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Rift: Storm Legion Diary
By: | November 30th, 2012

As any MMO player knows, getting a full grasp on a new game or an expansion is an arduous task. Now imagine doing a full-blown review of it. Not any easier is it?

Reviewing an MMO is something we here at Gamer Limit take very seriously. For example, Rift wasn’t reviewed until I hit max level, played dozens of hours of PvP, leveled professions, and experienced a large majority of what end-game had to offer – totaling approximately 350 hours of gameplay.

With that in mind, a Storm Legion review will more than likely take roughly a month to complete. But until then, please enjoy a diary containing experiences and impressions for each day played of Rift‘s new expansion. Read more… »

Over the past year we have seen a lot come out of the MMO market.  Rift launched in early 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic in late 2011, and most recently, Guild Wars 2 and the latest World of Warcraft expansion. And despite the miriad of options we have had there is still plenty of room for more.

Let’s face it, Star Wars: The Old Republic was a massive failure and World of Warcraft has been getting stale since Cataclysm. In my opinion, Rift and Guild Wars 2 are the most solid experiences available at the moment. What some may not realize though is that Guild Wars 2 borrowed a lot of what made Rift so great – multi-role classes, dynamic world events, and level scaling.

Trion once again puts themselves in a great position to excel and my experience with the beta has once again validated what I have been saying for a long time: you need to experience the world of Telara. Read more… »