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Free-Game Friday #1: La-Mulana
By: | September 4th, 2009


(Free-Game Friday is a new weekly feature in which a writer from the GamerLimit staff looks at a completely free game and discusses their experience with it. Since there is no absolute structure or checklist for writing about one’s experience, these features are not necessarily reviews.)

La-Mulana is a brutal experience; the kind of gaming experience one could only receive from a non-commercial game (commercial games that try are generally shunned). The game is not nice, it’s not helpful, and it makes every attempt to thwart you for treating it like an everyday gaming experience.

So, what does La-Mulana expect from its gamers? Well, the title is about an archaeologist – Lemieza Kosugi – exploring the titular ruins of the game. It’s never explained exactly why, but much like Indiana Jones, the game seems to treat the occupation of archaeologist as little more than a professional thrill seeker. He arrives at the ruins with a whip – not a firearm – so he’s clearly looking to spice things up at least a little bit.