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Learn To Speak PR in 5 Easy Steps
By: | December 23rd, 2009


Have you ever wanted to learn another language, but just couldn’t find the time? Always wanted to explore the exotic culture of gaming industry marketers and executives, but held off because you couldn’t master the native tongue? Well, wait no longer, friends!

With our patented (in the Czech Republic) system, you’ll be speaking confidently about maximizing shareholder value in no time. This comprehensive program covers multiple PR dialects, such as CorporateSpeak, Legalese, and even Euphemisms! Still not convinced?

After the break, we’ll give you a short but tantalizing taste of what our course has to offer — FOR FREE!



Typically during the holiday season, people are scrambling around like busy little ants, trying to buy presents for their family and friends.  If any of these individuals have ended up on your naughty list, it can be difficult to decide what to get them. It’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes you have to buy presents for the people you hate, even if you don’t want to.  Those of you who have big families understand this perfectly.

Well this year, Gamer Limit has decided to help you empty your wallet by providing a list of gifts for those hated gamers in your life.  Givers beware, you should only give these games and gadgets to those who you despise most.  To gift them to someone you actually like would be a cruel act, for these are the worst of the worst the video game industry has to offer in 2009. Read more… »


“Well met, gaming travellers! I’ve been expecting you. When you’ve worn the red robes of a Game Master, you learn to sense the needs of players. You yearn to learn more of a simpler time, when MMOs were defined by two dimensions. A time when playing online meant playing Ultima Online.

I can transport us back into that realm borne of the imagination of Garriott, if your will is strong enough. Hold the number 1997 in your minds. A year when Hanson sang “MMMbop” while astronomers watched Hale Bopp. A year when Clinton tripped and injured his knee while the first all-woman team walked proudly to the North Pole.

It’s working! Quick, follow me over the jump into the time portal!”



In the history of gaming, developing quality AI partners has always been a tremendous challenge.  While very few dev companies can pull off the miracle, many fail utterly.  And no matter how grand Valve’s latest title may seem, it suffers from incompetent AI as well.

Since Left 4 Dead 2 focuses on multiplayer, we can never get too upset toward dumb AI.  In fact, the only people to blame is yourself for playing single-player in the first place.  Nonetheless, this is quite hilarious and should be seen by everyone. Read more… »

Ode to Minions

Many of us have spent countless hours slaughtering the hordes of enemies in video games who get in our way.  We snuff them out of existence in a heart beat, yet all they were doing was performing a task someone else ordered them to do.  Those goombas and piranha plants are someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or maybe even sister, but we never stop to consider that.

Matthew Taranto, who writes the online comic Brawl in the Family, cares about all those dead enemies and their families.  To celebrate his 200th comic he’s actually written a song dedicated to them entitled “Ode to Minions.” It’s a heartfelt tune about all those hard working bad guys who are simply trying to work a 9-to-5 day job to put food on the table.

Come on inside to watch the “Ode to Minions” music video.  You’ll never look at bad guys the same way again. Read more… »


Here at Gamer Limit, we don’t discriminate against humor and video games.  In fact, we welcome both with open arms and a caring heart.  As a result, we are always on the prowl for the funniest and the most outstanding video clips that we can share with our fans.

Well today, the guys over at brought both: humor and games, to our doorstep in tandem.  They’ve been hard at work trying to develop a film for The Sims game, and effort like that will not go unnoticed.  For an outstanding trailer, please read on. Read more… »

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The spookiest time of the year has once again been and gone. At sunset on the eve of All Hallows, doorstep-bothering infants thronged into the streets in search of treats in all manner of ghoulish guises. But why stop just yet!? As Gamer Limit’s Alex Yue and Shawn Evans reported this week, our favorite characters and mascots from the eclectic world of gaming are a popular target for some inventive, and often somewhat eccentric, ensembles.

And all of this clever costumery got me thinking that we are in need of a tribute to those of you with the sheer love of, and dedication towards, your favorite games that you feel it’s appropriate to dress up like them.



As I’m sure you all know, Halloween is this weekend and, if you guys are anything like me, you’re scrambling for costume ideas. Luckily SEGA has got you back, that is if you’re a girl or just into cross dressing.

In hopes of generating some buzz around its upcoming action title Bayonetta, SEGA has pieced together a website that provides tips “to assist you in nailing the look of this distinct witch.” Read more… »

To be honest – and Brock Johnson is always honest – I’m not surprised you dweebs couldn’t form a single coherent suggestion to manify the craiglist ad I posted last week. Fortunately for you, and the add’s author, I didn’t need your help to begin with. I’m just disappointed you didn’t offer me the opportunity to tear your ideas, along with your hopes and dreams, to shreds.

In fact, I was so confident that none of you would gather the courage to respond, I went ahead and wrote up my own version just moments after my previous post. I then made a point to contact Benjamin personally and make him a once in a life-time offer. Read more… »


All men have a calling in life. Some choose to keep Mother Nature in her place lumberjack style, while others take up the fine art of crocodile wrestling. At a young age, my prematurely descended testicles decided my fate for me – and now my life revolves around giving pleasure where pleasure is due. However, not every man has the goods to be like me. In fact, very few have earned the most important tokens of manliness – chiseled abs, rock hard pecks, and overwhelming bravado.

So, it’s my duty as the manliest of all men to drop some knowledge on every one of you joystick rubbing, cosplay dressing dorks – and that’s exactly what Gamer Limit brought me on to do. My man-vice is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to this website, and its readers.



Eidos appears to have laid a sneaky bat-trap, for those pesky pirates to trying to enjoy Arkham Asylum without paying.

Apparently the all-important Glide ability gets disabled if you aren’t running a legit version… As a  pirate recently found out on the forums.


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Faces Of The Angry Gamer
By: | August 30th, 2009


Gaming rage: we’ve all experienced it, or even recorded it. When we play games, we do it for fun, to cure boredom, or to simply blow off some steam. It’s when we start to get absorbed and begin to actually get good at the game a little voice triggers with every death, failed race, and missed jump. Although not audible, it mocks and urges us to either elegantly ignore it, or satisfy its needs.

The need to rage.