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It seems The Legend of Zelda series has finally moved out of the age of chivalry and is finally edging its way closer to a more modern day aesthetic.  Instead of drifting romantically across the ocean or grazing the fields atop your trusty steed, the hero of Hyrule is taking the “Eye of Sauron” approach and is instead plowing through the untraveled fields of (presumably) Hyrule.  Also in this Zelda, expect child labor, depression, and eventually contact with a world outside of Hyrule.  That last one is actually still up for debate. Read more… »

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Chaaaaaaaange! MMObama
By: | March 25th, 2009


Haven’t heard that much about Obama lately, eh? Well that’s about to change. Read more… »


Product endorsements are nothing new to the commercial industry.  In fact, they’ve been around probably for as long as any of us can remember.  The fact that Hally Berry is endorsing or “selling” a stick of lipstick or that Beyonce is gushing over the amazing sheen of her hair via a new shampoo product is simply a by the numbers routine that is part of American society and broadcasting.  So why then, does it make me uncomfortable to watch celebrities such as Liv Tyler sit here and play a video game, but not just any video game but the Legend of Zelda? Read more… »


Ok, so there are many unanswered questions in the world. “What is the meaning of life?” “Why are we here?” “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” “How long does it take the original Xbox to burn?” . . . Oh wait, that last one was answered. About as long as an Evanescence song!

Watch the other console destruction video, the  “Microwaved PS3″ here. Read more… »


Did they honestly think it would go swimmingly?! To quickly sum up the above picture, Capcom just held a contest in Central London urging gamers to “run around and find fake body parts scoured across the city, and wave them around at Westminster Bridge”. It was only publicized to the gaming community, and not to the general public (bad idea). Read more… »


Thanks to Joystiq, we’ve found a hilarious new beauty product (goof?) by Avon that looks strikingly similar to Umbrella Corp’s, (Resident Evil’s villainous corporation) T-Virus. Unlike Avon’s new Facial Filling Serum, the T-Virus causes zombie-like side effects. Check out the video comparison after the jump. Read more… »


It has been announced that the billionth game of Halo 3 has been played on Xbox Live, that means roughly one game has been played for every six people on the planet. In terms of time spent, if each game lasted 30 minutes, it’s over  64,000 years of playing time. Read more… »

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Power Trip #1: Contra
By: | March 3rd, 2009


In this new feature, I’ll be taking a look at memorable power-ups and upgrades from video games past and present.  These could range from classics like Pac-Man’s power pellet to more modern power-ups like perks in Call of Duty.  If it’s interesting, I’ll cover it.

To start things off I take a look at a power-up dating back to 1987.  In a game where enemies bull rush you and bosses fill the screen, there is only one choice for total proliferation.  If your style of extraterrestrial extermination calls for no less than 45 degrees of death, then click continue for more.



In the N64 version of Mario 64, the 1-Up Mushroom would slowly chase you no matter what after activating it. Japanese gamers have created a fun new mini-game out of this “event”, with hilarious results. The video is especially funny when he thinks he’s “safe”, and the 1-Up is actually creeping up on him. Any fan of Mario should check this out.



No, you’re not looking at that picture incorrectly. The following Gamestop training video refers to women as “hunters, and gatherers”. It was set up in part because of the new campaign to “reach out to women shoppers”, in addition to selling magazine subscriptions like “New Home” to women who purchase Wii Fit or My Life Coach. Read more… »


The humble “Joy Pad” has its origins in the even more humble “Joystick.” Those of us who are so old we think of the Neolithic Era as “the good old days” will pretend to remember the very moment of creation, the stage of gaming evolution which was the equivalent of when the fish crawled out of the water and life took to the land, a magical time known only as 1977 (or as it is known to the gameratii”Atari Time”). However as we are so old our memories are easily confused, so we get the internet on the case and make a cup of tea. Read more… »