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The latest doomsayer “magic date” is tomorrow, 21 December 2012. Last time it was 22 August 2006. Oh, and remember the whole 1999 Y2K theory?

Ok, I’m not saying that the world won’t end tomorrow. I’m not saying that it will. What I’m saying is, if you were to bet one way or the other, what would be the odds? Deep Silver, the folks behind upcoming Dead Island Riptide, worked it out. We have the release date somewhere down there as well.


Polls close in a few hours here on the west coast. After you get that “I Voted” sticker (please vote), sit back and enjoy this video of how elections should be decided.

Thanks to Slate News for posting this a few days ago. It has been no more relevant than it is today.

April Fools is upon us, and in true internet fashion, gags and goofs are fairly aloof around the interwebs. While nothing this year even comes close to Faxtoid 2011, there’s still some fun to be had.

Here’s a collection of our journey through April 1st, 2012 so far — if you have more to add, feel free to write in below — otherwise we’ll keep adding more as we find them. Read more… »

They’re everywhere in video games right now, it seems. A recent email alert from the iTunes store linked me to a page that must have had 20 zombie iPhone games ready for purchase. Call of Duty: World at War’s Nazi Zombies practically drove map pack sales for months, and I’ve thought about picking up a used copy of the game explicitly to have access to it again. The speculation that the zombies are returning in Black Ops consistently pops up in gaming news.

Age of Zombies is the top selling PSN Mini. Borderlands had a zombie-themed DLC add-on. Crackdown 2 tossed some zombie-like creatures in for good measure. Red Dead Redemption is going to have zombie DLC. Fat Princess is rumored to have a zombies mode coming, for chrissakes. Is enough enough?

Not for me. Zombies and video games are the perfect mix. Among other reasons, zombies work in video games generally for the same reason that Nazis will always make the best opponents for first person shooter titles: you don’t have to feel bad for killing them because, hey, they’re  zombies. You don’t have to take anyone’s crap because you enjoy slaughtering thousands of them. You’re not engaging in violent behavior. You’re training to ensure the survival of your species, ladies and gentlemen.


There are a lot of clichés in video game stories. Too many. It seems that for every original, well-written narrative, there are ten cookie-cutter stories churned out.

The other day I came across a fill-in-the-blanks story and decided it might be fun to implement a generic RPG storyline into it. I then filled in the blanks with what I thought was a more accurate depiction of RPG narratives. This is the result.


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A midnight memoir: FFXIII
By: | March 19th, 2010

A disgruntled hello, wrapped in the smell of new and used plastic, welcomes me into my local Gamestop. It’s 10:45 p.m, and people are already milling about.  They shift through faceless lithos like homeowners searching someone’s garage for hidden treats.

Others snicker together in neatly packed groups. I start towards the counter when I overhear two of them arguing which Final Fantasy character would be better in the sack. My curiosity can’t be helped; so, I stop and examine a giant cardboard Bioshock 2 that commands, “Buy me now!”


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and knowing that most of you will probably be curled up in a ball sobbing relentlessly into your pillows, I thought it was high time that I unleashed the secrets of getting a girl into gaming.

You may already have a girlfriend, or you may have a terrified teenager shackled to your washing machine in the basement. Either way, here are some handy tips to get the old ball and chain to start enjoying video games.


In 1989, a movie was released that promised to be the ultimate film about the gamer. A movie where Fred Savage and his mentally impaired brother would fight against the powers that be (their parents) to become the video game champions of the world.

Where Nintendo would shamelessly flaunt every product they had, and at the end launch the most anticipated game of the late eighties. Where 10-year-old kids were able to travel across the country alone without ringing any bells. Where the Power Glove was king.

This movie was The Wizard, and I’m here to tell you how much it rocked. Please note, there are spoilers. Awesome spoilers.


Last year I turned the world of video game unboxing videos upside down when I created my own personal unboxing video for the PSPgo.  Well it appears that those crafty game designers over at 2K Games have seen my incredible piece of cinematic brilliance, and have decided to one-up it with their own Bioshock 2 Special Edition unboxing video.

I must admit that the beginning of their video starts out as you would typically expect, with some random person boringly taking everything out of the box, but by the end they take it to a whole new level.  Trust me when I say you need to watch this, as it’s just pure comedic genius. Read more… »

Racing games aren’t for everyone. Car enthusiasts may clutch their $100 force-feedback wireless steering wheels in anticipation of Gran Turismo 5, but most others think these people are just spinning their wheels. In the absence of narrative and varied objectives, what remains to appeal to the average player?

There’s quite a lot, actually. If you haven’t been following racing games in recent years, then you’ll be surprised at just how varied and downright fun some of the genre’s latest offerings are. Best of all, racing games are constantly borrowing from some of your favorite franchises and genres, giving players of all persuasions more and more reasons to slip on a nice pair of racing gloves. Pokeracing, driving to maim, and a racing game with clowns and cream pies all await you after the jump.


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Bringing awkwardness to another level is this week’s Retro Ad. Who would have thought that combining the annoying kid from E.T. with your friendly local pervert could produce such an uncomfortable 30 seconds?

Hit the jump to see how Intellivision marketers dropped the ball on this one.


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Modern Warfare 2: Mythbusters
By: | December 28th, 2009

It seems like every day there are more and more glitches popping up in popular games with outcries of, “Screenshot or it didn’t happen!” and other such cries for proof. The Defend The House Clan, or DTHClan for short, is stepping up to the plate with a series of videos surrounding popular “myths” in the latest addition to the Call of Duty family.

The video explores such things as knifing mirrors in the barber shop and exploding planes with the Predator missile from the game. Some of them are quite outlandish, while others are easy to believe and can finally put the rest the cries of, “That’s not true, because it didn’t happen to me.”