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This is the post where all live streams will live during the month of September. Of course, you can always catch the live stream at my channel. Also, I have failed to properly save some of the past broadcasts so some were lost. I will be sure to fix this in the future.

The next Gamer Limit Live won’t be until Thursday night. Thursday I will be doing a 20-man raid in Rift and will then be doing some Madden 12 MUT trading with the Madden 12 forum community. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow the channel!

So I decided that it would make more sense if I notified readers of Gamer Limit Live in one monthly post since I don’t want to overrun the front page with my live streams. I’m sure that will be appreciated by all.

I will be moving each excerpt into its own section within this post and provide updates after each night so people that missed it know what the video encompasses. So be sure to hit the break to watch any of the live streams during the month of August. Enjoy and be sure to follow my channel!

There was no Gamer Limit Live on Wednesday and Thursday since I spent my time playing Madden NFL 12 for review. But, embargo is up on Madden¬†today so after a Rift 10-man or two I’ll be live streaming Madden NFL 12! I expect the Rift 10-mans to run from 7:30 to 10:30PM EST and Madden around 11PM EST. Enjoy!


Tonight, the night before rapture, myself and my friend Curtis will be diving into Portal 2 co-op now that PSN is back. Won’t be paying attention to chat but feel free to hit the jump and tell us how fail we are.

Update: I love Portal 2 so much. Co-op was an absolute blast. Still plenty to go but myself and Curtis worked real well together and didn’t have too many issues. Way too many funny moments as well. Enjoy the night’s Gamer Limit Live above. At the least, watch for one minute at about 1 hour 29 minutes in. Good times. Read more… »

Another night of L.A. Noire. Really hoping the game can draw me in, otherwise I might move onto another game. We shall see. Enjoy the movie like experience and follow the break for the chat.

Update: Nope. Can’t play this game. Honestly, it is outrageously repetitive, boring, controls terribly, and falls apart logically at times. Add this to the long list of Rockstar games I tried and didn’t enjoy. Not sure whether I’ll revisit it or not. If I do, it won’t be during a live stream because I have a feeling this game will be filled with annoyances that just make me want to stop playing. And that isn’t something I like to do during a stream. Anyhow, feel free to observe my frustrations above and after the break as well. Read more… »

Tonight I will be diving into Rockstar’s L.A. Noire. Join me as I solve some crimes and interrogate some suspects. As always, the embedded chat is after the break. Enjoy!

Update: Not sure about this game thus far. Albeit I’m only two hours in so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt but so far some of the logic is flawed, the controls are awful, and the game feels pretty boring. Really hoping it draws me in soon otherwise it will be like every single Rockstar game I’ve ever played – play for a couple hours, say “meh” and move on to another game.


I can’t help it. I’m addicted all over again. Over the weekend I grinded out a crazy amount of soul levels, geared myself up quite a bit, and defeated some more demons. Tonight I plan to complete the game and move into NG+. Hit the jump to join in on the chat and enjoy another night of Demon’s Souls!

Update: Demon’s Souls complete! Great night of gaming as quite a few Demon’s Souls fans joined in and chatted it up. Enjoy the first two hours above and the last two hours after the break. Tomorrow, L.A. Noire! Read more… »

After a week of constant lower back pain I am finally able to sit back and play some more games! Tonight, after the plethora of news about Dark Souls, I have decided to dive back into one of my favorite games: Demon’s Souls. Please join me as I die many, many times and hopefully kill me some demons.

Update: This game never fails to draw me in. Tonight it was a six hour gaming session and was worth every minute. Demon’s Souls is hands down one of the best games I have ever played. While it can be frustrating at times, the sheer amount of rewarding moments that fill this game makes it more than worth it. Hit the jump to check out the latter 4 hours. Otherwise, enjoy the first two above. Read more… »

Join me tonight on Gamer Limit Live as I get back to some Dragon Age 2. At only an hour in, there will be few spoilers and lots of role playing to be had. Having gone the “good guy” route in the first Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 will be all about being as much of a jerk as I can possibly be. So follow the break and join us in chat.

Update: Haven’t quite decided yet if I like Dragon Age 2. It feels quite lifeless compared to Dragon Age: Origins. Anyhow, enjoy the recording of Gamer Limit Live above. If I get a chance to stop at Gamestop tomorrow I’ll pre-order Gears of War 3 and play some of the beta at 8pm EST tomorrow. We shall see.

And so begins Gamer Limit Live. Tonight will be a night of Portal Kombat – Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat if it wasn’t already obvious. From 8-9:30pm will be Mortal Kombat and 9:30-11pm will be Portal 2.

Big thanks goes out to Sony and their failure at proper security as this Gamer Limit Live will be a completely offline gaming experience. Expect for future Gamer Limit Live events to allow for some online interaction with its viewers though. Enjoy and be sure to join us in chat after the break. Or, alternatively, watch at

Update: Well, technical difficulties in the beginning aside, Gamer Limit Live night one was a huge success. Above you can see the night’s activities and, as expected, I failed a lot at Mortal Kombat and Portal 2. Fun nonetheless. And, if the above recording isn’t enough, hit the break for part 2.


Starting Friday April 29th, Gamer Limit will now be providing live streamed video content! Fortunately for me, I now have an even better excuse to play video games each night. Unfortunately for you, you have to watch me fail at things like Portal 2 puzzles and Mortal Kombat ladders. Nonetheless, it is all in good fun.

Each day a post will be made here on Gamer Limit with what I’m playing, the live stream video, as well as the chat. Be sure to follow us on, Gamer Limit twitter, or my twitter to get an update on when the stream is up each night. Currently, the plan is to stream each weeknight from 8-11pm EST and anytime I feel like gaming over the weekend.