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Legend of Neil

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan and you haven’t seen the webseries spoof Legend of Neil, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  Crafted by some of the same crazy people who created The Guild, the series follows the reluctant adventures of a gas station attendant from Jersey, named Neil, who gets sucked into Legend of Zelda and has to fight his way out.

Currently in season 2, the show has garnered quite a following thanks to its crude and hilarious writing.  The latest episode features the entire cast breaking out in song, as the series breaks from its normal format and turns into a musical.  Even if you have never seen or heard of it before, this is the episode every Zelda fan must see. 

Oh yeah, did I mention it stars Felicia Day?  Hit the jump to watch it now. Read more… »


Console war can do awful things to a man. In the spring of 2005, I returned from the frontlines of the Playstation 2 Massacre as a decorated Nintendo hero, but the badges I’d drawn onto the jacket I designed in MS Paint were nothing on the badges on my Gamecube memory card.

I saw some awful things on the internet battlefield.



Retro gaming has become cool, mainstream, and “hip”. People, bored and glazed over with the next “EA Sports 2xxx” clone, complete with new statistics and slightly improved graphics, now YEARN for a way to be re-introduced into the games of yesteryear.

Companies, knowing this, almost falling over themselves with glee, have now found a way to make bucketloads of money off dirt cheap licenses they couldn’t give away two years ago. Is this a bad thing? Hell no.

I decided to delve into the past and find those nuggets of retro-sploitation. This is RetroStyle. This is Radica Tetris.



If there is one constant in the video game universe, it’s that red will always battle blue.  This war of attrition has been fought from the rings of Halo to the fields of Azeroth.  No one is quite sure how this epic struggle for dominance first started, but everyone does agree that the only way it will end is in blood shed.

Recently the fine makers of Mountain Dew have decided to add to this ongoing struggle with their new Red and Blue Game Fuel.  Which side will win this battle to quench your thirst? Hit the break! Read more… »


Remember Super Mario Bros. 3?  Widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time?

Recently (as in this week, recently), someone discovered a new secret for this 20-year-old game.  No way, you say?  Way.

See for yourself.


Advertising is important in making sure your game sells well, it may even be a more important factor than producing a semi-decent game. Nothing in the universe will ever persuade a tight fisted consumer into buying your game like seeing a beautiful and happy celebrity saying how much they enjoy playing it.

But the coup de grace for a company, the ultimate product pusher, is if you can get a celebrity to make a cameo in your game, or even better, provide some “magnificent acting talent” for whatever blockbuster it is you are creating. It is however, important to make sure you pick the right celebrity to endorse your product.

So Mr (or Mrs) Games Developer and your marketing team, pay close heed to my advice as I give you the low down on the most talented and sought after A-listers on the video games endorsing circuit at the moment. Read more… »

Once a mere April Fool’s Day prank, SNK has gone and injected a dose of reality into its formerly fake Neo-Geo game Star Radish, a salad-themed vertical shooter.

The title will be released as a minigame within the next title from its Doki Majo franchise. The Doki Majo games are known in the English-speaking world as “Those DS games that involve poking a bunch of witches. Uh-oh, did I just say that out loud?”

Continue reading for a shot of the box art. Because you can.


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The Bionic colon cleanse
By: | May 23rd, 2009


In the words of the great Steven Seagal, “you’re going to have to go to your favorite proctologist, and get a nice, soothing ointment” after watching this video: it’s that disturbing.

Of course, Capcom deemed it safe enough for an internet commercial, and anything on the internet is a-ok, right?! Read more… »


The games that we play are littered with various characters that can and will beat the living hell out of any alien, zombie, Nazi or parked motorcar. Admittedly, most of these guys could drink me under the table with relative ease – if they were real and, more to the point, paying. But there are definitely a few out there that I can’t help but look at and wonder just how much a couple of whiskeys would go to their head. Yes, I actually think about these things, don’t you? Hit the jump for just a few characters that I think would be all over the place at the mere sight of the bottom of a glass.



Recently, I decided to take my dusty copy of Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn for a spin. I know that a lot of you are gasping now, or perhaps scratching your heads, but its true. This is my first play-through of the fabled series. However, I am no stranger to Bioware’s fantastic D&D based video games.

I played both Icewind Dale 1 and 2, with the later being one of my favorite gaming experiences.  What really turned me off from Baldur’s Gate when I first tried playing it nine years ago was that my computer at the time was too weak for a full install. So every time I left certain areas…I had to put a new disc into the drive.  Yes, I am lazy.

Now that my computer has the cajones to handle the massive full install (which isn’t so massive anymore), because im still too lazy to change the discs, my journey into the forgotten realms is finally underway, and I thought I would share my experience so far with you. Read more… »


You’ve come to a moral crossroad, one leads to the path of virtuous, self-righteous glory. The other, a dismal path of thievery, death and destruction. Only one may be chosen, which do you follow? A superb concept for nearly any genre of video game.

A concept, however, that has never truly been accomplished. Morality is not as simple as good or evil, an aspect that seems to have been lost over the past 10 years since the release of BioWare masterpiece, the original Baldur’s Gate (and subsequent sequels). Even though there were more specifics tied to your choices in BG, a true “moral compass” feature has yet to be done correctly. Read more… »

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Classification Board Hacked!
By: | March 27th, 2009


It was only a matter time until this happened I suppose. Last night (morning I think for the American readers) the Australian Classification board website was hacked and edited to show what seems to be drunken gamers deepest feelings.