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Shadows of the Damned has the potential to be my favourite game of all time. No, it’s not just because it looks like a cracked out version of Dante’s Inferno. While that is pretty sweet, the fact that the game is produced by the creative minds behind No More Heroes and Resident Evil is even more exciting. Also, the soundtrack will be composed by legendary Silent Hill sound designer AkiraYamaoka. Yeah, I’m absolutely stoked.

Burn the date June 7th into your mind and prepare for the most punk rock psychological action thriller of the summer.

After months of teasing we finally get a real look at Spicy Horse Games’ follow up to American McGee’s Alice. Soon we have the opportunity to once again delve into American McGee’s twisted incarnation of Wonderland. It’s looking positively insane, so we will definitely be following this game closely over the coming months.

The madness returns on June 14th. Try not to let the wait drive you too crazy.

So I’ve always been more of a PSP guy, but I’ve been a Zelda fan for waaaay longer. These new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D screens are absolutely beautiful and really have me second guessing myself on which next-gen handheld I’m going to pick up.

Like pretty much everyone who ever touched an N64, Ocarina of Time was my jam back in the day. I have a feeling that Nintendo is going to sell a lot portables to nostalgic fans that they didn’t even know they wanted a 3DS. Seriously, if they remake Majora’s Mask its done…give all my moneys to Nintendo.

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In addition to showing off the new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Iwata also revealed a new Super Mario title for the 3DS. Iwata spoke briefly about the problem of depth that 3D platformers have had since the days of the N64, and that the solution for these issues lies in the 3DS.

Curiously, the logo for the upcoming game also features a tail. Will we be seeing a return of the Super Leaf or Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros 3? For the answer to that question, Iwata says we’ll have to wait until E3. Read more… »

Nintendo revealed a brand new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword today during Iwata’s keynote address. While they maintain that the game isn’t quite finished yet, it sure is looking good to me.

During the keynote Iwata also spoke briefly about Zelda’s upcoming 25th anniversary, but didn’t reveal any specific details about how Nintendo would be commemorating the event. If you have any ideas in how you’d like to see them do that, take it to the comments.


Hey folks! Just in case you aren’t in San Francisco this week we here at Gamer Limit seek to bring you all of the top news from the Game Developers Conference. First up is an absolutely gorgeous new trailer for DICE’s Battlefield 3.

Check the trailer out and let us know what you think.