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Faces Of The Angry Gamer
By: | August 30th, 2009


Gaming rage: we’ve all experienced it, or even recorded it. When we play games, we do it for fun, to cure boredom, or to simply blow off some steam. It’s when we start to get absorbed and begin to actually get good at the game a little voice triggers with every death, failed race, and missed jump. Although not audible, it mocks and urges us to either elegantly ignore it, or satisfy its needs.

The need to rage.


Nintendo Arcade Cabinet Banner

You want your own NES arcade cabinet in your living room?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Make your own!

Hit the jump to see how.



James Larsson may be as close as the world comes to a mad scientist.  This British inventor has created automatic cat food dispensers (not devious), light bulb-testing devices (still not bad), and a machine that whips you when you lose a point in Pong.

Wait, what?  See for yourself.



Retro gaming has become cool, mainstream, and “hip”. People, bored and glazed over with the next “EA Sports 2xxx” clone, complete with new statistics and slightly improved graphics, now YEARN for a way to be re-introduced into the games of yesteryear.

Companies, knowing this, almost falling over themselves with glee, have now found a way to make bucketloads of money off dirt cheap licenses they couldn’t give away two years ago. Is this a bad thing? Hell no.

I decided to delve into the past and find those nuggets of retro-sploitation. This is RetroStyle. This is Radica Tetris.



It’s no secret that Michael Jackson had a soft spot for videogames, and his personal arcade was one of the most impressive that I’ve ever seen. His Neverland Ranch arcade was filled with classic games machines and consoles. Apparently he also signed a chunky PS1, which can be yours for the minimal price of $1.5 Million! Read more… »


You no longer have to wonder if the marketing rumors and images were just a Wii in wolf’s clothing.  At the World Hobby Fair in Tokyo, two new color Wii’s were on display for people to press their faces to the glass. Read more… »


If you have always wanted a PS3, but always thought it was $50 too expensive, then you’re in luck! Amazon is offering a $50 discount on all of their 80GB Playstation 3′s through their deal of the day program.


The environmental sustainability of the game industry is one which has largely been ignored. The power required to run the next-gen consoles is staggering and the waste produced from the games themselves is disgusting. A solution needs to be found.



Gaming in high definition provides the best possible picture and soundf quality and allows us to play the games they were meant to be played. The Final Fantasy series has had a long history of amazing prerendered cutscenes and equally as beautiful real time graphics.

With the wait until FFXIII launches we can’t help but think how good these graphics can get.  The folks over at intermezzo ran a series of comparison shots of the Japanese demo on high end HD TV’s and the good old family analogue. Read more… »


Would you like to own a PS3? Do you love Final Fantasy VII? Well it’s your lucky day! A “Cloud Black” PlayStation 3 is now available to buy online, and boy does it looks magnificent. Comes in a nice little bundle too, hit the jump to find out more! Read more… »


Nintendo of Japan President, Saturo Iwata has officially announced the dates for the release of Wii Sports Resort, and the MotionPlus peripheral. Japan will be the first to recieve the sequel to the incredibly popular Wii launch title in June of 2009. The “overseas” markets will receive the title in July. Mr. Iwata offered no pricing for the game and peripheral, or the MotionPlus attachment on its own.



When I was a lad and cheery of smile I was promised a future where we’d all be flying around in our own personal transporters, walking electric dogs on floating treadmils, and eating our fourteen course calorie-free banquets with mints and a cigar follow-up in one convenient little white pill.