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Gamer Limit Review: Hotline Miami
By: | November 26th, 2012

Hotline Miami is the newest title to set the world of indie gaming ablaze. For those of you who have missed out on all the buzz, let me fill you in. Hotline Miami is the first title produced by Dennaton Games, a development house comprised of Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin of Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf fame.

Hotline Miami is a retro, 2D, ultra violent, top-down action game. The player takes on the role of a nameless character, dubbed jacket by the community because of his prominent yellow letter-man’s jacket. Jacket keeps receiving strange messages on his answering machine (the game does take place in 1989 after all), from all sorts of crazy callers; things like babysitter requests or dating hotlines.

The one thing these calls have in common is they give a time and a place that Jacket needs to be at. As you play the game, you’ll quickly figure out that these messages are hits being given to Jacket. Read more… »

Resident Evil and Silent Hill may be circling the drain, but survival horror is far from dead. Today Montreal-based indie developer Red Barrels dropped an extended trailer for their inaugural effort, Outlast, a horror title styled after fellow indie darling, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Joystiq caught up with the studio’s co-founders Philippe Morin and David Chateauneuf to shed some light on what their first effort is all about. Rather than focus on combat, Morin said they’ll be borrowing from Frictional Games’ 2010 hit with exciting chase sequences and “run and hide” gameplay. The former Ubisoft developer says that combat is kept to a bare minimum, insisting that action elements compromise a horror title’s frightening atmosphere.

Outlast is looking pretty terrifying thus far. Looks as if we’ll be spending plenty of time hiding beneath the covers when it hits PC in 2013.

Watch it now! You done? K. While this trailer only shows a little bit of gameplay, Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami, completely nails that sleazy 80s cocaine binge vibe. What am I even looking at? A man in a terrifying, blood-stained pig mask?

Seriously, I’m really excited for this game, which is classified as a “top-down f*ck-’em-up” by publisher Devolver Digital. Hotline Miami will be released on October 23rd. You can pre-order it on Steam,, Get Games, and GamersGate. Remember, wear something fancy.


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Review: Fray
By: | July 5th, 2012

Online games sometimes get special treatment and forgiveness. Even after a title is officially released, we allow regular patches and updates that fine tune game mechanics and stability issues without a second look — a method of delivery which has bled over into console games (but that is another subject all together). Aren’t games that ship to the consumer supposed to be complete? Where does one draw the line?

As entertaining as it is, Fray, the latest online multiplayer squad tactic game from Brain Candy, can still be considered unfinished. Developer Brain Candy is hard at work constantly improving its product, rolling out substantial improvements, putting a big plus to its strengths, and eliminating its weaknesses.

Albeit, at the current moment, it faces a long road until it can really be called a complete experience.


Developer Might and Delight released a new trailer for their upcoming platformer, Pid. This one focuses on the various enemies and the strategy behind obliterating them. Inherently, they’re showing off how pretty the environments are. Pretty.

Pid follows the hero, Kurt, as he struggles to get off a planet full of evil robots and other baddies. Expect gravity defying puzzles and plenty of platforming goodness, set to release Summer 2012.


Today the developer of the hit PSN games Flower and Journey, thatgamecompany announced that they’ve received $5.5 million in funding from Benchmark Capital.

With the new funding, the studio is now fully independent. And with their three-game deal with Sony completed, thatgamecompany is gearing up to make sure its games reach an even bigger audience.



Yesterday IndieGala announced its third pay-what-you-want bundle of five indie games plus four secret bonuses that will be revealed next week. Like the Humble Bundles, IndieGala allows customers to decide how much they want to pay and also how much of the proceeds go to the Save The Children and Child’s Play charities.

Hit the jump for more info about the sweet indie games you can score.


Hawken Screenshot

Mechs are awesome. That’s one of the indisputable facts of the universe. And now the universe will get a little more awesome on December 12, 2012 when Adhesive Games’ Hawken blasts into action.

Read on for more info about this indie game you won’t want to miss. Read more… »

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Gamer Limit Review: Gemini Rue
By: | December 13th, 2011

As a game reviewer, I occasionally comes across an indie game that just strikes a chord with me. Either the art style captures something from the past, the story resonates with me on some level, or the gameplay is a refreshing take on an old genre. I have to say that I was extremely lucky to find a game that has all three of these, in this case the game is Gemini Rue.

Gemini Rue is a little indie game made by Wadjet Eye Games that combines the retro art style of games like Flashback and Out of this World with the great gameplay from classic Lucas Arts adventure games. To make it even better, the story comes across like a Phillip K. Dick novel with it’s neo-noir elements and mind bending discussion of identity. Long story short, if you’re a fan of science fiction or adventure games, you need to check out Gemini Rue. Read more… »

My last week steeped in gore, I offer up to you Project Zomboid. It is an isometric zombie survival RPG. These last words may not whet your appetite, especially with last month’s release of Dead Island and the (re)release of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X. You can say the world is pretty much zombie’d out.

There are just so many things to love about this title, however; and considering that it’s still in alpha development gives cause for excitement. Not only for zombie aficionados, but also for fans of well crafted games in general, PZ is already a polished gem that is bound to have an uncanny luster by the time it’s considered a full fledged game.


Hero’s Adventure is a bite-sized RPG from the mind of Terry Cavanaugh, creator of acclaimed indie platformer VVVVVV. While the game is only a few minutes long, it is a wonderful deconstruction of the RPG genre. While similar in premise to Half Minute Hero, Cavanaugh’s latest title is far more disturbing than it is tongue-in-cheek.

I’d love to discuss Hero’s Adventure further, but I’m afraid I’ve already said too much — I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. So why not just play it already?

Chris Hecker (Spore, Quake) announced Thursday the price for early beta access to his latest espionage game, SpyParty, will be $15. This gets you access to the early beta, access to the forums and discussions, as well as the complete game once its released. Players who sign up through the game’s site will also have a chance to lay down $50 or more for their name to be included in the credits once the full title is released.

$15 dollars is a justified price, Hecker says, as it “has become the de facto price point for AAA Indie Games.” Is SpyParty a AAA indie game and is it worth $15 dollars? A good number of people certainly think so. Last time Hecker checked in on the numbers, there were more than 700 gamers already signed up and ready to go. That’s only a few months after he opened the sign up. Not convinced?