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If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is one of those days when you just have to avoid spending time gaming. This means missing your daily fix while you spend quality time with your special lady, well not anymore.

That’s right people; your eyes are not deceiving you, for I have come up with a list of games that you can play on Valentine’s Day without being told off by your girlfriend. (Lady Gamers, if you are lucky and your boyfriend enjoys gaming, then if you treat him to a few hours of team deathmatch on Valentine’s Day, I guarantee he will be very grateful).


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Originality, where art thou?
By: | February 10th, 2009


Originality debates have been thrown around back and fourth all the time. We need to face it. We are in a day and age where being original in games is either unusual, or a hit or miss affair. Being original is a very risky task, and anyone that attempts it is usually met with failure, despite praises to the contrary. We enjoy more of the same no matter how many times we demand originality: we always go back to more of the same.


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Gaming Today: Still Fun?
By: | February 10th, 2009


Every new generation brings enhanced graphics, processing speeds, and new features that promise to wow and astound gamers all over. They bring cleaner landscapes and brighter backgrounds. New characters as well as some older ones now grace screens looking better than before. Blood flows more realistically and castle caverns appear to be even shoddier and broken down than previously. The passing of time gives way to new improvements that reflect our progressive society. Moving ahead, year after year, are graphics the only things improving? Read more… »

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Resident Evil is Racist
By: | February 8th, 2009


Resident Evil 5 has had its fair share of controversy. In addition to Xbox gamers taking issue with its outdated control system, a small fraction gaming community also claims that it is racist. Thought to be racist long ago when it was first revealed that the location of the game was in Africa, angry mobs subsided for about a year with no apparent reason. Recently, Eurogamer has re-ignited the racism controversy in Resident Evil 5.  Fear not readers, this is nothing new: Resident Evil has always been racist. Read more… »

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The Top 5 Innovative Games Of 2008
By: | February 7th, 2009


Innovation in games is rare nowadays, the gaming industry has reached a point where new and exciting ways to play video games are becoming harder and harder to find. But every now and again, a shiny pearl of a game emerges from the sea of repetitiveness that is gaming. Some developers like to take that first step into the scary territory we call innovation.

These are the top 5 innovative games of 2008.


Recently some people have been complaining. They say that Resident Evil 5 has lost the survival horror aspect of the series. Other people also didn’t think Dead Space was a true survival horror game, because it was too easy. As for Silent Hill homecoming? You guessed it. Even more people complaining that the franchise no longer feels like a true survival horror. Yes, the survival horror genre is a tough cookie to crack, especially when games designers are trying to come up with fresh concepts for a sequel. So I’ve cleverly stolen other peoples ideas and put them into one helpful list that should enable any games designer to make a perfect survival horror game.



Sometimes in life you will find that you have seen or experienced something amazing, and nobody was there to share it.  If you’ve ever seen a shooting star whilst walking alone, or watched a bird of prey swoop down and snatch a mouse before winging away, you will know how it feels. You find yourself wanting to shout “hey! Look at this!” but nobody hears you. You are left standing alone and in awe. These things happen in games too, but now that multi-player is bringing everyone together you never need be alone again. “Did anybody just see that!” you will ask, “yep” will come the reply. Read more… »

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Top Shooters of 2008
By: | February 5th, 2009


2008 was an amazing year for the shooter genre in the gaming industry. With the release of Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and many others, there is no doubt in my mind that 2008 was a great year.



Gamerlimit brings you the inside, hands-on scoop for the Killzone 2 demo! Is it multiplayer? How long is the demo? All the answers and more are inside; check it out!



The above picture leaves me speechless. It’s classic Mario, redone with HD “graphics”. The artist is Orioto on deviantART.

Hit the jump for some more breathtaking samples. Read more… »


Olly Moss started something fantastically original. He took the original Penguin Classic literature theme, and applied it to hit games. After the Something community got ahold of this, they went bonkers. The result? A myriad of classic gaming covers for you to go wild over. Hit the jump for more.



Blizzard has smashed records with World of Warcraft. Over 12 million subscribers is an incredible feat, and it is currently estimated that World of Warcraft holds 62% of the MMO market share worldwide. With more MMOs shutting down, WoW still reigns supreme.

What can Blizzard do to top themselves? What should their next move be after the 3rd WoW expansion? The answer is simple: make a new MMO based off a successful Blizzard IP with the goal of sucking in anyone who has never shown previous interest in the MMO genre. The answer is Galaxy of Starcraft. Read more… »