracts, the firm was forced to lay off more staff. Today, the studio shut its doors, with all workers being made redundant.



We like to think that one of the pluses of having such a flexible, global team here at GL is that we’re able to be everywhere at once.

While most of the insane breaks and major developments reserve themselves for E3, GDC and TGS, it’s easy to forget that there are a couple of gaming exhibitions occuring in other regional centres throughout this big bad world we inhabit.

Two of the larger upcoming events landing at the end of October- eGames Expo (Melbourne, Australia) and Eurogamer Expo (London, United Kingdom) promise to provide if not a ton of surprises, but at the very least a couple of juicy tidbits, some face-to-face hands on with upcoming releases and maybe a scoop or two.

What else do they have in common? Gamer Limit will be at both!