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Supergiant Games’ brand new XBLA title Bastion has a lot of things in its favor. Fantastic visual style, great music, and what many will consider its greatest strength, its narrator. Logan Cunningham’s performance as Bastion’s narrator is pitch-perfect.

Cunningham augments the style and tone of the game, and really helps Bastion set itself apart from its peers. But I can’t help but feel that Bastion’s greatest strength also contributes to one of its biggest weaknesses.


Bastion is an upcoming action RPG by Supergiant Games that hits XBLA this Wednesday, July 20. And it looks gorgeous. Seriously, you must’ve been living under a rock or without internet access if you haven’t heard of Bastion’s hand-painted art style and reactive narrator by now.

So give your ears and eyeballs a treat and watch the brand new launch trailer. Then read our review which will go live tomorrow morning.

Team Meat may be working on its follow-up to the absolutely outstanding Super Meat Boy, but it looks as though one of the developers has something else on the back burner. We may be salivating for our next helping of meat, Edmund McMillen has been slaving over a hot stove. For the past two years he’s had a side project in the works called The Binding of Isaac and here are the first details on the title.


The PAX 10 highlights ten of the hottest new indie games on the market. They’re also some of the best games to check out on the PAX showfloor. Some of last year’s winners included Bastion, Super Meat Boy, and Retro City Rampage. Out of hundreds of submissions, this year’s winners have been chosen.

Which games made the final cut? Hit the jump to find out.


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Limbo coming to PS3
By: | June 30th, 2011

I’m excited to tell you all that Limbo will soon be coming to the PlayStation 3. The title was previously an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, being a part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade 2010. The good word comes from the Korean ratings board, informing us that a multiplatform release is in the works.

When Gamer Limit reviewed the game last year, Sean Carey awarded Limbo a perfect 10 saying that it “it made [him] think, it made [him] feel, and it was incredibly fun to play.”  I, like many PlayStation 3 owners, had to sit back and watch everyone  gush about this game a year ago. This PlayStation Network release is really great news. Hopefully, Playdead’s premiere title will see similar success on PSN as it did on XBLA.


Jonathan Blow (Super Meat Boy, Braid), Chris Hecker (Spy Party, Spore) and Alex Neuse (Bit. Trip Beat, Bit. Trip Runner) touch down May 26 in the UC Santa Cruz Media Theater. The three indie designers will hold an open panel discussion for the college’s Foundations of Interactive Game Design course, or in college speak, CMPS 80K.

The special thing about this panel is that it’s open to the public and free. Aspiring designers and general gamers alike, if you ever wanted to attend a GDC panel but don’t have $200+ to spend, now is your chance to learn the nuts and bolts of meaningful and entertaining game design from tried and true designers.


Rotastic swings  its way into Xbox LIVE Arcade, Playstation Network and PC Tuesday. The latest from developer Dancing Dots and Focus Home Interactive, the game promises high flying puzzle action on a foundation of simple controls and acrobatics. You play as powerful viking Fraghar, come to loot a medieval kingdom of its riches. Naturally, the game focuses on collecting gems, but there’s a twist — it’s all done while swinging through the air as for some reason or another, Fraghar cannot walk. That means falling off the screen means certain death.

Sound like fun?


Not your typical fanboys, Ahruon and Orkimedes are the brain trust behind a lovely game called Card Saga Wars. What makes this game (and thus these two individuals) so special is that it lets you pit characters like Master Chief and Samus against one another in card art style battle. The concept of crossover battles is nothing original, but, judging by the gameplay videos that have surfaced thus far, they have gone through great pains to make things just right.

Of course you want to see more. Why would I even ask that question?


Today developer Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital announced that the two companies are going to run a little experiment regarding the promotion of Croteams next Serious Sam title. Dubbed the Serious Sam Indie Series, basically Croteam is going to farm out the Serious Sam IP to several indie developers, allowing each one to provide their own vision of how Serious Sam could be done.

The first three developers are Mommy’s Best Games, Vlambeer, and Be-Rad Entertainment. Apparently Mommy’s Best Games is developing Serious Sam: Double-D; a “frantic side-scrolling shooter” for PC and consoles. Vlambeer’s take on Serious Sam is called Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and sees players take on monsters from the Serious Sam world in a turn-based RPG. Lastly Be-Rad Entertainment’s venture is an auto-running game where you guide Headless Kamikazes out Sam’s way, called Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Unfortunately no platforms have been announced for Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! yet. Read more… »

Remember when I told you about this little game Magicka that is selling like hotcakes? Well, today publisher Paradox Interactive announced that there is an expansion coming to the popular action-RPG. The thing is, rather than tossing players into more dungeons and the like, developer Arrowhead decided to do something out of the norm; put Magicka in the Vietnam War.

That’s right, taking a cue from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Magicka will allow players to lightning bolt and fireball Charley back to the Stone Age. Why put a fantasy action-RPG in the Vietnam War? Why not!? Paradox asks, “Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if wizards were allowed to roam the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, attempting to bring peace and stability to the region by casting spells on all opponents?” Read more… »

You may or may not be familiar with a little indie game by the name of lilt line. In case you aren’t you should check out our review of this awesome little WiiWare / iOS game. Gaijin Games is bringing this awesome rhythm-racer to Europe in a couple weeks. If you’re a fan of dubstep, colorful visuals or brilliantly-simplistic game design I would highly recommend checking this one out.


Say you love MMORPG’s and retro games? Up until now those two categories have been mostly mutually exclusive. No longer. Today Silk Games launched NEStalgia, an online multiplayer RPG that features a retro 8-bit visual style and aesthetics. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer. Read more… »