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Gamer Limit Review: VVVVVV
By: | January 18th, 2010


VVVVVV is a modern 8-bit game by Terry Cavanagh.  He has gathered clout with his other games – Pathways and Self- Destruct, to name a few – but his new platformer looks to cement his acclamation in the indie community.

Combining inspirations from Metroid, Metal Storm, and frustratingly hard NES titles (Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man), VVVVVV mixes styles from the past to create a quick and entertaining dimensional romp.


A couple months ago, one Eric Ruth announced that he was working on an NES-style demake of zombie-bustin’ party shooter Left 4 Dead. Usually these home projects get hit with delay after delay, but Mr. Ruth stood by his promise to release the game in January 2010.

This conversion is the freshman entry in the Pixel Force line, a planned series of retro-remakes of modern-day favorites. The goal is to capture the spirit of the originals while pretending the nineties never happened. While Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead only allows two-player co-op instead of four-, all the missions, weapons, and infected are represented albeit in limited-color fashion.

Download the game right over here and give it a go, why don’t cha?


Today indie developer Cyanide Studios announced that it’s fantasy football  (as in wizards and goblins, not ‘fantasy football’) game Blood Bowl will be receiving a retail release next year courtesy of publisher SouthPeak Interactive.

While Blood Bowl is current available for the PC via digital distributors like Steam, there has been little mention of the Xbox 360 or PSP release, that is until today. Cyanide announced that the retail copies for the Xbox 360 and PC will arrive next month. The PSP release will come later this spring. Read more… »

zenoclashNormally, I wouldn’t bring attention to a sale surrounding one specific title, but in the case of Zeno Clash, I can’t emphasize it enough; this game is a must buy for $5.10.  While the time it’ll take you to complete the game is relatively short for today’s standards, the storyline is extremely riveting and very compelling.

Don’t believe me? Then take a moment to read the review.  It’ll change your mind.  Aside from that, what’s the worst that can happen?  Being out $5.10 is roughly $54.90 cheaper than Modern Warfare 2, and you’ll get two things out of it: an engaging story and provide support for an indie developer.  What’s not to like about that? Read more… »


One of my least favorite things about gaming is that when a new smash hit game comes out, other games try really hard to emulate it for years to come. This cycle repeats itself over and over again, and thus, the most popular games in certain genres are the ones that best reflect the current trends. This is true for all genres, but I notice it most in RPGs; until a few years ago, the trend was to make the most ‘epic’ storylines possible, a la Final Fantasy 7. These days, the trend seems to be more about making really complicated, allegedly original combat systems.

Thankfully, we have people interested in game development who love their genres enough to poke fun at them, and that’s what Tales of Game’s Studios (bad grammar intentional) did with their RPG, Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! Gaiden: Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa. This is an RPG that looks at the recently receded trend of epic RPGs and roasts it mercilessly.



Remember when I posted the news story about Amanita Design’s indie adventure game Machinarium? Sure you do.

Today Amanita Design released a 35MB demo of the indie puzzler.

To find out my impressions of the demo, hit the jump. Read more… »

World of Goo Banner

In honor of Direct2Drive’s five-year anniversary, they’ve been basically giving away a different batch of games every week for the past several weeks… everything from AAA heavy-hitters like Riddick and Bioshock to – this week – indie games!

Five years in business = five dollar games.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

Hit the jump to see the gems from this week!



Today developer Amanita Design, makers of the popular browser-based puzzler Samorost, announced that its current project Machinarium will hit digital retailers Oct. 16 for the PC and Mac.

Priced at $20, the adventure game will be available on Steam, Direct2Drive, and Gamersgate. If you’re looking to save a couple bucks, you can pre-order it from Amanita’s site for $17.

Machinarium recently won an award for “Excellence in Visual Art” at this past Independent Games Festival. To see why, hit the jump. Read more… »

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Free-Game Friday #1: La-Mulana
By: | September 4th, 2009


(Free-Game Friday is a new weekly feature in which a writer from the GamerLimit staff looks at a completely free game and discusses their experience with it. Since there is no absolute structure or checklist for writing about one’s experience, these features are not necessarily reviews.)

La-Mulana is a brutal experience; the kind of gaming experience one could only receive from a non-commercial game (commercial games that try are generally shunned). The game is not nice, it’s not helpful, and it makes every attempt to thwart you for treating it like an everyday gaming experience.

So, what does La-Mulana expect from its gamers? Well, the title is about an archaeologist – Lemieza Kosugi – exploring the titular ruins of the game. It’s never explained exactly why, but much like Indiana Jones, the game seems to treat the occupation of archaeologist as little more than a professional thrill seeker. He arrives at the ruins with a whip – not a firearm – so he’s clearly looking to spice things up at least a little bit.