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It looks like PSone Classics have finally come to the PlayStation Vita, but watch out! Very few games will actually work if you download them through the PlayStation Store directly from your Vita at this time. Instead, you’re basically going to need to transfer them from your PS3 to your Vita, which sadly means you need a PS3.

In order to do the transfer, download the game through your PS3 and leave it in “bubble” form (uninstalled). Plug in your Vita and go to the Content Manager. Select the game (and hope it is compatible) and transfer it to your Vita. You can also transfer saves this way.

Note that not every game is compatible, so don’t rush off to just buy any PSone Classic assuming it’ll work on your Vita. Full user reported lists can be found here and here, since Sony isn’t content with giving their fans an actual list outside of nine “officially” supported US games (The EU has 100 and Japan has more than that).

While Ninja Gaiden III is not really up to par with the rest of the series, at times it is still a serviceable action game. Also, at least one of you out there will be playing it at some point in your life, so an achievement/trophy guide is probably going to be requested by someone, and I haven’t seen any yet.

So, without further ado, read on for help on the game’s achievements/trophies. Read more… »

For the next installment of my “Quick Tips” line, I bring you a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer guide, earned through my blood, sweat, and tears after earning a 100% Galactic Readiness Rating for the purposes of my review.

Even on Insanity, ME3‘s campaign is easy enough, but multiplayer, especially on the “Gold” rank setting, can get pretty tough. Read on to find out how to have an easier time raising your Galactic Readiness rating. Read more… »

After looking everywhere, I couldn’t find a complete achievement guide for Mass Effect 3 – so I decided to make one.

Mass Effect 3 has some pretty cryptic achievements. Nearly every achievement can be obtained through single player, but some can be unlocked in tandem with multiplayer play. Read on to figure out how to earn that Platinum/1000GS.


[Achievements that require no explanation will be branded as such]

A lot of people out there have been having issues obtaining a number of SoulCalibur V’s cryptic achievements, so I decided to share some tips.

There are a number of unlocks that can be obtained simply through completing the game’s single player modes and ranking up online, but a number of them are unlocked through in-game options and through your combat prowess — as well as your general knowledge of SoulCalibur V’s new mechanics.

Hit the jump to figure out how to get every achievement or trophy — if you’re new to the game, you might learn a few things too. Read more… »


Well as you can probably tell there was a positive reaction to my first L4D2 scavenge guide, so I figured I better make good on my promise and get going on Part II. If you happened to miss out on Part 1 of my guide, click here.

While my last guide focused on helpful, general tips for beginners, this guide will go slightly more in depth with map specific strategies for three of the most popular maps (Dead Center, Dark Carnival, and The Parish) and more advanced tips and tricks. Like the previous guide, I’ve split this one into three sections: Survivor tips, Infected tips, and map guides. Read more… »


In a game that essentially has no ending, one of the most sought after achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 is finishing each of the five levels on expert (Still Something to Prove).  While it’s a notable and reasonable accomplishment, achieving that goal is no easy task.

So if you’re tired of dying to the hordes of zombies, tanks nailing you with perfect accuracy, killing Jockeys and Hunters feels like you’re shooting air, and being shot by teammates boils your blood, then read on for a complete guide to getting through one of the most difficult modern day gaming experiences.  Don’t worry baby, Gamer Limit is going to make it all better. Read more… »


Without a doubt, one of the hottest games this year is Left 4 Dead 2. Gamers all over the world are fending off the zombie hoards while exploring all the new content, including the popular new game mode Scavenge. Some gamers may be intimidated by such a drastically different game mode, and if you are one of them, don’t fret. I’ve cooked up a basic guide to get you started.

I’ve split this guide up into three easy-to-use sections. First, I’ll discuss the Basics, then I’ll move onto Beginner Survivor Strategies, and after that I’ll finish up with Basic Infected Strategies. If this article gets a positive response, I’ll release a second edition with more in-depth map-specific strategies. Read more… »


Typically during the holiday season, people are scrambling around like busy little ants, trying to buy presents for their family and friends.  If any of these individuals have ended up on your naughty list, it can be difficult to decide what to get them. It’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes you have to buy presents for the people you hate, even if you don’t want to.  Those of you who have big families understand this perfectly.

Well this year, Gamer Limit has decided to help you empty your wallet by providing a list of gifts for those hated gamers in your life.  Givers beware, you should only give these games and gadgets to those who you despise most.  To gift them to someone you actually like would be a cruel act, for these are the worst of the worst the video game industry has to offer in 2009. Read more… »


For us older gamers, it wasn’t that long ago that the divide between developer and gamer was significantly more decisive than it has become. Studios like Capcom, Konami, Sega or Atari, would be loathe to talk to anyone outside of the consumer press. They were there to be idolised, viewed through rose glasses as the gaming overlords they were.

The new media landscape that has emerged over the last decade, in particular the last five to six years, has changed everything. No longer can developers hide behind magazines and corporate blocs. Their names are known; they even have blogs, twitters, facebooks and LinkedIns like us commoners.

Scarily enough, they even want to talk to you.




ATTEN-HUT! Gentlemen, welcome to the Armed Forces Handbook. A collection of examples of good soldiery brought to you by the veterans of the gaming world. In this handy handbook you will find a selection of best practices and technical analysis of tactics and special manouevres perfected by the very best soldiers the (virtual) battlefield has produced. It is recommended that you study the following chapters before entering into any combat situation. Read more… »

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Soulcalibur: Achievement Guide
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